Kellieann – Plumpers


Set number two of new girl Kellieann, in addition to her video mini-movies of last week. "My perfect day would start with a boyfriend bringing me flowers," says Kellieann. "Then we go on a nice quiet picnic, preferably in a wooded clearing. We cuddle all afternoon while I read a romance novel to him. As the sun starts to set, we walk along the beach hand-in-hand and share a tender kiss."

Imagining this kind of day has us reaching for a double shot of Johnny Walker Black and a beer. What about the tender blowjobs and sidesaddle humping? We'd feel a lot better if Kellieanne would at least give a handjob while she's reading. [Please note that all technical, billing or membership issues should be written to the "Support" e-mail address in our Contact page, not to Editor, Webdesk or Talent. This will help greatly to expedite your customer service needs.]

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