Big Speedbumps

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May 152018
Big Speedbumps

"In my day job, I wear pin-striped suits so wearing a racing cheerleader costume was a lot of fun," Dallas Dixon emailed later on.

"I don't ride bikes at home but I've heard the vibrations can make a girl really happy," she teased. Dallas' boobs look flawless in this shoot. For those breast-men who love seeing veins, there's just enough...not too little, not too much. Her nipples are prominent in both size and color. It was a good day when she decided to contact us and say, "I want to model!"

Dallas was married for ten years before contacting SCORE. She works in the hotel industry.

"I live in a very conservative area. No one I know has recognized me because I look completely different in pictures and videos. It kinda excites me to know I have my secret life."

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Wide Load Nympho

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May 142018
Wide Load Nympho

We start with Peaches LaRue answering some questions. She's proud of her 38G tits, and when she tells JR their size she has a big smile on her face that's nice to see. Peaches is a hot, mature redhead with a regular job. The neighbor guys want to get on her knees and fuck.

JR is eager to sample her fleshy, huge-boobed body. Peaches is very outgoing and loves incoming cock. She likes to play with toys, talk dirty on the phone or on the web and she likes pussy, but a man's boner is what really makes her happy.

There's a smile on her face as she sees that JR can't wait to stick his cock into her mouth and pump. She eagerly sucks him hard. Peaches gives the camera brief looks while she's licking and jacking JR's dick. She holds her tits together to form a boob pussy that he can eagerly screw. After he fucks Peaches' tits really hard, she gets on her knees. JR gets into a rear end collision with her, but that's okay. Peaches has a big bumper.

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Coed Craves Cock

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May 112018
Coed Craves Cock

Our big-boobed coed is studying when a tutor drops by her dorm room to see how things are going. And to check out her sexy tits and ass. All work and no play makes a girl extra-horny so some sex tutoring is a good idea.

XLGirls: What motivated you to become a model?

Oksana: It kind of runs in the family. My mom actually does adult modeling too! She had such a great time with it and I loved seeing how dolled up she was after a shoot so I figured, why not give it a try?

XLGirls: Have you ever been a stripper? Does trying that interest you?

Oksana: I've never been a stripper but I do have a pole in my room! I'd love to try it out one day but I think I need to work on my moves!

XLGirls: Would you say that you have a much higher sex drive compared to the girls you know?

Oksana: Oh yeah! There's almost never a time when I'm not horny. There's nothing more satisfying than taking a cock!

XLGirls: How did you get started on webcam?

Oksana: At first, I was just selling my nude pictures and a little video here and there. One of my friends actually suggested that I look into camming before getting into professional porn. I did my research, chose a name and got to work! I was so surprised at how many people were into my body type.

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Goddess of XL Girls

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May 102018
Goddess of XL Girls

Nila Mason wanted to be a model. It was something she thought about for a long time but she didn't do anything about it. Then she learned about XL Girls. Since the beginning, Nila has been in the top five on the models' page.

"I looked at this as an opportunity," Nila said. "I am happy I made this decision. I enjoy what I am doing. It is so much more fun than working at a job that will bore me. I cannot call this work. I am an open person and I like to try new things and have new experiences. This also changed my opinion about sex."

Back home, Nila has no one special guy. There is someone she lavishes a lot of love and attention on and that's her tiny dog. It gets to spend time tucked in her big bosom and that's a good place to be. Who said it's a dog's life?

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62-Inch Treasure Chest

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May 082018
62-Inch Treasure Chest

Anorei looks damn good in her tight dress. But the second-skin, purple mini-dress comes off fast anyway. She oils up her fantastic tits, spreads her juicy pussy and toys off for a grand finish.

"The first thing I notice about a guy is his neck," Anorei said. "A thick, strong neck is always a turn-on for me immediately. In my mind, sexy is an attitude more than anything else. A combination of confidence, shyness and maybe a little swagger.

"I like to be the one to start sex. I love to crawl under my guy's desk and start to suck him off to get him ready! I'm passive only in the sense that I let my guy take charge."

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