Cum Ride This Porsche

Cum Ride This Porsche

To XLGirls fuck-mate Porsche Dali, a hard man is good to find. Resplendent in her bulging lime-green sweater, pouty-faced Porsche is a natural-born tease. She's as needy as she is horny.

Porsche shows how well-trained she is by getting on her hands and knees and offering her big ass and massive tits packed into a tight bra.

When Porsche's bra is unhooked, her mammoth, pierced 42GG-cup bazooms are released for a hands-on inspection. She crawls over to the bed for her reward.

"I love to talk dirty while a guy is fucking me," said Porsche. "I love to tell a guy to fuck me harder! There is something about that phrase that really turns me on! I also love to moan, 'Fuck my pussy,' 'I want your hard cock' or even 'Oh, fuck me, Daddy.'"

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Bath, Boobs & Beyond

Bath, Boobs & Beyond

Anna Carlene has got to be one of the cleanest girls in Europe. She's always taking extremely long bubble baths.

Her thick plastic cock-toy takes the place of a rubber ducky and is a lot more fun when she's rubbing her clit with it, squeezing her pussy while she's thrusting it in and out.

Anna's hobbies are sewing, shopping and dancing. She watches porn at home and gets off on showing her tits and ass. She likes looking at other big-titted models and seeing what they're up to.

Anna has a pixie-like appearance and soft, babydoll voice. She stays home a lot, but when she goes out she likes to wear low-cut tight tops and tight shorts. A chick like her needs a bodyguard, that's for sure. She's short and stacked and packs a lot of heat.

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Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

It's Euro-cowgirl time for 36J-cupper Micky Bells, looking very American west in her fetching costume. She's ready to ring your bells. Micky doesn't sing but she does have a place to hold that microphone.

Miss Bells did play around once with a karaoke machine with Natalie Fiore and Japanese top-pop star Hitomi when they were in Mexico for the movie On Location Puerto Vallarta.

"Sometimes men are intimidated because of my boobs," said Micky who speaks in soft, low-tones that often sound like a purr. "A lot of men have never seen boobs as big as mine, so they are taken aback."

The funniest pick-up attempts Micky's ever heard--and she hears plenty of them, from crude to suave--are "Do you have a twin sister?" and "Is your mom available?"

Every inch a super-natural, Micky's unstoppable curves and her sensuous, delicate style has made her a goddess in the eyes of thousands of guys. "I do not play sports," says Micky. "I like to go for long walks in beautiful areas and I like to play games. I don't think I have any special talents unless you consider sucking my own nipples a special talent." Actually, we do, Micky, and in that, you are extremely talented. In fact, we could watch you do that for hours.

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Monica Keyes and Her Thunder Boobs

Monica Keyes and Her Thunder Boobs

Monica Keyes first came to XLGirls in 2014. She'd never modeled before. Checking out one day, Monica decided to contact the studio. She was a big fan of The SCORE Group and many of the girls. When the staff saw Monica's huge tits and well-padded ass, they sent her an invitation. As things turned out, her first shoot was her last...until now. She had taken time off for personal reasons but now wants to pursue modeling again. Monica wears a 38N-cup bra.

XLGirls: Let's go back in time. What do you think about your first video?

Monica Keyes: Seeing myself on camera is a major turn on. When I watched the scene with my friend, I could tell he was mesmerized by it. He asked me so many questions. He had nothing but positive feedback and I loved all of it. I still sometimes watch the video and still can't believe that this is me. He asked if he could show the video to his friends, to which I said I didn't mind at all. Everyone I have shown the video to has had a different reaction, but none of them have been negative at all. Some have been more in shock than anything.

XLGirls: Have you had sex while watching your scenes?

Monica Keyes: Looking at myself on camera is a major turn-on for me. When I am watching my video, I start playing out in my head how I would do something different or if the person I am watching this with will let me record them.

XLGirls: Did shooting your first scene change you at all?

Monica Keyes: I will say that I haven't really changed. I enjoy what I do and love getting paid to do it. I love making people smile and keeping them horny all the time.

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The Celestial Curves of Magnificent Mer

The Celestial Curves of Magnificent Mer

She's sexy and she knows it, but Mer doesn't flaunt her natural sex appeal, beauty and soft curves. She doesn't need to or want to. It all comes naturally to her. Mer walks softly and makes a big impression.

"I was always the girl with the biggest breasts. I developed earlier than other girls," said Mer.

When she's not on-camera or webcam, Mer works out three days a week, likes to train and walk her dog, go skateboarding, play her saxophone and paint. Imagine Mer rolling along on a skateboard.

"I love to study art and music. I love discovering new restaurants and going out dancing. Men will say all kinds of things to me. One said 'When can I come to pick you up?' Maybe in English it doesn't make much sense but it sounded funny in Spanish."

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