Anna Live – Big Girl Boob Bang Part 1

Big Girl Boob Bang Part 1

Definition of Tit-fucking: When a guy slides his cock through the cleavage of a busty female, sometimes, but not always, to the moment of ejaculation. It can be done in many different positions. Often preceded by breast play and a blow job, although a blow job can follow a tit-fuck. Usually, but not always, ending in cum-coated tits or a facial or a combination thereof.

Some synonyms for breast sex: Bosom-boning. Hooter-humping. Driving your skin-mobile through her titty-tunnel. Screwing some sweater meat. Hiding your hose in her hills. Jug hugging. Ramming the royal rack. Wanging her whoppers. Boning her boobies. Russian intercourse. (We don't know the origin of that one.) Tit-job. Boob-fuck.

"What is your favorite type of sex to have with a busty girl?" This was the question we asked in a poll a few years ago. The winner by a slim margin was tit-fucking with 28%, followed by anything (26%), then pussy (24%), ass (12%) and mouth (10%).

That's what Big Girl Boob Bang is all about. 25 fleshy all-naturals getting their big tits fucked. Five girls per chapter. In chapter one: Bessi, Blanka, Aspen, Anna Live and Casey Cleavage. Bombs away.

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