The Bust Stops Here

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Jan 052021
The Bust Stops Here

CJ Woods is the boss lady today. No one leaves her office without getting a good look at her big boobs and shaved pussy.

"This is the most-fun thing I've ever done," says the delightful CJ, a busty mom back home in Kentucky. At XL Girls, CJ can live out her fantasy of hot, no-strings sex with guys who are fuck athletes.

CJ thinks she has the biggest boobs in her town.

"I don't need to do much to draw attention to my boobs. Guys are checking me out all the time. I have come to love push-up bras and I never leave the house without wearing a bra."

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Thirsty For Nut Juice

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Jan 042021
Thirsty For Nut Juice

Marilyn White waits for sex service to arrive. Becoming a model at XL Girls opened a door to making her fantasies come true. One fantasy was to have no-strings sport-sex with studs and get to share with others on-camera. From porn-store clerk to dancer and porn star (Chubby N' Fucked 2 on DVD), Marilyn is an inspiration and role model to other porn store clerks around North America who want to be big-time adult models.

"Such a fucking turn-on when other people watch me get fucked," Marilyn says as she waits by an open window for her date. The blinds are open. Anyone can see. That's the idea. To be spied on by peeping Toms while Marilyn is fucked and her big boobs sucked and fucked.

Marilyn's ready to be manhandled. When Tony arrives, he's on her like glue. It's going to get sticky when Marilyn makes licky-licky. Her face becomes a portrait in ecstasy as she takes the bull by the horn and goes for a dirty ride. Missionary, cowgirl (her favorite) and doggie sex await.

The next time you go to a porn store, be nice to the girl behind the counter ringing you up. She may be the next XL Girl if she's got the right kind of look.

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Greta Grindhouse: Photo Shoot Fever

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Jan 012021
Greta Grindhouse: Photo Shoot Fever

Curvy kitten Greta Grindhouse invites her friend and photographer Mr. Klaw to drop by her place and bring his camera. The beautiful redhead wants to pose for a solo photo shoot. It's an offer no man could refuse. Greta has a gorgeous face, big, plump tits and a well-rounded, juicy body. Peter Paul Rubens would have painted her.

Greta is an artist and a student of vintage pin-up photography and art. She gets what kind of poses push the right buttons in a guy and she pushes Klaw's buttons while he snaps away. Mr. Klaw soon breaks the photographer's time-honored code of on-the-job celibacy but it's understandable. Before long, they're fucking on the floor. Greta is really into tit-fucking also.

XLGirls: Do you spit or swallow?

Greta: I like to see it run out of my mouth down the cock. I like to see how much I made him cum.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex with another girl?

Greta: Yes. I'm currently dating my first girlfriend. We are in an open relationship because we are both boy-crazy.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex outdoors?

Greta: I did once, deep in the woods on Vancouver Island. It was really hot. It was raining all around us. I loved it and I definitely want more outdoor adventures.

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Lola Paradise Gets Wet

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Dec 312020
Lola Paradise Gets Wet

Ever-smiling Lola Paradise is busting out of her sexy pink party dress. She goes into the shower fully dressed after taking off her high-heeled shoes and teases, playing with the zipper of her dress. Turning on the showerhead and aiming at her lush, plump, gorgeous body, Lola's smooth skin tingles as the cool water hits her huge, heavy tits and between her legs.

Peeling off the dress and the stringy lingerie underneath, Lola liberally applies shower gel all over and pleasures herself, aiming the showerhead on her spread pussy. She aims to cum at the stroke of midnight.

Lola loves girls that look like Barbie dolls with blond hair, big tits and nice skin. Just like her. She loves boobs, the bigger the better.

XLGirls: Lola, what is that pink dress made of?

Lola: This pink dress is made of latex.

XLGirls: Where did you get it?

Lola: To be honest, I got it from the SCORE stylist in Prague. She is awesome and she really knows how to dress XL Girls!

XLGirls: Where would you wear it, besides for a photo shoot?

Lola: Maybe for a pool party? I think that will be nice idea!

XLGirls: What is something you have tried, but will never do again?

Lola: I think bungee jumping! That was crazy!

XLGirls: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on a T-shirt, what would it be?

Lola: "Let's love big boobies!" I think that will save the world.

XLGirls: If we were to see you shopping on a warm day, what would you be wearing?

Lola: That's easy: jeans, shorts, shirts with big cleavage, sunglasses and high heels!

XLGirls: What kind of clothing did you like to wear as a teenager?

Lola: Always with cleavage. I never hid my boobs! I wasn't like other big-boobed girls who were hiding their boobs in big T-shirts.

XLGirls: Have you ever seen another woman ever hit her husband or boyfriend for staring at you?

Lola: Yes, of course! Not very often but it happens sometimes. Mostly during summer when I have big cleavage.

XLGirls: Can you orgasm from only nipple play?

Lola: I don't wanna disappoint you guys but, no, I don't. I need fucking! Kisses to all my fans!

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Gina George & The Analyst

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Dec 302020
Gina George & The Analyst

Built like a brickhouse, busty and lusty Brit Gina George gives up her lovely butt to a man who really appreciates a well-rounded and cheeky blonde and enjoys buggering them. Being randy is just dandy for Gina because for her, a hard man is good to find. And XL Girls made sure Gina didn't go without any.

The Analyst and Gina have met to discuss her ass. Those twin cheeks need a good spanking and a stiff dick between them. We have the right man for this ASSsignment. He and Gina get warmed-up with nipple sucking and boob worship. Neeo spanks her bottom, not because she did something rude but because she's going to be a very rude girl in a few minutes, with his encouragement. They move on to fucking Gina's cock-engulfing, big 34HH-cup boobs. Gina licks the cock head, covering it with her saliva.

Neeo buries his dick inside Gina's British pink slit, sending shock waves of pleasure coursing through her well-fed body. He sits up so Gina can lap dance his stiffy. The English muffin slides up and down his pole, her cries and groans ringing throughout the room. The dirty sounds of raw, nasty sex--the heavy, fast breathing, the low-guttural groans, yells and moans, the slapping of skin against skin--is all the music that's needed.

It's time for Gina's ass-pipe to be filled. The Analyst decides that the best way to enter Gina's rear-end is from behind. He positions her body in doggie, her huge jugs hanging, spreads her bum-cheeks and slides his cock, wet from Gina's tongue, inside her brown-eye until he's balls deep in her. As he buggers Gina's butthole, her screams and groans of pleasure get louder and louder. They are in the heated grip of fuck fever! Blame it on Gina. She's too sexy for her ass.

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