Michelle May – Jackumentary Michelle May

Jackumentary Michelle May

XL Girls' Jackumentary series looks at Michelle May, a pretty California blonde built like a brickhouse. Michelle made a big impact even though she did not model nearly enough as far as tits & ass men were concerned.

"She has a lovely face which seems to have a permanent come and fuck me look. Add to that wonderful boobs and a spankable looking ass and you have perfection," wrote CY. Michelle was going to nursing school during her modeling years. Is she done with modeling completely? Finished? Over and out? It's a question we will never answer because if girls like Diane Poppos and Renee Ross can make big, unexpected comebacks, many others could too.

Michelle never experienced big-boob prejudice when she was growing up; the bullying and the mean jokes. "I got a lot of smiles and winks from a lot of the guys when I was growing up," said Michelle. "I went to school in California and everyone showed a lot of skin. I mean, it is commonplace for people to walk around half-naked in California. I would say that I was the flavor of the week, for maybe a week and then people got over it. I got the nickname Shelly Big Boobs and Tits McGee. It was all in good fun. No one ever went out of their way to be nasty to me."

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Michelle May – “I like to be around men”

Michelle May is a sports fan. She explains why.

"A girl with a rack like mine gets into sports by never really getting along with girls at all. I get along with men. In fact, I think that I think like a man, so I get along with men better. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I am not coy. I don't think I ever learned to be coy. So because I am blunt, girls don't get along with me. They think I am a bitch. But men don't. Men appreciate that. I think men are simple. Not sexually, but they just say what they mean. They tell it like it is. And sometimes that comes across as mean, but I don't think that men are mean, they are just truthful and I can appreciate that. So I liked to be around men and not girls and being around men, I watched and learned to love sports."

We get it.

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