The Creampied Lady Executive

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Jun 252018
The Creampied Lady Executive

When young men need career guidance, they seek help from Mrs. Jasmine Jones. She has guided the pathways of many a strapping fellow.

Mrs. Jones is extra-solicitous to Johnny and he to her. She's old enough to be his mother but she is super-hot, not motherly. He politely points out her nip-slip. She isn't embarrassed. Especially since he dives for it and sucks it hard. Mrs. Jones might as well lock her office for the rest of the day. She's going to be a little busy.

"How about the other one, Johnny?" Mrs. Jones asks, pulling out her other massive and gorgeously shaped tit for him to deeply suck. Johnny seizes the pair and squeezes them, popping them in his mouth. His tongue drives her fucking crazy.

Johnny devotes plenty of nipple-tasting time to Mrs. Jones' twin peaks. He pulls and tweaks them. The nipple play hardens her pointers and also tweaks her pussy. She wants his big bat and sinks to her knees. Pulling his pants down and getting a grip on his cock, the brunette career exec squishes his boner between her big boobs and squeezes hard. She strokes it and uses it like a hammer to tap her tits. Spitting on his cock, she wraps her massive mams around them again and jug-jerks him. Her technique is flawless. It's the tit-fuck of tit-fucks.

Mrs. Jones wants his hefty dick in her mouth. She attempts to swallow as much of it as she can in a throat-filling blow job and ball sucking. Johnny helps her out by pulling her head in. His dick is covered in her mouth juices from trying to throat his shaft. Johnny should feel grateful that this professional is helping him so expertly to determine his future. Mrs. Jones is no head sucker. She is a true oral expert.

Johnny strips Mrs. Jones of her clothing and sits on her desk. Standing, she bends forward to take his meat in her mouth again, his helpful hand firmly guiding her head down on his dick to throat as much as she can.

After Mrs. Jones has enjoyed his cock, she wants her cunt filled to the brim. Now Johnny knows why she has those couches in her office. He is more than eager to get Mrs. Jones under him on that couch so he can have her pussy and make her his cock slave. Her big, fleshy ass is a delight to squeeze and feel as she rides his dick.

Johnny doesn't know what his long-term future is but he knows his immediate future is to load Mrs. Jones' pussy-hole with a large injection of his sperm and watch her as she gleefully squeezes it out for his viewing pleasure. She may even make him come back for future counseling sessions.

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The Only Game To Play

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Jun 222018
The Only Game To Play

JMac is playing a video game. Cosmia wants his cock. JMac is not known to favor games over fucking a new busty babe.

XLGirls: Cosmia, tell us your thoughts about your scene with JMac.

Cosmia: JMac is something else. His dick was insanely powerful and I instantly worshipped it. I wanted it everywhere. He fucked me so hard my pussy was swollen for days. The pile-driver made me cum super- hard. I couldn't handle it. He also played with my ass which I love.

XLGirls: JMac sucked your nipples loudly, gave you a hands-on-the-head throat-fucking and a deep pounding. You looked very much into that. Do you usually like a powerful guy dominating you?

Cosmia: I absolutely love it. I love to be just taken and fucked. It's my absolute favorite. I love for the guy to take charge of me. It gets me instantly wet when the guy starts to dominate me.

XLGirls: Did you squirt?

Cosmia: Yes, I've squirted in all my scenes I've filmed with XL Girls. You have some amazing male talent.

XLGirls: Do you do unusual positions like the pile-driver at home?

Cosmia: Yes, I'll fuck in any position they'll have me. I'm pretty small and flexible.

XLGirls: Almost every porn scene ever made ends with the guy cumming. If you could change that, what would you add after his cum scene?

Cosmia: If I could have it my way, I would have every scene ending with the girl cumming in the guys mouth. That is definitely some hot content I would be into.

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Super-natural Wonders: Eva Berg

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Jun 212018
Super-natural Wonders: Eva Berg

Our mystery woman of the year, if not the decade, is Eva Berg, a quiet brunette with a shy smile, who is not one to talk about herself. Eva's personal philosophy is to walk softly, talk softly, if at all, and wear a gigantic bra to support her totally enormous boobs.

Eva lifts up her blouse to reveal her incredible tits encased in a lacey, purple bra. She does a 360-degree turn to look at herself in the mirror before facing the camera again. Rubbing and jiggling her boobs in her bra, Eva does the big reveal at 3:40 into this video, and a BIG reveal it is.

Eva dangles them, the camera in close, pulls off her top and shakes and rubs her massive flesh-pillows. Then she unhooks her hooter-holster so she can clap her colossal jugs together and tweak her innies. This is a woman that mother nature made for breast purists.

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Sexy & Smart

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Jun 192018
Sexy & Smart

Nikki Smith on: Casual sex.

"There's a time and a place for it I think. If I'm going to have casual sex with somebody then it's going to strictly be casual sex. I don't want to have sex too soon with someone I'm interested in dating. I just need some no-strings-attached dick, and sometimes that works. But usually if I'm interested in a relationship I take it a little slower."

Nikki Smith on: Dating.

"Surprisingly enough, when it comes to dating I'm a little old fashioned. I don't usually kiss on a first date. I definitely don't have sex on a first date. I really only choose to have intimate sex with a partner if I feel like the relationship is going to last for a little while.

"Not everyone who takes me out to dinner is gonna get laid. I think that's the biggest thing. And I just like to have fun. I like to do random things. I think a fun date is going to the batting cages or going to have frozen yogurt. And having sex in the parking lot afterwards! Of course that's after I get to that point with someone."

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Big Tits Out & Stockinged Legs Spread

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Jun 182018
Big Tits Out & Stockinged Legs Spread

Maggie is super-sexy and she knows it, but she doesn't flaunt her sexuality the way a professional porn star flaunts it. If anything, Maggie is very much the girl-next-door type.

Maggie is reading a book when she's interrupted by her horny guy friend. Looking at Maggie and her big boobs drives him crazy. Never hesitate to make a move when a girl built like this is relaxing in bed. He comes on strong and plays with her heavy mams. Maggie says she loves to have a man caress, pinch, squeeze and fondle her tits. His handiwork has Maggie reaching for his cock.

They don't waste any time. She gives him a blow job while he's dangling out of his fly. His hands hold her head, guiding it up and down. Maggie likes a man to direct her in bed. She keeps her hands off his cock and her righteous knockers as he fills her mouth, pumping in and out--a hands-free blow job. She straddles him and continues to give him lip service, licking his shaft and balls, placing his dick between her immense love-pillows.

It's Maggie's turn for oral pleasure. Her stud parts her legs wide and lowers his head to give her head, spreading her pussy-petals and tongue-drilling her pink slit. Maggie is extremely flexible and limber and he is able to push her legs all the way back so she is really spread wide. Now is the time to wedge his cock into Maggie and to deliver the wood. The bone dance begins.

Maggie often looks directly into the lens although this is not a P.O.V. scene. "The thought of men watching me and wanting me makes me more excited. I am happy to share myself. I used to be very shy about sex."

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