Audra Mitchell – Top Heavy

Top Heavy

Audra Mitchell: Welcome
back to Audra Mitchell, part two. Audra is absolutely
sensational in every way. She is a college student in
San Diego, and has studied child psychology (probably
studies guys like us), but she hopes to be a practicing
law enforcement agent one day. That's right. So watch
your step, bucko. Our man Tim Hammill photographed Audra
again on digital and did a great job capturing the essence
of Audra's boobadelic body. This is a true breast-oriented
photo shoot. We love the bra shots, and the extreme
close-ups of her nipples and areolae. We love everything
about this massive 75 picture set.

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Audra Mitchell – Rubenesque


This Audra bra show was especially commissioned. We wanted to see how Audra packs her treasures away in different breast harnesses. She had no favorites among them, and she looked terrific in each one. Whoever gets to bag Audra one day is going to have a great life just watching her get dressed in the morning, and it won't cost a dime. Once he's paid off the wedding, the wedding and engagement rings, honeymoon vacation, the new house, the new car, and a small dog or cat. Of course, there's a few bucks to be saved with a joint tax return. But it'll all be worth it just to screw Audra every night.

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