Naia’s Heavy Tits Overwhelm Her Pink Bikini

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Oct 042018
Naia's Heavy Tits Overwhelm Her Pink Bikini

Naia Bee likes to go on dates that are "filled with laughter and mutual chemistry, both mental and physical. Foreplay should be lots of kissing, nipple licking and pinching and softly going down on me. I like a man who appreciates a very busty girl and spends a lot of time loving her tits." For the record, Naia has 38HH-cup boobs. She was born in Russia and lives in Brooklyn, a borough in New York City that has a sizable Russian and Russian-American population.

Naia does yoga and meditates. She likes to watch soccer now and then. She also likes to explore museums and try different restaurants.

Naia gets off best with a good tongue lashing. She loves having her pussy eaten and her clit licked. She also loves sex with sweet-smelling females, too, but didn't say if they should have big tits or if breast size matters in a female partner.

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Deep Inside Nikki Smith

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Oct 022018
Deep Inside Nikki Smith

"I learned to give good head from watching porn," Nikki Smith said. "The first thing I learned from porn that I was really excited about was how to put a condom on a dick without using your hands. So I was really proud of myself when I mastered that. That was a big step in my sex abilities.

"My method for a good blow job is definitely take it deep. My advice to girls is gag yourself if you must. It's awesome; they like it. Not too much hand, but a little bit. More so on the balls than the dick. And enjoy it. Don't suck dick if you don't like it. It totally ruins it. If you enjoy it, they enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, they don't enjoy it as much."

Nikki's mother Barbi Banks also got into porn, doing several scenes at "Nikki is wild, and she gets that from me! But I don't share guys with my daughter and she doesn't share her guys with me," Barbi told us. "We've never had sex with the same guy." However, there was one intersection of mother and daughter, although technically they didn't share. Nikki got a creampie from a stuntcock named Sergio and Barbi got a facial from him at

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Teacher Knows Breast

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Oct 012018
Teacher Knows Breast

Teaching is a very stressful profession. It's a great responsibility and sometimes the pressure is too much. Gracie Blue is grading her students' papers and it's overwhelming. She needs to blow off some nervous energy.

Some twirl their hair. Others shake a leg or a foot. Some chew gum. Gracie finds that squeezing and rubbing her nipples and boobs helps to alleviate the stress. She begins unbuttoning her cardigan to get at her big jugs.

It's helping but it's not enough. She comes around her desk and sits on it. Lifting up her skirt and slipping off her panties, Gracie starts rubbing one out, digging her fingers deep into her in-box. Her deep, heavy breathing, shuddering and groaning mean that it's working. Her pressure and stress are being decreased.

She needs more so she strips off completely and sits in one of the students' chairs, rubbing harder and harder until she explodes. Gracie returns to her chair to resume grading papers. She's doing it naked but that's fine. No one will know. Well, you know but you won't tell.

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Carla4Garda: Milking The Man

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Sep 282018
Carla4Garda: Milking The Man

Carla4Garda is in bed taking selfies. She pulls out her 38GG-cup tits and continues to snap away. Steve enters the bedroom from behind and watches her. He wants to get into the picture, too, but not as much as he wants to get into Carla4Garda's pierced pussy. He opens her teddy so her cunt is exposed and plays with her heavy hooters.

Steve sucks on Carla4Garda's big, fat boobs. The sucking delights her. Still dressed, he parts her legs open, pulls out his cock, rubs the head on her nipple and gives it to her to suck on. She holds it by the base and says, "ahhh." Steve pulls her head closer to him and fucks her mouth.

Spreading Carla4Garda's legs wider, Steve goes down and eats out her pussy. That gives the horny brunette waves of pleasure. They reverse positions so she can get on top. She lactates on his boner, literally milking his dick, licks it and goes all the way down, sucking it to the root and licking his balls.

Carla4Garda gets Steve so worked up with her big boobs and talented tongue that he's got to fuck her pussy. He places the British bra-buster on her back and spreads her legs wide. Her pink snatch is wet and shiny. He plunges in and pounds her hard in missionary position. She rubs her clit as the cock pumps deep. Turning her around so her back is to him, Steve bangs her just as hard from behind.

Carla4Garda has that ball-draining effect on guys. That's how she's built.

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Texas Teen’s Titillating Tits Cums To XLGirls

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Sep 272018
Texas Teen's Titillating Tits Cums To XLGirls

Sylvia Bateman's a sweet, cuddly teen from Austin, Texas with 38G-cup tits. She turned 18 in June, 2018. At her age, Sylvia's firm, heavy breasts are still growing so you can bet she'll be needing bigger bras before long. Her areolas are large and pale.

Sylvia also sports trimmed pussy hair, a rare sight in these days of shaved cookies. How did she know about XL Girls? A friend told her and recommended us in case Sylvia wanted to try pro modeling. She did.

"I used to play volleyball," said Sylvia. "I don't play or even watch sports anymore. I love manga, anime, video games and music."

Sylvia laughed and giggled when she chatted with our photographer. She's a fun girl and she loves to cum. XL Girls will bring her back soon.

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