Naia’s Heavy Tits Overwhelm Her Pink Bikini

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Oct 042018
Naia's Heavy Tits Overwhelm Her Pink Bikini

Her tits measure 38HH and she loves fucking, as her first hardcore scene at XL Girls proved. A second hardcore shoot with boob-master JMac is next.

Naia talked about her kiny fetishes.

"I'm a femdomme so I love to be in charge of a man's body. That includes taking him from front or behind while using a strap-on or walking him on a leash.

"I don't like anal sex or anal play done to me. On the other hand, me playing with someone's anus and taking someone anally turns me on a lot. When I give a guy a blow job, I enjoy swallowing every last drop of his cum. I'm not really into public sex. However, I love to show extreme affection in public."

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Deep Inside Nikki Smith

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Oct 022018
Deep Inside Nikki Smith

"Nothing satisfies me better than a real cock fucking me," Nikki Smith said. "As much as I orgasm from toys and masturbation, I always crave the cock!" JMac's tool did the job on Nikki and she left the studio that day well-satisfied.

Nikki is very proud of her sex skills as well as her big tits and thick ass.

"I like to please. Me knowing that I'm good at blow jobs, and being able to look up and see the look on his face.... Knowing it's driving him crazy because he can't fuck me yet since I'm still sucking his dick.... Even though I'm a little bit more on the submissive side, just having that control for that little bit of time, I love it."

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Teacher Knows Breast

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Oct 012018
Teacher Knows Breast

Everyone knows that being a teacher is like being in a pressure cooker. These stressed teachers have different ways of relieving the pressure. To reduce the stress from grading lots of papers before the next class, Gracie tends to take her big tits out of her clothes and rub her nipples. This makes her feel good and calms her down. The stimulation makes her even hornier. She'll need to take matters into her own hands even more.

She has a pile of papers to grade and it's already late. Gracie takes off each item of clothing (cardigan, bra, skirt and panties) and sits on one of her students' chairs. She digs her fingers deep and hard into her bushy pussy and stirs her wet hole, rubbing the meaty inner walls. That gets her cookies off good. Now she can go back and finish her grading. It's as difficult as ever being a teacher these days.

As for who left that apple on her desk, it was obviously some kiss-ass whom she's probably going to flunk. Miss Blue accepts no bribes.

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Carla4Garda: Milking The Man

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Sep 282018
Carla4Garda: Milking The Man

Wearing stockings and a teddy, Carla4Garda is taking selfies in bed. She pops out one huge tit, then the other and shoots her selfies topless. Steve comes from behind and wants to get into the picture too. What he has in mind is to make hotter selfies. He sucks on her nipples, something that always sends waves of pleasure from the tips of her tits to the tips of her toes.

Still dressed, Steve pulls his club out for Carla4Garda to suck on. He rubs his cock on her milky nipples and fucks her mouth, pulling her head in closer. Her throat filled with cock, Carla4Garda opens her legs wide to give Steve easy access to her pink, pierced pussy.

Steve buries his face in Carla4Garda's shaved pussy and tongue-bangs her. That drives the Brit bra-buster crazy with heat. Steve may not be a cop but he plans to give this horny lady with the huge, soft boobs a dick-down she won't forget too quickly. He pumps and pounds Carla4Garda hard so she'll go home to Great Britain with a smile on her face.

"I love my nipples stimulated," said Carla4Garda. "It gives me such a strong orgasm when I cum. I like to have sex about five times week. I have a sex buddy whom I play with often and we love exploring together. My favorite kind of foreplay is nipple play and lots of oral. I've had a few sexual encounters with girls. The last one was on holiday. Ended up going out with the bartender of a hotel I was staying in and we partied all night, had loads of fun then ended up in my bed eating each other out. She'd never been with a girl before. But I really enjoyed it.

"I've had a few male-male threesomes but I would not be into a threesome with another girl and a guy. Not really mad into anal either. I've tried it a few times. I don't get how a girl can cum from it. I do love having my ass eaten out. That's fun. My sex buddy and I got a butt plug for me and he made me wear it in public with no knickers. That was fun. Of course, I swallow cum when a man blows off in my mouth. I love it. I can't be wasting that load now."

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Texas Teen’s Titillating Tits Cums To XLGirls

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Sep 272018
Texas Teen's Titillating Tits Cums To XLGirls

A fan of Japanese manga and anime, Sylvia Bateman calls herself the Princess of Oppai. Oppai is a Japanese slang word for big breasts, from ippai, meaning "a lot of." The female characters in anime tend to have very big tits. None of them are as busty as Sylvia who is real, not an animated character, fortunately for us.

The pretty Texas teen boasts 38G-cup boobs and a curvy, sexy body. Most girls today shave their pussies. Sylvia has a nicely trimmed garden. She turned eighteen in June, 2018 and felt by that time that baring it all on-camera was right for her. A friend recommended that Sylvia contact XL Girls. This is the first time she's been photographed by a pro photography team.

"I like to read novels, paint and play video games and I love anime and manga," said Sylvia. "I used to play volleyball but I don't play or watch sports anymore."

Sylvia developed very early. She gets lots of attention, but she's so cute, she'd get lots of attention even if she didn't have those Texas-sized T&A.

"My boobs came in early. I was a DD-cup in middle-school and I'm a 38G-cup now. I'm still growing so I'm sure they'll get bigger."

We're sure they will, too.

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