Teya – Hairy, Busty, Lewd and Rude

Hairy, Busty, Lewd and Rude

Teya on video is even nastier and raunchier than in her photos. She has a lot of oomph, to use a broad term. Moxie. Punch. Sexual vigor. She's got a dirty mind so naturally she's easy to relate to. Watch this and see what we mean. With her experience, Teya knows what guys want to see and she cuts to the chase to get there. No beating around the bush for her. Except in this video!

Brits have a special style all their own. A modeling studio manager as well as a model, Teya's tits and ass got bigger as she matured. Does she like to fuck around the house in every room and on every chair, couch and rug? She looks like she doesn't confine herself to the bedroom. We've been asked if Teya takes the cock on-camera. Unfortunately not. We'd like to see that too. Maybe one day?

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Teya – Busty, Lewd And Rude

Busty, Lewd And Rude

For those who like natural girls with almost no make-up and a taste for hairy pies, Britain's Teya punches their tickets with her flair for unleashed, home-grown exhibitionism. Do you like your women served with raunch dressing? She is a complete meal. Teya is a photo studio manager as well as an experienced model herself in England. She knows what positions horny guys want to see her get into so she knows how to pose herself. The photographer is not directing her. She has it under control. Cutting to the chase, Teya knows what fuck-me positions to get into. It's like she's being fucked but without a guy in the picture, like an invisible man fucking her. This is the key to Teya's way of presenting herself. A lady at her desk, a slut to the camera. Was she ever a nude stripper in a dingy, stuffy Soho club, happily flaunting her pale nipples, curly, damp bush and thick labia mere inches away from an old geezer's face? Some call it nasty. We call it nice. Thank you, Teya. Keep it up

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Teya – The Stacked Englishwoman

The Stacked Englishwoman

Like women with thick, long pussy lips and lots of hair between their legs?. Consider placing 40something Teya on your list. This is Teya's version of an office employee... big tits ready to pop the buttons on a tight cardigan when she inhales; tight skirt that makes a swishing sound when she walks; stocking-covered legs; very little make-up; high heels. Teya manages a photographer's studio in England and also models so this is probably how she dresses to go to work in her office every day. Very nice! This is a woman who really knows how to keep a guy occupied staring at her pussy and tits. Looks like someone who would be interesting to work under.

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Teya – Teya Votes For Bush

Teya Votes For Bush

Teya is an Englishwoman in her early 40s. She's modeled before in the UK for amateur as well as professional photographers (she manages a studio) but is unknown in the USA. Like most women, as she got older, she naturally began to put on the pounds and it looks good on her. She says her natural tits are a 34F in US size but she looks bustier than that to our eyes. Her knockers look very fuckable and pliable. She keeps her cunt bushy which is a rare treat these days in this era of shaved or waxed chochas. Teya is every inch a woman-next-door. Your only issue is figuring out where to drop your load, in her clam or on her jugs.

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