Miranda – Magic Miranda

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Nov 022015
Magic Miranda

There haven't been many great imports from Italy. XL Girls has had only one bra-busting babe from that nation. Magic Miranda was an Italian import living in New York when we met her. She accepted an invitation to pose and she blew us away with her incredibly huge tits when we first saw her naked in the flesh.

Miranda, in America, we have a phrase for women like you: built like a brick shithouse.
Miranda: I don't understand. Say it again.

Built like a brick shithouse.
Miranda: So what does it mean?

It means that you're built all over. Stacked. Packed all over, coming and going.
Miranda: Okay. Thanks, I guess!

In Italy, do men prefer the ass or the breasts?
Miranda: The ass.

When you're taking pictures, are you thinking about all of the guys who are going to be looking at them?
Miranda: Something like that. Maybe they're getting excited, so I like that. I like when somebody gets excited watching me.

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Miranda – Magic Miranda

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Nov 022015
Magic Miranda

Italian import Miranda had fine curves and a well-padded seat. Extra-large headlights and a large bumper. Taking her for a long drive has to have been heaven for the guys who have been in bed with this spicy dish.

This was Miranda's dating philosophy:
"Maybe go to dinner. Walk a lot. Talk a lot. And then we'll see what happens. On the first date, you don't have to have sex. Maybe it's better if you don't have sex on the first date because the second date will be more exciting. The more you wait, the more you get excited. You have a fantasy. If you do everything the first date, you don't have a fantasy. Fantasy is very important."

The last time we saw Miranda was at the SCORE Group booth at an adult video convention. We've kept in touch periodically since then and she's mentioned making a comeback. Whether that will ever happen is something only Miranda knows.

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Miranda – Cream My Tits

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Aug 272014
Cream My Tits

Cream My Tits was Italian export Miranda's first XXX XL Girls DVD. (Her second DVD was Busty Fucks.) She shops at a supermarket and gets into Tony's truck. They drive off to a secluded fucker's lane area where no one can see them and they go at it in daylight. A can of whipped cream plays a prominent role, hence the title. This was one of the first food-oriented scenes at XL Girls, if not the very first.

The lusty, busty, 5'8", 165 pound Italian was living in America at the time. She said she wore 40DD bras but she was measured during an interview and she was actually an H-cupper.

Miranda had strong feelings about the differences between Italian men and American men.

"Italian men treat you good, but then they stop. The American men, they say what they mean. They say, 'I wanna fuck you,' if they wanna fuck you. Italian men don't wanna say that. They wanna do it, but they don't say it. They want to fuck you, but they have to say, 'Oh, I love you, you are so beautiful,' and other crap. American men are the best lovers. They're more dirty and more fun. Everyone thinks Italians are Latin lovers, but I think they're fake, like actors."

"American men are more honest. I like that. I like the American way much better. I don't like the bullshit. It's better when a man is direct. I think it's really important to satisfy a man. Maybe if you satisfy the man, he'll understand to satisfy the woman. You don't have to be selfish in sex. I like a very gentlemanly guy. I don't like rude. When I meet a man, I like him to be very gentlemanly. In the sex, no. In the sex, I like...a little rough."

Miranda also had strong feelings about American females.

"Maybe the women are more spoiled in America, the women. The women in America really don't cook a lot. They don't clean their houses. They're more spoiled."

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Miranda – Cream My Tits

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Aug 272014
Cream My Tits

Miranda was Italy's greatest gift to breast-men. Cream My Tits and Busty Fucks were the only XXX movies she made. This XL Girls Origins scene is from Cream My Tits, also starring Sunshine.

The hot brunette leaves the supermarket pushing her cart in the parking lot. She looks hot as fuck in her short skirt and tight top. She arrives at a truck. "I buy a little present for you. We're gonna have fun," Miranda says to Tony at the wheel of his truck. Miranda has a can of whipped cream in her hand. "I show you what I'm gonna do."

They drive to a quiet spot. Miranda squirts a big lump of cream on her right nipple and sucks it all off while she stares at the camera. Tony joins in the creamery and starts to lick. Miranda squirts it on her pussy and Tony licks that too. They leave the car so she can suck his creamed cock.

They need more room to screw so they go into the truck's bed and fuck their brains out. No one can see them in this quiet location away from the city. Miranda is one lusty Italian gal and loves to suck on big sausage. She likes American males.

"I like to make blow job," Miranda told us in an interview. "I can stay down for two hours. Not two hours continuously, but I like it. I like to make blow job. My ex-boyfriend was Tantric so we would start to make sex on Thursday to have an orgasm on Sunday. We start, we come back. We would sleep. I don't know why I love to make blow job. I think it's like a pacifier for a baby."

Her phrase "I like to make blow job" is something the editors never forgot. Mamma Mia!

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Miranda – Grocery Slut

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Jul 162014
Grocery Slut

While Miranda is walking around the grocery store, selecting which foods she'd like to buy, her pussy is dripping wet. That's because the whole time she's fantasizing about how she's going to use each of these items while she fucks. In fact, Miranda is so fucking horny that she can't even wait till she gets home. She meets some guy in the grocery store parking lot and drives off with him to a deserted spot to play. Miranda creams her tits and makes the guy lick it off. She didn't get any bananas, so she swallows his sausage instead. They get in the bed of his truck and start fucking under the hot sun. So a word of advice: if you want to pick up horny chicks, just cruise your local grocery store!

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