Big Girls Don’t Cry 2

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Sep 202022

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Orgasm control drives this nympho wild.

Cum Ride This Porsche

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Aug 172022
Cum Ride This Porsche

Porsche Dali deserves the gift of hard man-pole.

Back in Missouri, the "show-me" state, Porsche doesn't get to show all that much. But here at the XLGirls studio, Porsche gets to hang low, swing low and strut her stuff to her heart's content. She kneels before Danny in "Cum Ride This Porsche," looking sexy in her lime-green sweater, tight mini-skirt and black high heels. Her eyes light up at the bulge she gets to play with. Like a kitten in need of cream, on the floor on all fours, Porsche begs for the cock-custard.

Danny's instinctively knew that this girl is a fuck-toy, totally obedient to his directions and eager to do anything he says so she can be permitted to swallow the last drop of his cum.

Danny's eager to slide between her 42GG-cup jugs and take her for a test-drive. Porsche digs porn, especially hers. "I love watching myself have sex! I even have some homemade porn movies that I use to watch all the time before I started doing porn." Porsche Dali: fine-tuned for fingering, fucking and flooding with ball-batter.

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Bath, Boobs & Beyond

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Aug 162022
Bath, Boobs & Beyond

Anna Carlene is all a'titter. Checking herself out in the bathroom mirror, she likes what she sees. She is wearing a very sexy two-piece that makes her look like an American country girl. Anna is Italian, though.

Anna gives herself a spritz by the sink, then sits on the toilet seat to give herself some hand-relief. Anna (also known as Billie Bombs) gets up to enter the bath but stops again to rub her pussy and the sensitive area between her pussy-slit and her butthole.

The brunette doll gets into the bath and, finally, gives us the famous Anna Carlene dirty talk in her Italian-accented English and fuck-me voice. That big, black cock-shaped dildo doesn't stand a chance.

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Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

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Aug 152022
Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

"I like all kinds of music, but I think that soft rock is my favorite," said Micky Bells, one of the all-time greatest-ever big-bust stars. Micky may not be the singing cowgirl here in this karaoke joint but she does have a fine place to store her microphone. Right inside her prodigious cleavage. She won't need a mike stand.

Even without the singing, there's plenty of fun ahead as Micky peels off her wild wild west costume (she looks very cute and sexy in it) and gets down to pleasuring her huge tits and lovely, cuddly body until she achieves blast-off.

Micky wanted to do something that made her feel confident and sexy. Deciding to become a model and go bare was the best decision she could have made for a grateful world. Women spend thousands of dollars to get tits not even half as big and as beautiful as hers.

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Monica Keyes and Her Thunder Boobs

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Aug 122022
Monica Keyes and Her Thunder Boobs

Monica Keyes was a guest at XLGirls several years ago. She discovered us when she saw and contacted the studio. Monica, who once worked at Victoria's Secret, also wanted to try boy-girl besides T&A modeling. The last time we heard from Monica was the last time she was here.

Recently, Monica contacted the studio and wanted to know if she could come back, so here she is in a brand new scene with Danny Steele. She also answered more of our probing questions. It was time to catch up.

XLGirls: Did you see the video you did the first time you were here?

Monica Keyes: I watched my last scene with you guys. I must say, I was amazed with not only how beautiful I looked but how well the video came out.

XLGirls: Did you watch the scene alone or with somebody?

Monica Keyes: The first time I watched my video, I was by myself. At first, I was a little self conscious about watching it. When I told my friends--a guy and girl-- about it, they all wanted to see it. I was nervous about them seeing it. So I sent the link to one of them. Well, I received so many compliments about the video that I was interested in doing another scene. When I watched it with a guy I knew, he told me he loved it.

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