Chantal Raye – XL Black Label

XL Black Label

In this double feature, Monica Keyes and Chantal Raye get down on it in top-shelf XXX action.

A newbie to modeling, a friend of hers told her that we're always looking for girls with big tits. Monica, who once worked at Victoria's Secret, thought it over and contacted She likes to mash her tits into her guy friends' faces and motorboat them. Monica reenacts that in the opener of her scene. Then she gets on her back so her date can suck on her big, brown boobs. "I don't have all that much sex. Maybe three times a week," Monica said. She is so hot, only three times a week seems a terrible waste.

Then rare video of Chantal Raye in hardcore. She said she doesn't masturbate, which is unusual. "That's something I've never really done at all," Chantal says. "But I've listened to a few girls do it for me." Chantal says she doesn't wear low-cut tops when she's out. "I keep very well-covered. I'll wear a sun dress or jeans and a nice blouse." Chantal shows what she does to her boyfriends back home. Another girl who was in and out of porn very quickly, pretty Chantal has a brick house body and a baby-doll voice. She really knows how to please the cock and fuck it until it squirts.

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