Alexandra Knox: 2nd Night

2nd was hands down a great night!!! got the audio fixed (how many hard ons came up when my voice broadcasted!!!!) Had an amazing 1 private (thank you!!!) Because of the success of night 2, treated my babes to mid day quickie on hump day!! My pleasure came quick with my 2nd private! The you guys give is the absolute best!!! keep on cummin for your girl!!! Smooches and see ya in the room!!!!

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Maisey Jane: Rainy Days and Baby Daddy's Always Get Me Down

Not sure what it is about rainy days that makes my baby daddy go crazy. I just got a $2000 Daycare bill because apparently he hasn't been paying it. My pain is your gain though. Come chat with me and help me earn some of the cash I need to pay off this mess. I have been having a great time with doing the webcam thing. It is awfully fun being live for your entertainment. Let me know how I am doing and please send me a email if you are bored!!

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Ali Kitty: Funniest Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me

Good morning!I have vibrating ben wa balls and non vibrating ben wa balls and both drive me crazy when I use them alone or together. A friend dared me to put in the vibrating ben wa balls and turn them on the highest setting and go get my vehicle inspected. While I was getting ready to leave to get it done, I squirted all over in my panties and shorts before I even left the house! My friend watched me on cam as I encountered this and he dared me again to put the vibrating ben wa balls inside my vagina again and the flood gates were opened again. He then typed Thar she Blows! I was laughing so hard and I squirted again! I blushed because I have NEVER flooded like this before! I said okay, I am not putting them back in because I know what will happen and I will never be able to leave the house and he kept laughing and I was even laughing after I got over the embarrassment of flooding repeatedly!I ended up getting over the embarrassment and was laughing so hard I said to my friend that I needed the laugh and I was able to say bye to him and go on my way to get the vehicle inspected. I had such a nice smile on my face and felt fully satisfied and my kitty ( pussy) was happy too! I love those vibrating ben wa balls so much, they give me so much pleasure over and over again, until I am ready to play with another toy to make the edging more intense and my orgasms more intense and have them more than one time.

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Kayleigh Johnson: Happy Thursday!

Today was a lot better than yesterday! It was a pretty slow day to be honest. But the sun was shining and that makes my mood 10 times better as is! :) I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich this morning. Then later on in the day I was stuck in some backed up traffic on a 95 mile tow, that's good by the way. It is now 12 a.m and i just got out of a relaxing hot shower. Which was much needed. There are some topic questions I could probably answer! -If i could go on a $10,000 shopping spreeWell lets see i would definitely hire a maid to do my laundry...I don't like doing laundry! I would throw all my clothes away and buy new and cuter clothes. I would throw a HUGE party in the middle of no where and provide all the alcohol, music, and sober cabs! it would be nice to have $10,000 :)

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