Brandy Is Good For You

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Jan 022018
Brandy Is Good For You

Brandy Ryder was very memorable in K-Jugs and Feed Her Fuck Her 2. Want your meat baked? Brandy can do that. She can also bake you cookies, brownies and other pastries because baking is one of her many hobbies besides biking, hiking, swimming and other outdoor fun activities.

Yes, Brandy Ryder is a woman of many talents. Porn star, web-cam model. But you know that already.

"I like to watch girl-girl porn and masturbate with a vibrator," Brandy said. Yes, Brandy Ryder is a busty, lusty, boner-baking babe.

"I'm mature, adventurous and educated, and I love sex, two to five times a day, almost every day. I like role-playing, talking dirty, playing with my big tits and sucking on my nipples while I'm getting pounded hard."

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Shoot Your Spunk Into My Pussy

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Jan 012018
Shoot Your Spunk Into My Pussy

Molly Howard is an angel wrapped in a red dress. Every day is a holiday of hooters when plump, soft, sweet Molly is the gift.

Molly sure knows her way around a man's pole and where to put it. She's a very impressive girl and a giver, that's for sure. We don't know what Molly's sex life is like back home but XL Girls wanted to give her the kind of creamy, good action she'll dream about in her bedroom, so we called in a top gun to do the honors.

Face-fucking, tit-skiing and every kind of position, including the difficult piledriver position, was on the menu. It turns out that Molly is great at that unusual and nasty-hot way to fuck. She's very flexible, as she's demonstrated in her previous videos.

As her cock-man plowed her pierced pussy, which Molly says is always extra-sensitive due to the jewelry, the room was filled with this good girl's "fuck my pussy" words and pleasure sounds. Molly's excitement climaxed with a jizz injection into her pink tunnel of pleasure, already flooded with her sex juices. The photographer was right there to capture it in a creamy close-up.

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The Slippery Nipples Of Smiley Emma

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Dec 292017
The Slippery Nipples Of Smiley Emma

There's a massage table all ready for Smiley Emma, a juicy girl-next-door enriched by smooth curves and deep cleavage. Emma has the oil ready to coat her lush and plush body. She gets slippery and slick, her smooth, shiny skin glowing under the lights.

XLGirls: Do you know how much your boobs weigh?

Emma: No, I do not but would love to find out one day.

XLGirls: Have you ever thought about topless or nude dancing in a club?

Emma: No, I haven't but I have wanted to take pole dancing lessons and get one for the bedroom. I wouldn't feel safe doing it in person.

XLGirls: Do you drive? Do shoulder-belts annoy you?

Emma: I don't have my driver's license but I hate shoulder belts even as a passenger.

XLGirls: What do you think is the number one move your cam followers ask to see you do?

Emma: I would probably say boob flashes, boob play and blowjob teasing are the most-common requests.

XLGirls: Do you like breast massages?

Emma: I love breast massages and my fiance is more than happy to oblige.

XLGirls: Always a pleasure, Smiley Emma.

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Mirror Play For Mrs. Robinson

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Dec 282017
Mirror Play For Mrs. Robinson

"Whatever fantasy a guy wants interests me," Roxee Robinson said. "I can be a bad mommy or a mistress. I'm the MILF-next-door. I enjoy the thought of men jerking themselves off fast and hard thinking about me. I wonder if there's any one picture or pose that makes them the horniest. I love reading what fans are saying. I read the comments."

No one has ever answered Roxee's question. It's probably too difficult because everything she does is an erection-builder, a visual boner-pill. We love Roxee Robinson. Would we have photographed her in the Czech Republic three times if we didn't?

Roxee likes seeing a man spurt his load all over her tits. That's her favorite. In her "Nurse Big Tits" scene, Dellon coated her hooters and Roxee licked his cock clean. In "Wet Sex," Roxee licked up Tom's cum.

"I like to swallow cum or wear it on my big boobs," Roxee said. "I have a big cum fetish, the more of it and the stickier, the better."

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Anna Kay Is Feeling Herself Tonight

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Dec 262017
Anna Kay Is Feeling Herself Tonight

There's a misconception that women don't go to strip clubs that have female dancers. They sure do and Anna Kay goes when the spirit moves her. She went to one strip joint while visiting us.

"I feel relaxed at strip clubs," Anna explained. "I can sit down and have a drink and be entertained and I actually fit in. I am not some girl who stands out because of my big tits because everyone in there has big tits. Like...I don't have to worry about everyone looking at me or hitting on me. Or even about someone's girlfriend getting jealous because he's flirting with me. At strip clubs, I can just relax and watch the show."

Asked if the dancers want to molest her, Anna said, "Yes, they love my boobs. Sometimes they give me a dance and just bury their faces in my tits and try and motorboat me. They tell me that my boobs are just so big and pretty that they can't help themselves. I think it's funny."

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