Busty British Dreamgirl

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Sep 042018
Busty British Dreamgirl

Terri Jane is wrapped up in her sexy string lingerie like a beautiful gift. She's enjoying her tropical cocktail while she opens her nipple coverings. Terri is very vocal in her videos. Her English accent is so sexy, her voice can make a man lose his load.

Cum with this huge-chested Brit lovely as she cools down her hot tits with her cocktail after slipping out of her heels and lingerie. She can't wait to dip into the Jacuzzi. If this is hooter heaven, then Terri must be an angel. "Men like jiggling and bouncing boobs," said Terri Jane in the understatement of the century.

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Anal Housewife Jasmine Jones

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Sep 032018
Anal Housewife Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones, a big-boobed, very horny and cum-loving Texas housewife, was happy to talk about her anal sex life. She and her booty-call, butt-fuck buddy Al got it on good. As you may know, Jasmine has a cum fetish. Al gave her plenty of nut-sauce to enjoy.

XLGirls: Do you practice anal sex on a regular basis at home?

Jasmine: No, I have only done it a few times at home.

XLGirls: On a pleasure scale, how do you rate anal sex compared to pussy sex?

Jasmine: I like it especially when I like to get a bit rough. Pussy sex is always going to be the best but anal ranks pretty high!

XLGirls: What is your favorite position for anal, and second favorite after that?

Jasmine: Spooning for anal is my favorite and then after a while, a change to doggie. That is when it gets intense!

XLGirls: How do you prepare your ass for anal sex? Do you use butt plugs?

Jasmine: I don't use anything to prepare. As far as stretching goes, I want him to stretch me open on his own.

XLGirls: Before you and Al had your scene, did you talk about what you were going to do, such as what positions you wanted to do?

Jasmine: We did talk briefly about the different positions and how we were going to do them. I like to start out slow and very quickly speed up. The hard, fast ones feel better to me and grabbing my ass while fucking me makes it even better. I like it deep but not at first. He has to work up to that.

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Amie Taylor’s Playtoy Time

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Aug 312018
Amie Taylor's Playtoy Time

Amie Taylor strikes us as girlfriend material, not as a flavor of the month. Here she has a cock-shaped toy to play with and fill her pussy. "I used to masturbate more when I was camming but not so much anymore," said Amie, a low-key, quiet type with deer-in-the-headlights eyes and suckable, pliable, tuggable tits.

Most big-boobed Romanian girls we find have no great ambition to move into hardcore, going back in time to Joana Bliss all the way to Mia Sweetheart, Roxanne Miller and Kitty Cute. (Arianna Sinn was an exception.) Amie seems much the same way although she'll talk about sex.

"I like sex often, like almost every day if I have a boyfriend. My favorite position is doggie. I've never been with a girl and I don't try sex in public. I've never had anal sex. I've heard it hurts. I've never been in a three-way and I won't consider it. My kinkiest sex was in a pool, if that is considered kinky. I am a little curious about BDSM. I would like to try it and see what it is like."

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Cosmia Cums

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Aug 302018
Cosmia Cums

XLGirls: How important is cock size to you?

Cosmia: It's honestly not as important to me. I've been with some amazing men that weren't super well-endowed but made up for it in other ways.

XLGirls: What cock size do you like?

Cosmia: I love a nice medium-to-large dick. However, it is fun to be surprised with a huge cock. I love being pounded until I squirt everywhere. That's all I ever really want.

XLGirls: Where do you best like a guy to cum?

Cosmia: On my face, on my tits, in my pussy, ass...literally anywhere on or in me. I love cum.

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Michelle May: A Girl With A Rack

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Aug 282018
Michelle May: A Girl With A Rack

Michelle May gets horny thinking about men in uniform.

"I like cops and military men and uniforms," Michelle said. "And those uniforms usually come with something that can be used to tie you up with. I think it's because I am such a control freak in my life that I like to just be submissive during sex. I like losing control.

"Military men and men in uniform usually like to take charge of the situation. They are so on-task and they take control and I love that. I love to be with a man who can just call the shots and be the one who says what is going to happen. Giving up my control to someone like that is very hot.

"I once dated a fire captain. He was quite older than me, and he told me that he was on a call and that he saw a box of Lucky Charms and that they reminded him of me because I have a four-leaf clover tattoo. So he said it was hard to concentrate on fighting a fire because he kept thinking about me. And ever since then, I have this fantasy about having sex in a burning building with a fireman. It's my favorite fantasy."

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