An Angel For Two Fuckers

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Apr 052021
An Angel For Two Fuckers

An Angel DeLuca threesome at is a special event. The statuesque stunner cranks up the heavenly heat in her well-shot sex show with the two porn pros Tony DeSergio and Tony Rubino. Our canoodle-cam captures a lens-buster. Angel's erotic talents are simultaneously raw and sensual. She is seductress #1.

"I'm dominant in general," said Angel, who is bisexual. "I'm never submissive. I do have rare moments when I'm not necessarily in control, but I'm not letting them take control, either. So it's just a mutual experience in those cases." Indeed, this threesome looks mutual with no one playing a dominant role.

"I actually have quite a small clit. Everyone tells me that I have quite a small pussy...everyone who has come into contact with my vagina. I'm not sure if that's a compliment. Is that a good thing? It's very tight. I can't get more than two fingers in there. If the cock is really thick, my vagina accommodates it. As long as the cock is doing what it's supposed to be doing and keeping me wet, we're all good."

Angel's two fuckers make sure to make things all good. After all, Angel inspires desire.

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Andi Ray: XLGirl’s Sexy Tutor

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Apr 022021
Andi Ray: XLGirl's Sexy Tutor

Professional tutor and champion of higher education, Andi Ray faces a challenge when she is hired to help Milan get through his college exams. Milan doesn't care about getting a degree and would rather spend all day looking at his smartphone and sending dick pics to girls. What he fails to understand is that his phone and other modern miracles are the result of education and study.

His surly attitude and how he ignores her comments triggers Ms. Ray. She angrily leaves the room to cool off after lecturing him without success. Then Andi has an idea. Her way of shock treatment. She walks back into the room wearing only her bra, panties and high heels. Suddenly, Milan takes an extreme interest in what Andi is doing. He comes down with a case of severe brain freeze after seeing what her curvy body, big ass cheeks and big tits look like out of her properly professional clothing. He is now a puppet under Andi's spell, as would we all be.

Andi will fuck out whatever brains her student has left after looking at the internet day and night. And she will suck his balls until they get as dry as a bag of airplane nuts. This radical technique is not in the tutor's instructional guide but Andi is desperate for a solution. We believe she is onto something here.

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Oxana Minsk: Thick Thighs Save Lives

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Apr 012021
Oxana Minsk: Thick Thighs Save Lives

Oxana Minsk is back to drive you out of your mind. She stretches out her new tank top with her fantastic 42-G breasts as she stands by a full-length mirror, and we more than admire the view too.

Oxana's tank reads "Thick Thighs Saves Lives." We don't know where Oxana bought that tank and it sure fits her nicely. This is an important message and approves this statement.

"I don't really dress all that sexy so this is when I had the chance to do that. Sometimes I'll wear a low-cut shirt. I like the attention I see my videos and photos are getting."

XLGirls: Are you into any fetishes?

Oxana: I have not really thought about that, to be honest.

XLGirls: Do you masturbate regularly?

Oxana: Not really. I prefer the real thing.

XLGirls: What is the funniest pick-up line a guy ever said to you?

Oxana: I don't remember any good ones.

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Boob Prejudice At The Office

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Mar 312021
Boob Prejudice At The Office

Trinety Guess is subjected to an unfortunate situation that occurs in many business offices. Asshole co-workers who complain to the supervisors about a big-boobed employee wearing tops and outfits that show miles of heavy, rich, luscious, mouthwatering cleavage and tight dresses that hug their bountiful booties like cling wrap. This known as boob prejudice. XL Girls have tried to educated the public about this evil attitude.

"I enjoy wearing tight clothing that shows off my tits and curves," says Trinety, who can feel free to walk around TSG's office in anything she wants to wear or not wear. "I have a sensual innocence to my look. "I've just recently become truly proud and I think my self-confidence is the best part."

Trinety is called into the office of one of these supervisors, Mr. Tarzan. Instead of lacing into Trinety, like many motherfucking bosses would, he admits he enjoys what she wears and would like to be her secret ally in this situation. By bonding with Trinety and then boning this bra-busting redhead right there in his office, he can help to stifle the boob prejudice of the employees. At least that's his take on the subject.

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More To Fuck

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Mar 302021
More To Fuck

GG-cup tits, a cute smile and curves that don't quit. Those are the key descriptors for Porsche Dali. And we love all that about her. Being a curvaceous sex doll is the reason she's here with us after all. But Porsche is also a bright girl with a great sense of humor and an adventurous streak.

"I'd love to visit the UK and ride the Smiler rollercoaster," she says. "It holds the record for most inversions in a rollercoaster with 14. That would be an amazing thrill and I know the rush would be amazing."

Well, Porsche, a number of our members do hail from the UK, so we're certain you would have no shortage of eager men willing to escort you to the Smiler rollercoaster. Despite her adventurous spirit and the fact that she's shot some of the hottest plumper porn you'll ever jerk to, Porsche is conservative in some ways.

"I've actually never had sex on the first date," she says. "It's not even that I won't do it, though. It's kind of a situational thing. So, I've never done it, but it's not something I would rule out."

A girl like Porsche would certainly be worth the wait, if you ask us.

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