Sunshine – Sunshine’s Yuletime Log

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Dec 032014
Sunshine's Yuletime Log

A great favorite, Sunshine flew back to Miami to celebrate Xmas as a Jiggle Belle. The sight of the Xmas tree reminds Sunshine that she really needs a long, hard pole and a guy going up her chimney before she heads home. With or without a fake white beard, she needs a Bad Santa. When he shows, the cheap bastard doesn't have any presents for her except a Yule meat log. No sooner has Sunshine removed her tight sweater and pulled out her big boobs than Ol' St. Prick is ready to quench the wench's thirst for nut-nog.

Another XL Girl, Monique L'Amour, interviewed Sunshine. They also did a scene together for the DVD Knockin' Nipples. The two really got on, and got it on, very well.

Monique: When did your boobs get to be that size? I just can't get over the size of those things.
Sunshine: When I was about 13. I wore a C-cup.

Monique: Wow! At 13? What did the guys think about that?
Sunshine: They liked them. A whole lot!

Monique: Sunshine, what do you do now for a living?
Sunshine: I'm a dancer.

Monique: What kind of dancing do you do?
Sunshine: Lapdancing.

Monique: Oh, wow! How long have you been doing that?
Sunshine: About five years, on and off.

Monique: And do the other girls get jealous of your boobs?
Sunshine: Some of them do, yes.

Monique: Sunshine, what kind of clothes do you like to buy?
Sunshine: I like to wear clothes that fit tight around my chest. Tube-tops and tank-tops

Monique: But where do you find tops that fit?
Sunshine: Well, I just make them fit!

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Sunshine – Origins

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Dec 032014

A look back at Sunshine, who we found in 2003. Actually, Sunshine found us. Her body changed and evolved over the years. Her big tits got bigger and her ass got fleshier as she packed on more weight. These three reformatted videos and sets show the stages of Sunshine's T&A growth.

In her first XXX scene, Sunshine opens her throat for Steve's cock, his hand moving her head back and forth. She gets on her knees for a tit-fucking and stays on them to suck his dick again. Steve pounds Sunshine in the missionary position and reverse cowgirl. Doggie is next. Sunshine's knees are at the edge of the bed. Her tits jiggle and quiver like jelly as she's fucked fast and hard from behind. The doggie takes its toll, and he empties the contents of his bloated nuts over Sunshine's big splaying tits while she's on her back.

XLGirls: How does a man attract your attention?
Sunshine: He treats me like a princess.

XLGirls: When you look at a man, what part of his body do you examine?
Sunshine: His bulge and his hands.

XLGirls: Do you like to have your tits fucked?
Sunshine: It doesn't do much for me, but if he likes it, I'll do it to please him if I like him. A lot of the guys I have fucked, they like that.

XLGirls: Do you like cum facials?
Sunshine: I hate it when semen gets in my eyes. It really stings. I'd rather catch it in my mouth or on my breasts than on my face.

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Sunshine – Sunshine’s Yuletime Log

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Dec 032014
Sunshine's Yuletime Log

Sunshine just loves the Xmas holidays! Everything is so festive and cheery. She makes a fine Jiggle Belle. Her nipples are stiff. It was cold on the day this video was made. That's because sometimes we run the AC too low at XL Girls in Miami. Sunrise brushes away the fake Miami snow from her lovely red sweater that is somehow resistant to ripping apart from the pressure of her tasty torpedoes.

Sunhine pulls out her incredible, heavy jugs...big boobs meant to suck and fuck! It's time to get a Yule Log between her thighs. Hey, here cums "Bad Santa" dragging his male sack. Better him than his annoying elves. He's got a big present for Sunshine, and it's not a body lotion gift box. This video was shot in 2006. All the Xmas cheer you need is right here.

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Sunshine – Shave My Bush & Fuck My Bump

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Dec 032014
Shave My Bush & Fuck My Bump

Sunshine looks like the kind of girl who could get pregnant just by smelling cum. This might have been the ultimate Sunshine photo and video session. Sunshine's got a full bush, she's six-months pregnant and her belly bump is big and round. Sunshine's already-immense tits are at their biggest.

Her fuck partner, Johnny, can't keep his paws off her. He's never had a woman like Sunshine. He's fucked her before but not when she was knocked-up. Sunshine is totally into hot, nasty sex on-camera and enjoys grinding a hard cock while the cameras roll, even when she has a belly-bump.

Sunshine did the dirty deed with only one girl during her time modeling. That was Monique L'Amour, who also has stopped modeling. If there was one other model who would have been a great match for Sunshine and a stud, it would have been Shyla Shy. But Shyla started modeling in 2009, too late to catch Sunshine.

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Sunshine – Shave My Bush & Fuck My Bump

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Dec 032014
Shave My Bush & Fuck My Bump

At the end of December 2007, Sunshine was expecting a special delivery, so XLGirls rushed her in for this horny video before the stork showed up. Sunshine's tits and her baby bump are gigantic. What a Xmas gift this was!

Sunshine plays with her bush and big boobs while Johnny jacks at the sight of her, getting his dick ready to stick it in her pussy and between her lips. But first, a trim. She sucks on this lucky motherfucker's engorged member while her massive cans dangle. They decide to shave her cunt bald. Now she's slick and wet and ready for him to slide his cock in her wet pussy.

Johnny shoves it in all the way while Sunshine licks her nipples. Sunshine wants semen after they fuck. Didn't she get enough six months earlier? Johnny fucks her tits first. Her veiny, milky jugs are so big, they hide his dick. Sunshine automatically kneads Johnny's balls while he slides between her breasts. This accelerates the blast-off of baby-batter on her huge hooters. Moaning, Sunshine rubs the goo all over her breast-skin. She knows the health benefits of this practice.

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