Beti Phellasio – A Girl To Rave Over

A Girl To Rave Over

Beti Phellasio is the covergirl of September '13 XL Girls magazine (SCORE Special 253) and she's already a major hit with readers, especially in the UK where it's a top-selling topshelf magazine.

If you've seen her videos and sets at, you know that Beti is horny and hot to the highest degree. She will tell a guy point-blank that she wants to shag him. No game-playing or waiting for the object of her interest to make the first move. Beti also believes in lust at first sight and doesn't like to lose the moment. Beti's even shagged a guy on a train during the day which is not easy to do and not get caught. Anyone who looks this sexy and says her special talent is deep-throating is someone we want to know better. It was a good day when XL Girls and Beti connected.

An artist/model, Beti loves going to concerts, raves and parties and if the event includes dancing, count her in. We'll be counting the days until Beti returns. Hopefully, she will.

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Beti Phellasio – Beti Duz It Better

Beti Duz It Better

Beti Phellasio is a cheery, chatty, upbeat English girl, born and raised in London. Covergirl of September '13 XLGirls magazine, Beti's got the kind of lust-inspiring body that artists immortalize with paint or marble. She has a lust and curiosity about life and sex and what it has to offer her. You could spend hours alone playing with her 38G-cup tits and hard nipples before you got to her pussy. Sucking them. Licking them. Spanking them. Fucking them.

"I love giving deep, sloppy blow jobs," Beti says. "Because I really love the look of satisfaction on a man's face when I've got him all the way down to his balls and there's spit everywhere so it drips down to my tits, and stomach. I just like a sloppy blow." Even Beti's verbal description of cock sucking and the look of elation and excitement on her face before her sex-date arrives is enough to work a guy up. What a great find for XLGirls!

Beti takes a few minutes to talk about her spectacular body, what some of her tats mean, and her sexual pleasures before Mr. Cock shows up to spread her and fuck her. She reveals some secrets too. Beti talks about how she enjoys no-strings sex with strangers and has no interest in even knowing their names. She looks out the window at the guys walking in the streets below and says that she thinks she's going to become a cougar when she gets older. She's that horny, constantly.

Beti's stunt-cock shows up on time and they spend no time on getting socially acquainted. Hard, fast, furious tit-play and tit-fucking, Beti's style of sloppy-wet blow jobs, pussy-eating and jackhammer pussy-drilling are what they want to spend their time doing. Talk can always come later after Beti gets her mouthful of cum that drips out of her mouth onto her tits. She licks these mammary marvels clean, savoring the taste mixed with her saliva. Sex with Beti is wet and messy, the way sex should be.

Will we see Beti Phellasio again in the near-future? We hope so! She is incredible!

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Beti Phellasio – Beti Duz It Better

Beti Duz It Better

New English sensation Beti Phellasio (September '13 XLGirls magazine covergirl) lives up to her name and then some in this second wild and heated scene. Beti's body is smokin' sexy and draws you in like a bee to a flower. Don't imagine what she can do to you with her mouth, tits and pussy because you don't have to. Beti and XLGirls have done that for you in this fresh session!

Born and raised in London, Beti's a cheerful, exuberant young girl with showstopping 38G-cups and a sex drive that matches her generous proportions. Her happy, outgoing personality is very magnetic.

She can't resist playing with her big tits as much as possible. "They're just really good to play with, you know," says tongue-pierced Beti. "I play with them all the time. And hopefully someone else will play with them too." There's no need to hope for that. Beti has no shortage of guys eager to get with her.

Beti's shag-friend Steve sucks on her tits hard. Beti likes that. She sucks on his cock with lots of saliva and goes all the way down on his rod. No head-sucking for Beti. She gets all the cock way down her throat. Beti squeezes her tits around his cock so he can fuck her cleavage. She wants to fuck so she gets on her back. Steve eagerly parts her legs and licks her fanny (Brit speak for pussy, not ass).

Now that Beti's pink center is nice and wet and slippery, and she is still on her back, Steve mounts her and rams his cock home. Her hips thrust back and match his jackhammering. She plays with her boobs while they fuck, her nipples hard and stiff.

That's only position number one as their couch surfing heats up and their fucking gets more intense and hornier. Beti loves being pounded and says she'll probably become a cougar when she's older. We believe her after seeing her take a load of cream in her mouth and swallow it, licking off the cum that dripped out of her mouth and spilled on her 38G's. We hope to see Beti again and soon! What a girl!

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Beti Phellasio – Love Those Curves

Love Those Curves

Beti's last name is pronounced exactly the way you think it's pronounced. "It's no secret I'm afraid that I'm an absolute pervert and I like having a lot of sex," says Beti, sexy English girl. Her accent makes being pervy seem so proper when she tells the photographer this. At least for a girl. And a very curvy, off-the-chart, fun-loving girl who giggles and laughs a lot. "I like laughing. I'm a very happy person." Is Beti the girlfriend type? Absolutely.

Beautiful Beti reveals her delicious, luscious body once again as a prelude to an upcoming, smashing scene with a service-cock. Can he keep up with this succulently-padded nymph with a brilliant smile? Her last carnal caper with regular Neeo was a bed-breaker. Expect the same fireworks.

Beti's philosophy appeals to the mind of the XLGirl worshipper. "I'm a big girl. I've got gigantic boobs. Boys like gigantic boobs. I like boys. So it's a really great combination as it so happens!"

Beti's squeezable tits are heavy and veiny with large, pale areolae surrounding darker, pointed nubs. Tits that demand lots of sucking, rubbing and fucking. Her pretty pussy is shaved and a large clitoral hood tops it. An extra-sensitive clit engorges at the slight flick of a partner's tongue. Hips made for holding. Her bum-bum begs to be spanked and legs are strong and shapely, the better to wrap around your neck. She loves wearing big shoes to give her legs those extra curves and a jutting ass that would be constantly black and blue from pinches if she lived in Italy.

All-in-all, the covergirl of September '13 XLGirls magazine is a real doll.

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Beti Phellasio – Meet Beti

Meet Beti

Meet Beti Phellasio, a new arrival to XL Girls from across the Big Pond. Beti's English, and like the Brits say, she's a brunette stunner. Born in London, raised in London, Beti is an illustrator, a T-shirt designer and a dancer.

"I'm an exhibitionist," says Beti who calls herself a "sneaker fetishist with a penchant for undressing." "I eat up attention. I love attention. I dress to show off my body. I'll wear see-through tops and leotards. Of course, I always wear a bra. Balcony is my favorite brand right now."

Beti likes to watch hockey, goes to concerts and dance clubs. You'll need a lot of energy to keep up with this hottie.

Welcome to the Big Show, Beti Phellasio.

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