Chantal Raye – XL Black Label

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Mar 182014
XL Black Label

In this double feature, Monica Keyes and Chantal Raye get down on it in top-shelf XXX action.

A newbie to modeling, a friend of hers told her that we're always looking for girls with big tits. Monica, who once worked at Victoria's Secret, thought it over and contacted She likes to mash her tits into her guy friends' faces and motorboat them. Monica reenacts that in the opener of her scene. Then she gets on her back so her date can suck on her big, brown boobs. "I don't have all that much sex. Maybe three times a week," Monica said. She is so hot, only three times a week seems a terrible waste.

Then rare video of Chantal Raye in hardcore. She said she doesn't masturbate, which is unusual. "That's something I've never really done at all," Chantal says. "But I've listened to a few girls do it for me." Chantal says she doesn't wear low-cut tops when she's out. "I keep very well-covered. I'll wear a sun dress or jeans and a nice blouse." Chantal shows what she does to her boyfriends back home. Another girl who was in and out of porn very quickly, pretty Chantal has a brick house body and a baby-doll voice. She really knows how to please the cock and fuck it until it squirts.

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Chantal Raye – Chantal’s Tits and Your Cock

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Jun 112013
Chantal's Tits and Your Cock

Chantal Raye applied to and one look at the at-home shots the Carolina honey emailed our studio was all it took to welcome her aboard. She has a very pretty face. She's cute and has a great smile. It's difficult to say how long Chantal wants to model the naughty way. She may want to continue or this could be it, a lark instead of a full-time path. We don't know.

Now Chantal says that when she meets a guy, she first looks at his feet. Feet? "Most women say a guy's stomach but I look at his feet. I like nice feet. I like a nice smile too." Chantal is not especially interested in feet here. In fact, she's totally cock-focused; jacking, sucking and titty-fucking. If you saw this P.O.V. video, you know she's very good at it.

"I always make the first move and I like sex almost every day. I can be very assertive," Chantal says in her sexy voice. Fucking complete strangers on-camera is as assertive as anyone can possibly get. Even though she's masturbating her cock-buddy here, and doing fine at it, Chantal says she doesn't masturbate herself. "That's something I've never really done at all," says Chantal. "But I've listened to a few girls do it for me." Now that's different.

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Chantal Raye – Chantal’s Tits and Your Cock

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Jun 102013
Chantal's Tits and Your Cock

One-on-one hand job and blow job videos are best when shot in point-of-view. The viewer's Johnson is getting sucked, jacked and tit-fucked and the viewer is the sole object of the girl's attention. This is not always possible in many scenes (such as the Julia Juggs' three-way) but when the circumstances are right, P.O.V. is virtual fun.

A few years ago we asked the TSG audience, "What is your favorite kind of XXX video?" 49% answered point-of-view while 51% said third-person (the viewer is the external observer). So the opinions are basically half and half.

Chantal Raye jerks, sucks and tit-fucks your pipe talking to you and urging you to blow your load. She sits beside you looking lush in a flimsy negligee. Her big, brown 44DD tits are erection-producing and her areolae are huge, over three inches in diameter. "You ready for me to put these big tits on this cock?" asks Chantal. She has a very sexy voice, one of the sexiest, and that gets things even hotter.

Chantal slips off her negligee straps, pops her tits out of her bra and sucks on one nipple. Her other hand is rubbing your thigh and your shaft. Chantal lowers her head and sticks your dick in her mouth, her right hand gripping the base of your pipe. She sucks on it like a lollipop, still staring at you. Chantal has a pretty face that looks even better with your dick in her mouth. She makes slurping sounds as her head bobs..

She's a virtual man-pleaser.

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