Nikky Wilder – Pickin’ Up Plumpers

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May 082015
Pickin' Up Plumpers

Will Nikky Wilder watch this scene at home and fuck one of her guy friends while she sees herself sucking off Rocky? Will they copy the positions? We hope so. She says she wants to do that but hadn't tried it yet as of the last time we asked. "My videos are fun to watch," Nikky told XL Girls. "It felt naughty watching myself get fucked. I love being naked."

"I'm more open sexually now since I started at XL Girls," Nikky said. "Now I'm not afraid to try new sex positions and practices I may have said 'never' to before." That would include being fucked by two men at the same time. We remember the day that Nikky first posed. She went home and said she would think about having full-on sex on-camera. True to her word, she returned a month later to do exactly that.

Nikky knew Rocky from crossing paths at the studio. She'd seen him fucking other XL Girls. He recognized her too. When she saw him in the parking lot, she knew she had to have his cock inside her tight pussy and between her lips so she came over to him. He could tell she was horny. And he had time to give her a good, hard pumping.

So Nikky invited him over to hang out. And here are the pictures and the video to show what they did that afternoon.

Hopefully Nikky will be watching this scene and having a lot of hot sex when she does. She can watch baseball later on.

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