A BBC Is In Bailey Santanna’s Ass

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Mar 052018
A BBC Is In Bailey Santanna's Ass

Bailey Santanna is a girl who doesn't play games when she wants to fuck.

Bailey knocks on the door of a dude who is chilling out at home watching TV. She introduces herself and tells him that she's locked herself out of her apartment. Can she use his telephone to call a locksmith? No problem! He checks her out while she's calling and admires her big booty and big tits. The locksmith won't be here for an hour so Bailey asks if she can hang out in the apartment while she waits.

They make small talk while they examine and mind-fuck each other. Bailey could use some big cock. Her mouth waters for it. Her neighbor finds Bailey compliant and willing to let him play with her fat tits. What better way to pass the time?

Creamy and pale Bailey sucks on his stiff, black rod and they start fucking on the couch. She hopes the locksmith will be late so her new friend can slide into her asshole and fuck it. According to Bailey, he's got the right tool to open any chick's backdoor.

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Oksana Rose: First XXX

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Mar 022018
Oksana Rose: First XXX

"I like it when the guy takes control in the bedroom and tells me what to do," cute, young Oksana Rose said. Oksana has met the right guy for that. After a quick chat with the photographer as she sits on the bed, JMac comes over and give her his customary greeting for big-boobed girls. That's reaching out to feel a breast instead of shaking hands.

Oksana's not wearing any panties under her denim skirt but she is wearing a bra for her great big 34Gs under her thin top. Sucking and squeezing her tits is his way of introducing himself. Oksana turns around so JMac can feel and spank her firm ass-cheeks. Ass-kissing is fun with a young hottie like her.

Oksana takes things into hand when JMac drops his drawers. She loves to give blow jobs and tit-fucks and swallows his cock. "I'm a blow job queen!" Oksana said. "I absolutely love giving blow jobs and my gag reflex is almost non-existent."

Jiggly Oksana is gagging for a fuck from the anticipation of her first XLGirls hardcore scene, the breast play and the cock in her mouth. She mounts JMac's dick in cowgirl and rides it hard as he spanks her fleshy butt.

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Nila Mason: Maid For Fun

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Mar 012018
Nila Mason: Maid For Fun

Lovely Nila Mason is a maid who's made for fun. It's okay if you want to stay when she comes by to clean your apartment. You won't need to stash your porn. Nila has an open mind about that.

It's not that you want to make sure she's doing a good job. That's guaranteed. You just want to see if you can lend a hand if her massive boobs accidentally fall out of her flimsy uniform while she's bending over dusting. She doesn't mind at all if you watch. She might even surprise you.

There's nothing to be concerned about. Nila takes her heavy tits out herself and gives them a good shake right in your face. You could injure yourself lifting those magnificent melons. Her dusting is getting neglected but you're cool with that. Just sit back and enjoy. She pulls out one of her tools that doesn't look like it's allowed by the maids' union. Now we know what maids do when they're not supervised.

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Thick In The Sun

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Feb 272018
Thick In The Sun

Jana didn't look like this when she started. When we saw her again after several years, she was another woman. She had gained a lot of weight and her tits were huge.

TSG editor Dave wrote: "Jana's amazing growth spurt had us wondering, 'Are those flesh puppies real?' Jana giggled and smiled as two female TSG staffers proceeded to inspect her tits, searching for tell-tale signs of an augmentation. Nothing. No scars, and we looked over every inch of her chest. Closely. Very closely. No bags in those tits. They lifted them and squeezed them. Jana's tits are, we decided, 100% natural. No silicone added."

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Man-Milk: It Does A Busty Body Good

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Feb 262018
Man-Milk: It Does A Busty Body Good

For many years, XL Girls and 80% of the world's male population has tried to convince girls that male nut-juice contains many nutrients that are healthy for growing, big-boobed females. We stand by this mantra.

Betty Blac pole-dances well with Al who is entranced by Betty's huge 36K top-shelf. If he wasn't a tit-man before, he became one. Betty has a beautiful face, too, as well as a great smile and a pleasing personality.

Watching Betty fuck, and fuck so well, it's a surprise to know that she only dated women until she was 28.

"The first time I had sex was with a woman. I was 21 years old. I started dating men when I lived in Australia and since then have dated a majority of men. I still love women but my attraction to men is stronger and I love cock."

Holding Al's shaft directly in front of her mouth, tongue outstretched, Betty jerks his cock with precise strokes to a messy, happy ending.

"I tend to be passive when it comes to sex. Sometimes I initiate things, but the majority of the time, the guy will start things up."

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