Annabelle Rogers Is Irresistible

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Apr 122019
Annabelle Rogers Is Irresistible

There are women and there are superwomen.

Annabelle Rogers is one of the superwomen that TSG has specialized in since 1992. We freely admit that we place them on pedestals. That's what you do with works of art--living, bouncing works of art.

"I love boob-sucking or nipple play," said Annabelle, something that we'd expect to hear from her.

"That really gets me in the mood and very aroused. I have very sensitive nipples. I can pretty much orgasm from just playing with my nipples or a guy sucking on them. It feels amazing.

"I really just like boob sucking and nipple pulling and biting. If you do it to me for a while, it's fabulous. Also, getting fingered then tasting my pussy juice on their fingers always gets me hot. And then maybe some tit-fucking. This is like tit-fucking heaven right here."

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Sylvia Bateman: Horny From The Heat

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Apr 112019
Sylvia Bateman: Horny From The Heat

On this very hot day, the pool looks tempting to Sylvia Bateman. She's brought her new two-piece swimsuit and looks killer in it. Sylvia sits by the pool and splashes water on her chest.

It's getting a little too hot for Miss Bateman so she heads indoors to cool off. Truth be told, Sylvia is always horny and feels an urge to orgasm. She takes off her swimsuit so she can rub her nipples and finger-bang her pussy. Cumming at least once a day is something Sylvia happily looks forward to.

Sylvia is a girl who inspires major tent pitching. It may be difficult to believe but when we asked Sylvia if she gets a lot of guys pitching pick-up lines at her, she replied, "I've never had someone tell me one." It's impossible to understand this.

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Amy Villainous Reveals Her Superpowers at XLGIRLS

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Apr 052019
Amy Villainous Reveals Her Superpowers at XLGIRLS

When we first saw Amy Villainous several years ago, we thought she was just right for XL Girls. Her pretty face, huge, beautiful tits, big ass and her overall thickness and curves made a deep impression. Our studio contacted her, but at the time, she felt she wasn't ready for XL Girls. Time passed. Now Amy's ready.

Amy shows Brad Newman her massive breasts and they rock the room. Amy's a magician and buries his face and his cock between her boobs, making them disappear. She shows Brad her oral fixation and he licks her pussy, tit for tat. Brad has a few magic tricks of his own and makes his dick disappear deep inside her pussy.

"I'm a switch," Amy said. "And it all comes down to chemistry. I prefer the type of dynamic where a little power play is involved. I like being feisty with my partners. Cock is my favorite thing. Getting fucked deep and hard is the best thing ever. 99% of my orgasms are from penetration."

Amy says she doesn't get sex as often as she would like.

"Most guys can't seem to keep up with me," Amy said.

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Tyra Tinley: Built Like Whoa!

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Apr 042019
Tyra Tinley: Built Like Whoa!

Tyra Tinley prefers wearing push-up bras. When a girl has 38N-cups, that's not easy. "I definitely need a fitting to buy bras but that's not always possible. I'll admit that I have to grab bras off the rack from time to time and they are always too tight. With a little adjusting, it works out."

"I wear bodycon-style dresses [a stretchy dress that hugs the body] to hug my curves and show off my huge bust. I don't purposely wear clothing to show off my breasts but it's literally impossible to hide them."

Tyra talked about her masturbation practices.

"I masturbate a few times a week. I like to watch a good porn video and maybe have a glass of wine to relax while searching for porn that turns me on. I'm more of a finger on the clitoris girl. I prefer to hit the spot right on. I massage my nipples some to get myself started."

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Nila Mason’s Hot Date

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Mar 292019
Nila Mason's Hot Date

The incredible Nila Mason waits for Matt Darco to phone her. They have a hot date planned and Nila is as anxious as Matt is to get together. Nila's phone finally rings. It's Matt. He's home and wants her over as soon as possible.

Nila gets into her Nila-mobile and drives to his place. This is one of the rare times we've seen an XL Girl drive a car and it's a stick-shift. Nila's big tits almost touch the steering wheel. Her nipples are only a fraction away from the wheel.

Nila arrives at Matt's address and finds him waiting at the door. The first thing he does after greeting Nila is to lower her pink fishnet top and study and admire her big knockers like they're precious gems. He licks and sucks them hungrily as Nila giggles and makes pleasure sounds, her nipples stiff from his handling. Her breast flesh overflows in his hands. Each of Nila's boobs is, in fact, a two-hander.

The horny couple enter the bedroom as quickly as possible with minimal small talk. Nila sits on the edge of the bed and takes a closer look at the rock-hard shaft she's inspired.

Nila sucks and licks his stiff cock like they're hot newlyweds on a honeymoon. With his cock in her mouth, she moans and makes sucking sounds that increase Matt's lust for her body. She presses her chest against his junk and buries his dick between her tits. She wants her tits fucked before he pumps her wet pussy-hole.

Nila lies back and eye-bangs him, signaling that it's time to fuck. She wants cock inside her. Matt aggressively spreads her legs apart and rips her fishnet top when he pulls it down. His wish was to fuck Nila and now she's made his wish come true.

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