Thick & Packed

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Jun 142022
Thick & Packed

"I'm a pretty passive girl sexually. I give subtle hints but I let the man make the first move in sex," Vicki Black said. "I like all kinds of guys, all races and colors."

Vicky prefers thong panties, wears bras outside but hangs free inside, and she likes snug clothing that show off her curves. She likes funny guys who make her laugh and take the lead in the bedroom.

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Best In Bust

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Jun 132022
Best In Bust

Renee Ross isn't just a sexy girl. And we don't say that to undermine how sexy she is--she's scorching. But one of the best things about Renee is that she's a guy's girl. She is the type of babe who will kick back at a sports bar with an ice-cold beer and watch the game with you. If she were your girlfriend, she's the type you wouldn't mind hanging out with you and your buddies.

"I've always been a sporty girl," Renee said. "I was on the softball team in high school and I was a cheerleader, too. And I love watching football and baseball. I'm a huge Chicago Bears fan."

And if you were watching the game with Renee, she would definitely be wearing something skimpy. You of those low-cut tops that would draw your attention away from the game and onto her J-cup naturals.

"I'm always in low-cut tops," she said. "With boobs as big as mine, I can't really help it. Everything but turtlenecks are low-cut tops for me."

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Kamille Amora: Throat Star

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Jun 102022
Kamille Amora: Throat Star

When we first met XLGirls alumnus Kamille Amora, she said about the dating scene, "I'm pretty simple and old-fashioned. Dinner and a movie. Some conversation. If we hit it off, maybe go home and watch a porno."

Kamille and Nicky Rebel were planning to go out for dinner but that idea is on hold when Nicky gets a hold on Kamille's massive tits and can't let go, licking and sucking her nipples, licking her pussy and bookmarking her boobs.

Kamille had called Nicky into the bedroom to show him her new low-cut dress. As soon as he saw Kamille, that was the end of their night out. He'd rather eat at the Y and feed Kamille hard sausage, play with her heavy boobs and booty cheeks and make the bedsheets wet and sticky.

Kamille often attends adult conventions like Exxxotica, so look for her at one of those expos and show her some love.

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Molly Evans Is Coming

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Jun 092022
Molly Evans Is Coming

Molly Evans is coming to a magazine store near you that sells Voluptuous. And she's cumming hard in this pictorial of the wonder girl masturbating, pleasing her pussy and ass with her fingers and butt plug. Holy Molly!

XLGirls: What is your favorite top to wear?

Molly Evans: I love clothes with cut-outs and, of course, T-shirts. T-shirts are my favorites.

XLGirls: Have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public?

Molly Evans: Yes, they have fallen out of my blouse. I felt a little shame but at the same time I felt pleasure from the fact that when a man looks at my chest and this happens, he gets aroused by the sight. I think they wait for this to happen.

XLGirls: No shame, Molly. Do you like to dance?

Molly Evans: Yes, I love to dance. I think no one misses an opportunity to dance, especially a girl with big breasts. Many guys have called them amazing boobs, which pleases me.

XLGirls: When you dance, we are positive all eyes are on you.

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Ready To Play

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Jun 082022
Ready To Play

Sexy Trinety G. is ready to play. She's ready to make hay and have a hot, horny day. The Florida fox is always ready for sex and new experiences.

Trinety gets just the kind of hard cock adventure she's into it. JMac's big dick and fuck skills send Trinety into orbit by the time he jerks a nut into her mouth. She swallows his ball-sauce, licking some of the spillage off her huge titties.

Trinety likes to tease with her curvy, soft body and she's a great teasing pleaser. However, in this scene, there's little tease time as this match made in hooter heaven gets it on fast and furious, sans foreplay. It's total sex time and stud service with a smile for the redheaded hottie.

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