Regine – Top Heavy

Top Heavy

Regine : Regina di Femina

Her name means queen in many different languages.
We call Regine a great Dane. She works a regular job
in the day, moonlights as a model and stripper. In
Denmark and other Euro-countries, this is still the
traditional striptease rather than U.S. style lap-grinding.

How many bras do you own?
REGINE: I think perhaps I have 25 to 30 bras at
any time. My size is DD75, in Danish bra measurement.

Which is over 38DD in U.S. conversion. Do you like
bras that hook in the back or in the front?
REGINE: In the back, because otherwise they cannot
hold my breasts. Front hooks almost always break when
I wear such a bra.
Which is a common problem with extra-large breasts.
Do you always wear a bra? REGINE: Most of the time
I wear my bra, but not always.
What are the advantages of having large breasts?
REGINE: I feel more like a woman, and the photographers
love them.
How old were you when your breasts began developing?

REGINE: They were already very big when I was 16.

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