Roxee Robinson – Bubbly Boobs, Bubble Butt

Bubbly Boobs, Bubble Butt

XL Girls: Roxee, if you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

Roxee: Probably spend the day causing harmless pranks. Seems like a fun way to spend the day.

XL Girls: A SCORELAND model we know named Casey Deluxe gets and saves fan emails of her photos that have been jacked on. What do you think about emails like that?

Roxee: I have gotten some email like that as well. I have fans that will buy my panties and they jack off on them and they send me pics and vids as well. I am always flattered. I am very satisfied knowing I have this affect on them. I don't save the vids and pics. I have so many pics and clips of myself and I'm always producing more constantly that I just don't have storage space.

XL Girls: Do you read the comments you get at XL Girls?

Roxee: I do read the comments. I love reading what fans are saying.

XL Girls: What do your fans ask you to do the most?

Roxee: Girl-on-girl boob action. To show my ass off more. To do boy-girl hardcore.

XL Girls: Any comments for the fans?

Roxee: I love all my fans. Kisses!

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Roxee Robinson – Bubbly Boobs, Bubble Butt

Bubbly Boobs, Bubble Butt

Longtime XL Girls member Tom: "Roxee has emerged as my favorite model. Every one of her sets is exceptional. Her sex appeal is off the charts. Please keep bringing her back. I so look forward to seeing her sets!"

XL Girls: Roxee, we liked the video of you walking to buy coffee and your cleavage was showing. When you go out, do you dress to show your chest?

Roxee: I do usually dress to show off my big boobs.

XL Girls: Do you have a lot of breast sex? What are your favorite "tit-fucking" positions?

Roxee: I love titty fucking. I love wrapping my big tits tightly around a cock and milking it dry. My favorite position for tit fucking is probably me on my knees with the guy standing over me. I really get a good cum load on my tits in that position.

XL Girls: Maybe one day we can see that here. Do you like to talk dirty in bed?

Roxee: I love dirty talk. The dirtier the better.

XL Girls: Do you do housework topless or naked?

Roxee: Only if I'm trying to impress someone or drive someone crazy. I do cook naked often.

XL Girls: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex?

Roxee: Love looking in the mirror. Watching sex through a mirror is a huge turn on.

XL Girl: Now let's check out Roxee getting breastfully clean.

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Roxee Robinson – Walk With Roxee, Talk With Roxee

Walk With Roxee, Talk With Roxee

During a break from her photo shoot in Prague, Roxee wanted a cup of coffee so she put on her coat and went for a walk to the local coffee shop. She's covered up well from the cold except for the rounded mounds of her massive twins. The photographer offered to walk her there because A) he's a gent B) he wanted to film Roxee walking. The cobblestoned street was a little tricky to walk on in high heels. "But it's totally worth it. I love the attention I get," Roxee mentions to him.

"I read the comments that the guys post and I love reading what fans are saying and what they like," Roxee tells us. "I love all my fans and appreciate them."

Roxee enjoyed her trips to the Czech Republic. Our photographer has driven her around town to show her a few places. She enjoys the flavor and style of Prague and its historic architecture and art. Next time, she wants to visit the famous Prague Castle.

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Roxee Robinson – Cleavage In A Corset

Cleavage In A Corset

"We think Roxee Robinson's displaced ice hockey on the list of Canadian treasures," wrote TSG editor Dave. "We'd had our eyes on Roxee for a long time, and when our universes were finally in synch, we flew her to Prague, Czech Republic for shoots."

In addition to this scene, we have some Bonus extra video of Roxee strolling in Prague, on a break to pick up some coffee. She's wearing a coat but no one can miss those huge boobs of hers.

XLGirls: Roxee, what kind of work did you do before deciding to model?

Roxee: I was a dancer. Then I became a bartender.

XLGirls: What prompted you to model?

Roxee: I like to show off.

XLGirls: Do you communicate with any big-boob models?

Roxee: Not really. A little bit thru social media, Twitter.

XLGirls: Which big-boob models would you like to meet face-to-face? Or boob-to-boob, so to speak.

Roxee: Oh, there are so many to choose from. I love Leanne Crow. Dolly Fox. Lila Payne is gorgeous. I love her sexy smile.

XLGirls: The outfits and shoes in your XL shoots--those are your personal clothes?

Roxee: In my first shoots I did wear some of my own clothes. About three outfits.

XLGirls: Do you wear these outfits in public also?

Roxee: The dresses...yes...not the latex one!

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Roxee Robinson – Cleavage In A Corset

Cleavage In A Corset

Roxee Robinson tries on an old-fashioned corset that pushes her massive tits nearly up to her chin. Stockings, garters and high heels complete the look. The corset doesn't stay on too long. This way she can swing and bounce her boobs. A toy lover at home, Roxee spanks it out with a big 'un. Roxee has a way with words that shows she understands the male brain. "You have nothing better to do than whack off to my big tits," admonishes Roxee in her sexy voice. You got that right, Roxee.

XLGirls: What especially makes your nipples hard?

Roxee: Squeezing and pinching them.

XLGirls: If you dress to show off, do you ever get offended if men don't check you out after you've made the effort.

Roxee: Not usually. I'm a happy person. I try not to waste my time getting upset over trivial things. But who can resist checking out my luscious rack?

XLGirls: Do you like to wear fantasy costumes at home?

Roxee: Yes, I love dress-up, role playing and fantasy. I have a French maid outfit that barely contains my boobs and I love it.

XLGirls: How many toys do you think you own? Any favorites?

Roxee: Oh, my. I have a pretty big toy collection. If I had to guess I would say I likely own at least 20 toys, likely more. I got my first Wand this year. I always thought they were such big bulky toys and never desired one. Now that I own one, it is my favorite. Yes, it makes me cum almost instantly and makes me cum again and again and again until I could not possibly cum again. I usually try again and cum until my clit is just too sensitive.

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