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BONUS CANDID PHOTOS: At Home With Emma Lilly

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Jun 182020
BONUS CANDID PHOTOS: At Home With Emma Lilly

"There is very little, short of a turtleneck, that doesn't emphasize my breasts," Emma Lilly wrote. "I do like to show off a little if I'm going out for a girls night out. Anything low-cut with a push-up bra does the trick. Boobs are great. I know people like looking at them and if that happens to score me a free drink or two, I consider that a win/win.

"I get the most comments about my breasts from other women. Female friends, coworkers, and even bosses have mentioned their size to me. Never in a negative way though. It's mostly awe when they realize how big they are or asking if I'd be willing to share. I think it's funny, and it's always nice to be reminded that everyone wants what they can't have."

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Charlie Gets Shagged

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Jun 172020
Charlie Gets Shagged

There have been many, many terrific girls here since the site opened in 2000 and Charlie Cooper ranks right up there on the highest platform.

The total package, Charlie's love pillows are completely awe-inspiring and attract tons of attention. She's too sexy for her job also. At work, as a CNA (certified nurse's assistant), Charlie gets a lot of attention.

"I've been taking care of old butts" Charlie says. "Oh, the old guys. They love me. The old farm men are the worst. And you know, I wear big scrubs and it never fits. One of my favorites was so sweet but boy, he had the biggest crush on me. I would go into his room at night to check on him, and I would lean over and see his hand slowly coming up from under the covers!"

Fact is, Charlie has that effect on men off all ages.

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Wet Angel

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Jun 162020
Wet Angel

When Angel soaked her splendiferous body in the XL Girls bath, we were there to record the event in both photographs and video. Angel, from San Diego, chose her name well. She is certainly an angelic princess. She has a fetishistic side also and is a dominatrix when she wants to be.

Cult movie fans will find it very interesting that Angel is a fan of the obscure black & white 1963 Vincent Price film, The Last Man On Earth. This movie was remade by Will Smith as I Am Legend. It's surprising that a chick, let alone a young chick like her, would even know about this movie, let alone count it as a favorite. But Angel is full of surprises.

Angel said that she has sex only three times a month! A girl like her should be getting the hard meat every night. What the hell is going on with these San Diego dudes? We hope Angel remedied this situation.

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Cream My Pussy

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Jun 152020
Cream My Pussy

It's a Marilyn White fuck-party at XL Girls. She'll be blowing out Rocky's candle to celebrate and cumming hard herself. The camera is not this inanimate machine operated by a man silently recording her getting humped by a stranger. It's an added stimulant for Marilyn's sexual imagination and fantasies that's led her to transition from a porn shop clerk to a solo model masturbating with big toys to an exotic dancer to an XL Girls porn star (Chubby N' Fucked 2, Super-Sized Rides 4).

Knowing her videos and photo spreads are being enjoyed by countless eyes is a huge turn-on for her. This is a naturally lusty girl who's letting it all out and experiencing her erotic fantasies, the kind most women just like to read about and experience vicariously.

You may recall what Marilyn said about her interests. "I'm into multiple partners, big tits, creampies, tit-fucking, big cocks and BDSM."

Let's review.

Multiple partners. Check.

Big tits. Check.

Tit-fucking. Check.

Big cocks. Check.

Creampies. Check.

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Yola’s Cupcakes

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Jun 112020
Yola's Cupcakes

Pretty Yola Flimes likes to spend time in the kitchen cooking and baking. She planned on making cupcakes but somehow that changes to turning her curvy body into a human sundae, spraying whipped cream on herself after adding the cream to her cupcakes and erotically snacking on strawberries and a banana.

Yola has a talent for splodging. A real lunch with Yola would be messy but a lot of fun, and even more fun would be licking her tits, eating her pussy and ass and then showering off with her.

"I like to twerk my ass and make my breasts bounce using my chest muscles, If you want to call that having special talents, okay!" Yola laughed. "Of course, I masturbate. I do this often and in many different ways!"

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