Nikki Smith – Breast of Tit-Fucking 1

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Feb 252014
Breast of Tit-Fucking 1

Tit-fucking. Boob-banging. Paizuri (Japanese term). Russian sex. French-fuck. Tit-wank. Mammary intercourse... the many names for inserting your boner between the huge breasts of a girl and fucking her cleavage, either to explosion or as a prelude to fucking her pussy.

The positions are many: girl kneeling; on her back; laying on top of you; on her back with her head pointing in your direction. The latter allows her to suck your balls while you tit-fuck her. Some guys like to rub their cock on a girl's nipples and breasts. Interestingly enough, some ass-lovers enjoy butt-cheek fucking, also as non-penetrative as tit-fucking.

XLGirls has pulled together four hot ladies well-versed in the art of tit-fucking: Nikki Smith, Charlie Cooper, Zeta Verrone and Delilah Black.

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Nikki Smith – Sink Into 38H Tits

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Jan 092014
Sink Into 38H Tits

"I prefer a little bit of hair on a pussy," an XLGirls fan writes in. "Other men may like their women looking like little girls, but I want my women to look like women. This point brings me to the lovely Nikki Smith. Of course, we all know she is a beautiful woman. But she also has just a bit of pubic hair above her pussy. That is sexy! I wish more girls left that little scruff above their honey boxes. It's a great look."

Nikki's trimmed fur pie is right on display along with her massively big 38H boobs in this fresh scene, and her partner Tony is happy to taste it and fuck it. For this occasion, Nikki is showing off her great bod in a tight, pink tank-top and her curvy ass in super-tight jeans.

Suffering from a case of writer's block, Tony is extremely frustrated. But with a girl like Nikki around, a man has no worries. Whether he can write or not, she's here to give him the hottest sex a guy can get and blow his load. Maybe that will cure his blockage! If it doesn't, nothing can because she rides his cock like a jockey at the Kentucky Derby. And if he never gets a word out, it doesn't matter when Nikki Smith is worshiping his boner because that's all that counts.

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Nikki Smith – Sink Into 38H Tits

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Jan 092014
Sink Into 38H Tits

Tony is having writer's block. Inspiration does not come. The best cure for this condition? Nikki Smith has the answer for his blockage. Hot sex with lots of big tit action.

Nikki comes over to his desk and begins with step one: her 38H knockers for Tony to suck on and have a breast-feast. "Suck on those tits," Nikki urges. She loves the sensation of a man's lips vacuuming her nipples.

They toss their clothes off as quickly as they can. Nikki gets on her knees and plants her mouth on Tony's rock-hard cock for a nice, long sucking and tit-fucking. His dick sinks between her large, soft melons and gets lost in her deep cleavage.

They're both ready for a long fuck on the couch. Tony sits and pulls Nikki onto his lap. His cock goes straight up her furry, pierced snatch and their dirty ride begins. The first of their many fuck positions is on. Nikki is one of XLGirl's hottest sex bunnies and she's irresistible.

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Nikki Smith – Nipple Lickin’ Good

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Oct 242013
Nipple Lickin' Good

Nikki Smith talked about her special talents during a visit. Now we know what some of those special talents are. Nikki shows what they are in this video. Juggling her giant 38H bra-stuffers and finger-banging her sugar-snatch while talking about it.

"I have been told I have a pretty singing voice," says Nikki. "I am quick with witty comebacks and my nerd side loves to shout out the answer to the Wheel of Fortune puzzles. But I think my best talent is giving head."

True it is about Nikki giving great head and the proof is in the five hardcore videos on

Nikki told a TSG editor a funny story about a no-so-funny neighbor who interrupted one of her cam shows.

"I was outside in my backyard and I was doing a show. My roommate, who is a guy, came outside. And he never comes outside when I'm on the cam because he knows. He was all like, 'Nikki, there's someone at the door for you. 'And I was like, 'Well, I'm busy.' He said, 'It's the cops.' And he asked if I was going to get dressed. I was all like, 'No!' So I went to the door naked and they were like, 'Miss, do you want to cover up?' And I was like, 'No, I'm okay. I'm in the middle of doing something right now.' And they told me my neighbors had complained about the noise level. And they just wanted to let me know that there is a decibel level, not that I was anywhere near the decibel level. It was my neighbor who called and the cops told me that she had the right to take me to civil court, or whatever it's called. But I've come to the conclusion that she was just really jealous and she called the cops because her husband started checking me out the moment I started camming. So, I know why she was so pissed. They were literally dumbfounded. They didn't know how to have the conversation with me because I was standing there naked. It took them a couple of seconds to realize that I wasn't going to get dressed to talk to them and they better just get this conversation going."

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Nikki Smith – Cleavage In The Classroom

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Sep 052013
Cleavage In The Classroom

Fresh off riding the high, hard one with her friend Scarlet LaVey in the threesome "Good Girl/Bad Girl Roommates," Nikki Smith is back for some cosplay action as a horny coed lugging 38H super-tits and getting a little too feisty in a classroom. Why college students are not allowed to have fun like this on campus is one of the great failures of our educational system.

Nikki herself was a cheerleader and a dancer in school. "It took a lot of bra support, like doubling up on sports bras just to keep 'em down so I could be athletic," Nikki told XL Girls magazine's editor in issue #244. (A copy should be in your collection.)

"They looked cute in uniforms though. I was popular, but my tits were even more popular. But I didn't mind too much. I kind of like the attention." No doubt!

Nikki had a blast with Scarlet during that Roommates scene. They shared a blast too. A cum-blast.

"I actually watch a lot of threesome porn. It's like the best of both worlds. You have the penetration, you have the nice cock, but you still have beautiful girls going down on each other. How much better does it get, really?" Now Nikki can say she's done it too.

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