The Creampied Lady Executive

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Jun 252018
The Creampied Lady Executive

"I really enjoyed helping Johnny find his niche and giving him a little direction," said Jasmine Jones, a married lady from Texas who has a following because of her Texas-sized libido, huge, beautifully-shaped jugs and zest for cock. She is a freak for man-juice too.

"I have a cum fetish," Jasmine told XL Girls staff. "I like it all over my face, dripping from my mouth and just all over me. I have swallowed a few times but really enjoy seeing it all over me. I guess you could say it is a fetish of mine."

Jasmine was paired with Johnny who has an equally high zest for breast and will be donating lots of cum to her after they have sucked and fucked on a couch and a desk in her office. Not on her face or on her big boobs this time. This time, the cum is sprayed into her well-fucked pussy-hole for a cream-filling that she'll squeeze out while Johnny watches in salacious delight.

You see, Johnny is seeing Mrs. Jones for guidance in his career path. Mrs. Jones wants to help him and she has the right equipment for the task. She'll be getting a grip on Johnny's development. Mrs. Jones has something she wants to get off her chest with Johnny and that's her blouse and bra. She claims that her hooters are 40DD but they look much, much bigger than DDs. He goes crazy when he gets his mouth on them.

It doesn't take long for Johnny to make the first move and start sucking on Mrs. Jones's tasty teats. This is the kind of guidance they both want. She has the tit size to envelope his thick meat and the lips and tongue to pleasure it. When it comes to cock worship, Mrs. Jones sits in the lead pew.

"Work hard, dream big" is the sign on Mrs. Jones' office wall. But what she really means is "Fuck hard, cream big." And with a woman like this under you, do all you can do to make it a reality. Johnny does. Because when you meet an executive with tits this big and an ass this meaty, you've got to make the most of it!

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The Only Game To Play

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Jun 222018
The Only Game To Play

JMac is playing a video game when Cosmia enters the living room. She's wearing sexy lingerie and stands in front of him. Cosmia doesn't want JMac playing with the game controller. She wants him to play with her plump, soft body and she wants to play with his joystick until she's doused with his nut-sauce.

XLGirls: A reader submitted these questions: When you are being fucked by a guy with a huge cock like JMac, after you cum, do you enjoy it when he keeps pumping away?

Cosmia: Oh, yes. I love that. While I'm playing with my pussy is the best. I also love when a guy comes all over me and then I need to cum again so I grab my Hitachi and make myself cum again hard while I'm covered in cum.

XLGirls: Have you ever sat across from a guy and played with yourself and watched as your partner played with himself?

Cosmia: Oh, for sure. I've definitely put on a show for a guy from across the room and other places.

XLGirls: Have you ever inserted a long toy into your pussy in order to measure how long of a cock your pussy could accommodate?

Cosmia: I actually have. I learned that my pussy is very small.

XLGirls: Do you talk about cock size with your girlfriends and compare stories?

Cosmia: Yes. We're pretty open about our sexual adventures.

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Super-natural Wonders: Eva Berg

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Jun 212018
Super-natural Wonders: Eva Berg

Woman of mystery doesn't come close to describing Eva Berg. This extremely quiet brunette has a pair of the biggest natural tits you could ever hope to find. She is also on the shy side and only agreed to pose topless. With Eva's giant boobs, no breast-loving tit-man would say no and watch her walk away.

Eva's tits are firm, fully-loaded and packed. She has wide, pale areolas and her nipples look like innies. As she rolls around the bed, she warms up and begins to smile a little. It's not a shy smile. It's more of a knowing, confident smile.

The photographer had never met or filmed a girl with knockers this huge. Eva has more sweater-meat than one hundred of his usual models combined.

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Sexy & Smart

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Jun 192018
Sexy & Smart

"I learned about giving good head when I started watching porn," Nikki Smith said. "The first thing I learned from porn that I was really excited about was how to put a condom on a dick without using your hands. So I was really proud of myself when I mastered that. That was a big step in my sex abilities.

"My method is to definitely take it deep. I would say to girls: gag yourself if you must. It's awesome; they like it. Not too much hand, but a little bit. More so on the balls than the dick. And enjoy it. Don't suck dick if you don't like it. It totally ruins it. If you enjoy it, they enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, they don't enjoy it as much.

"With masturbation, it was manually for a long time. But on the webcam they like toys so I started trying them. I have this one little purple Doc Johnson that I absolutely love. It's a little G-spot thing that works like a charm every time. But if I'm feeling really frisky and I want to have a really crazy orgasm I'll get the Hitachi."

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Big Tits Out & Stockinged Legs Spread

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Jun 182018
Big Tits Out & Stockinged Legs Spread

Maggie has a curvy, thick body, big, full boobs and a girl-next-door attitude about life and sex. Maggie's reading a book when her bed partner shows up.

They could read together but her body and hanging tits drive all men crazy. He makes a bee-line for her boobs, sucking, squeezing, licking and rubbing them and pinching her pert nipples.

Maggie takes his cock in her delicate hand and licks it while it's still sticking out of his fly. Maggie inspires quick action. There is no time to waste, especially with a fine fox like this, a girl wet dreams are made of.

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