The Star Sisters’ Really Big, Big Show

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Sep 252020
The Star Sisters' Really Big, Big Show

The Star sisters, Helen & Erin Star, have paired up for a fantastic video.

Helen and Erin wear white tank tops without bras, tight little shorts and high heels in the beginning. They look spectacular.

They begin side-by-side and strut to the camera then turn around and hot-walk away from the camera to show their shapely cheeks. Erin helps Helen undress and Helen helps Erin undress. They kick off their heels also and do the hot-walk again, naked and barefooted.

Erin helps Helen put on her bra and Helen helps Erin put on her bra. The girls energetically bounce their boobs inside their bras. After the bouncing, Helen unhooks Erin's bra and Erin does the same for Helen.

Naked and standing side-by-side, the girls bounce their boobs, swing them, loudly self-suck and self-lick their own nipples. They do boob drops and chest bumps. Helen plays with Erin's boobs, rubbing, jiggling, squeezing and massaging them and Erin does the same to Helen. The girls cream each other's breasts and booties with white lotion.

Erin tells Helen she's been bad and has her lie across her lap to spank her on the couch. Helen does the same to Erin. Helen asks Erin if she wants a lap dance on the couch. After Helen lap dances Erin, they switch so Erin can lap dance Helen. The girls sit side-by-side and masturbate with their toys.

It's time to cool down so they share a garden hose to get wet. Thank you, Erin and Helen, for a great time.

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The Star Sisters’ Really Big, Big Show

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Sep 252020
The Star Sisters' Really Big, Big Show

For this show, lovely Erin and Helen Star join forces and these two by themselves are forces of nature. Together, they're double the pleasure, double the fun, double the tits and asses, double the dynamite.

The Stars hot-walk while wearing white tank tops, shorts and heels. Then they get totally naked and hot-walk again. It's a pleasure to see them walk to you, their breasts jiggling, and a real pleasure to see them walk away, their buns quivering.

Then comes their major breasts and buns play: Boob-dropping, self-sucking and licking, bouncing, shaking, jumping, tits and ass creaming, spanking, lap dancing, vibrator masturbation and garden hose spraying. The Star sisters are a beautiful blur of incredibly big boobs in motion.

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My Big Plump Wedding Blowout

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May 252020
My Big Plump Wedding Blowout

What happens when five of the greatest and hottest babes in XL Girls history team up? Back up, Jack, and give these ladies some room.

Samantha 38G, Maria Moore, Sapphire, Rose Valentina and Cassie Blanca point their big flesh cannons and let them loose. This is a collection of candid photos of the foxy five as they whoop it up in the dressing room and on the set during the filming of My Big Plump Wedding. You always get a different perspective when you see snaps like these.

The place explodes when the roosters arrive for a crazy-ass male strip show. All unrehearsed, all spontaneous and our camera was there to capture their tits-'n'-ass romping. The set of an XL Girls movie is always a hot party but this blowout went through the roof.

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My Big Plump Wedding: Bridesmaids Dress Fitting

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May 042020
My Big Plump Wedding: Bridesmaids Dress Fitting

One of the first steps in setting up a big wedding is to have the bride and her bridesmaids fitted for their gowns. Samantha 38G, Maria Moore, Sapphire, Cassie Blanca and Rose Valentina visit a wedding gown designer to get their dresses ready for the big day. The designer is astonished by their breast size and curvy figures, but she's got the tailoring skills to make them the belles of the ball.

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Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop Part 2

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Jun 212019
Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop Part 2

Erin Star made an announcement the day before this scene was posted.

"Going into labor a bit earlier than expected! This is so very exciting and scary at the same time! Wish me luck, keep your fingers crossed and thank you for your ongoing support!"

Best wishes to Erin and her bosom buddy Sophie Rose, two sexy mammas.

A few hours after Erin's announcement, she gave birth to a girl.

The talent behind the camera for this second scene is model and photographer Roxanne Miller, a SCORELAND and XL Girl since May, 2012.

Sophie Rose, who calls herself Pregnant Doll, found out about XL Girls from Erin and Mia Sweetheart. Sophie enjoys doing sexy shows like this with other girls but she's "not into the sexual stuff" and prefers soft eroticism.

The girls play with maternity bras, undress each other, rub their huge baby bumps, cream their big tits, bellies and asses and give each other pleasurable erotic massages. Erin and Sophie rub their soon-to-be mommy pussies (but not each other's pussies) lying side-by-side facing Roxanne's camera.

We asked Roxanne for her thoughts.

XLGirls: So Roxanne, how were Erin and Sophie to photograph? Did they need direction or did they improvise?

Roxanne: Erin being a pro already had some ideas and she knew how a SCORE Group photo shoot is going to be. Sophie, on the other hand, had her first photo session but she was very into it. They improvised and also listened to my ideas. And what was cute, was that Erin was directing Sophie a lot.

XLGirls: Do you remember at what months the girls were at the time of the shoot?

Roxanne: I remember Erin was 24 weeks and Sophie 30-32. Something like that.

XLGirls: What was their favorite thing to do on-camera? Belly rubbing or breast play?

Roxanne: I think they liked both. They had so much fun doing it. But since you know there is that stigma that you have to rub your belly with a lot of lotion during the pregnancy, they loved it a lot.

XLGirls: Who was the more assertive girl?

Roxanne: Both of them! Erin was into it since she knew about what was going to happen and Sophie was excited about the new experience. They were both amazing!

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