Julie Maroon: Part 2

I heard Gali 's breathing becoming increasingly intermittent and exciting. In the dark, I carefully opened my left eye to look at their barking, and in part I felt everything that was going on, for we were lying right next to us. While barking, Galia sometimes looked dangerously in my direction to make sure I was sleeping. Pretending to be asleep, though my body began to get excited to a shiver. Galia was apparently a virgin, and when Alex barking her started sipping off his trousers, it slightly scared her. But Alex was attentive and calmed her down in time, whispering that she wouldn 't be afraid, and that he wouldn 't get in there. She was wearing leggings. In the dark, she felt his embrace, but here she felt her bare dick touching her feet, and she met with mounting excitement. After such a more candid lament, Alex began to pull her elk down, but she slept firmly for him, and whispered - "no, not that.... it is impossible for me". But Alex became persistent, he began to persuade her, he whispered to her "well, what are you? You 're a modern girl! Don 't be afraid, I 'll be very careful! " Apparently Galia whispered to him that she didn 't want to lose her virginity, to which Alex whispered "Well, what are you if you want to stitch her back very easily...." And then, Alex 's arousal and persuasion took over, and she let his hand go, and let him take off his leggings and panties.

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