Pleasures of a Hot Lady

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Jan 052022
Pleasures of a Hot Lady

"I love a sexy partner," said lusty Nila Mason, a woman with one of the biggest pairs of big, soft tits on Earth. Max did not disappoint her. She made him rock-hard and eager to feel her lips, tits and tight, pink pussy on his cock. It's called the Nila Mason effect.

"I have great pleasure when a man sucks and lightly bites my nipples. I really do love to give blow jobs and I love to have my breasts played with for a long time. I need to have a guy's hands on them when we are alone. A man should be romantic, persistent and kind. I like a guy with old-fashioned manners who appreciates women."

Nila attracts men like a flower draws bees. She said she gets only good service when she is shopping or in a restaurant. No surprise about that. A pretty woman like her makes us boob-drunk.

"I didn't know what making videos was all about until I started. I didn't know how virile the guys are. So my opinion is not the same as it was. Now I get excited thinking about the next time."

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Ellie Roe: Brickhouse Brit

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Jan 042022
Ellie Roe: Brickhouse Brit

"It's strange if people don't look at me because I'm so used to it," UK busty beauty Ellie Roe said in her sexy, honey-coated voice. "I get a lot of attention from both men and women and I like it."

In this scene, Ellie treats us to a horny show. She is impeccably groomed and a girl who knows exactly what kind of clothing looks hot on her. We asked Ellie what special talents she has. "That involve my big boobs? I can lick both of my nipples at the same time. Does that count?" We'd call that a double-special talent. Many busty girls can't do it.

Ellie also said she likes some fetish fun. "Wearing Latex, being spanked and a bit of light bondage," says Ellie. Sounds like a girl who enjoys some of that "Fifty Shades of Grey" action. "I love my Magic Wand and I masturbate every day." A spank a day is how Ellie likes to play.

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Boned At Home

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Jan 032022
Boned At Home

In her spare time, Kimmie enjoys working on cars. She's as handy as she is hot. Of course, this means this Southern gal doesn't mind getting down and dirty. And though she's all glammed up here, Kimmie will be getting down and dirty. Guys have fallen so hard for Kimmie that some of them are even proposing.

Said Bart: "I would do anything on god's green earth to marry Kimmy! I have never seen a woman this perfect in my entire life. I am in heaven beyond words could ever possibly explain when I see Kimmie in this movie!"

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Gia Costello: Boning The Big-Boobed MILF

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Dec 312021
Gia Costello: Boning The Big-Boobed MILF

Gia Costello and Milan Ponjovic are in bed watching Gia's horny video Sex & The Single MILF on her phone. They're lovin' it and Gia is lovin' giving Milan a hand job while they watch her give Oliver Flynn a deep-throating.

Gia thinks she should recreate the Oliver Flynn scene with Milan. Milan is eager to feel her hot lips run up and down his cock. They put the phone aside and get busy. Gia gives Milan her blow job magic, making his dick disappear in her mouth as he pushes her head down on it. Gia kneels, licking and sucking his shaft and sucking his nut-bag. He fucks her heavy tits as Gia kneels and fucks her tits again when she's on her back.

Always ready to rock a hot mama with huge fun-jugs, Milan squeezes into Gia's shaved pussy and dicks her down hard and fast. The expression on Gia's face says it all as Milan pounds her relentlessly in several positions, from doggie to missionary.

What kind of sex satisfies Gia?

"A hard, rough, sweaty, long sex session," Gia said.

This scene looks like it qualifies.

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Breast Wishes From Natasha Sweet

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Dec 302021
Breast Wishes From Natasha Sweet

Natasha Sweet likes a man with total confidence. "I like honesty, strength and confidence, a man who is vigorous and caring about my needs," Natasha said in Italian. "I appreciate great sex even more now than when I was younger and I know my body better.

"I feel my sexiest when I am wearing something that makes my boobs stick out. Men compliment me about my walk when I am dressed in a tight dress and high-heeled shoes. I always wear the highest heels because, you know, that gives a woman the sexiest walk."

Natasha is a real superstar. Our video department believe it is time to produce a DVD devoted to her. Look for it soon.

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