Thick & Packed

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Jun 142022
Thick & Packed

Vicki Black stuffs 'em in a 46DDD-cup bra. She's a toy user at home.

"I own my own pink rabbit and a purple vibrator that I love, and I also use a rotating realistic toy," says Vicki. She has a happy, smiling face.

What about guys?

"My first time was with a guy I had known for three years. We started dating and we were hanging out at his house when one thing led to another."

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Best In Bust

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Jun 132022
Best In Bust

Though you couldn't tell from her sweet demeanor, Renee is a pretty competitive girl. She played softball in high school and never lost that spirit. Today, Renee is enjoying an exciting game of foosball, a game that is typically very lighthearted. But even through her giggles, you can see that she really wants to win. She'll even go as far as using her ample assets to distract the competition.

"I know you love watching my titties bounce when I play foosball," Renee teases.

Oh, this just isn't fair at all, Renee. We're going to throw in the towel on this game as long as Renee promises to pull off her top. And because we know Renee very well by now, we know she will.

"This top is so tight, it has to come off," Renee says.

Atta girl! We'll take a loss in a spirited game of foosball if it means gawking at a pair of bouncing J-cup naturals any day of the week.

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Kamille Amora: Throat Star

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Jun 102022
Kamille Amora: Throat Star

It's great to see Kamille Amora again. She's been busy with her music but she found the time to visit her friends at XLGirls.

Kamille is in bed adjusting the straps on her new dress. She asks Nicky Rebel to come into the bedroom and give her his opinion. As soon as he sees how Kamille's huge tits are close to overflowing the top of her dress, Nicky is all over her.

Nicky fingers and licks her pussy. You know what that means.... They're not going out to dinner tonight. He'd rather eat at the Y. Nicky loves Kamille's dress so much, he has to take it off her. Kamille's pussy-pleasing pearl panties get pulled off fast too, leaving her only wearing her stripper heels.

Kamille gives his cock and balls intense oral worship. She drools over his meat, deep-throating him, and offers her heavy boobs for tit-fucking. Playing tit for tat, Nicky offers Kamille a pony ride. A born cowgirl, Kamille climbs on top and rides. An experienced rider, Kamille turns around to bounce on his fuck-stick some more. Kamille on her knees, big ass up, is a nice sight for the spank bank. It won't be long before Nicky makes a deposit all over this hot XLGirls alumnus.

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Molly Evans Is Coming

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Jun 092022
Molly Evans Is Coming

"At school, girls teased me, saying that I have big breasts. Is it too much?"

Absolutely not, Molly Evans. Girls can be jealous. You have blossomed into a beautiful, fantastic girl with an incredible body and breasts.

"I masturbate at least once a day. I use my fingers, toys, vibrator and anal butt plug while watching porn," Molly wrote in her model bio. When you read that a girl does that alone in her bed, you might imagine those sights on the big screen of your mind but never see her actually do that.

Now you won't have to use your imagination. In this volcanic video, Molly fingers her wet pink pussy. Then she sticks her lovely fingers up her butthole. Moaning, Molly puts her butt plug in her ass and turns it on while looking directly in the camera. She rubs her pussy with the plug and resumes fingering her pussy and butthole, cumming hard in due time.

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Ready To Play

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Jun 082022
Ready To Play

"I'm on this sexual adventure," said redheaded cutie Trinety G. "And I want to get fucked really hard and deep by a big cock. And I want you to watch."

And to think that it took two years after her very first appearance at XLGirls for Trinety to make the jump to sex on-camera with X-Men. Proof again that good things often happen to those who patiently wait.

JMac loves big tits and spank-worthy butts. He absolutely relishes plowing girls with big tits. There's little time for small talk or plot. Trinety wants his jumbo frank in her mouth right away to suck hard and lick with her pierced tongue. The squishing sounds of lips going up and down on cock fill the room.

Juicy Trinety pulls out her huge hooters, gets on the bed with JMac and blows him some more, kneeling over him and spitting on his cock. Her mouth play makes it rock hard. Now it's time to fuck those 38H-cups!

Trinety gets on her back and holds her big jugs together to form a tight ta-ta tunnel that JMac can drive his skin bus through. Tit-fucking is one of a breast-man's favorite activities and Trinety gets into it too. She flicks her tickling tongue at the tip of his boner as it moves through her soft, smooth skin warmed by cock friction.

In one deft move, JMac slides his cock into Trinety's pussy in missionary position and, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight, leans back all the way so that Trinety is pulled on top of him. His cock never leaves her pussy. Trinety giggles as he does this maneuver.

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