Two Fux For LuXXX

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Jan 202021
Two Fux For LuXXX

Jordynn LuXXX is masturbating in the middle of the afternoon when Tony walks in and catches her petting the pussy. Before long, Jordynn is sucking his cock. Then Jimmy bursts in and he's not happy about this. Jordynn settles their differences by taking on both fuck-men.

We talked to young Jordynn about this scene and more.

XLGirls: Do you have threesomes with two guys back home?

Jordynn: Typically, if my Daddy and I are playing with others, it's another woman and us, another couple and us or a large group! The more the merrier, I say!

XLGirls: What did you like best about this scene?

Jordynn: I loved working with both Jimmy and Tony. I've shot with Tony before and he's always so fun and sexy! Jimmy was rather sexually aggressive and that got me all wet too! I'd love to work with them again!

XLGirls: In this scene, you're masturbating on the couch when Tony walks into the house looking for Jimmy and surprises you. As we all know, everyone leaves their doors unlocked while they masturbate. Have you ever been caught masturbating?

Jordynn: I was caught masturbating as a teen by my father and about awkward.

XLGirls: How important is cock size to you? What cock size do you like?

Jordynn: I am not a size queen. In fact, I prefer an average sized man. 6.5" to 8" max in real life.

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Maxximum Tits

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Jan 192021
Maxximum Tits

We asked Conan The Barbarian, "Conan! What is breast in life?"

And Conan replies in his Austrian accent: "To see Kelli Maxx walk and bounce around outside in the Florida sun.'

"To see Kelli Maxx jiggle her big tits in her bra."

"To see Kelli Maxx get into bed and rub her big tits and pussy without a cock blocking that heavenly sight."

So that's what's breast in life. Bostonian Kelli seems to like Florida, except for the bugs. We suspect she's too sweet and that's why Florida bugs especially like her.

That's why Miss Maxx and the XL Girls cameraman didn't spend much time outside. They retreat indoors where a nice soft bed is there for Kelli.

Kelli squeezes her fleshy tits and spanks her pussy good and deep, putting her fingers in her mouth to taste her girl-juice. This New Englander knows how to share a good time.

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Kris Kelly Is Tag Teamed

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Jan 182021
Kris Kelly Is Tag Teamed

Kris Kelly, dressed and sitting at the edge of the bed, talks about her sex fantasies and her sex life. What she likes. What she likes to do. Who she likes to do it with. Her preferences and desires. How does sex on-camera for a scene that will be watched by many make her feel?

Our director explores this with Kris before stud #1 and then stud #2 come out to make Kris feel right at home...or any other place she likes to get fucked.

Kris talks about group sex while Tony sucks and nibbles on her nipple. It's not easy for a gal to be interviewed while a guy is sending waves of pleasure through her thick body but Kris doesn't lose her focus.

And then Juan steps into the picture to pleasure Kris's other side. The question and answer period fades away naturally as this newly acquainted threesome get to explore. Her two new friends fill Kris's pussy and mouth in as many positions as they can think of. Kris said she likes hard men who can be forceful and dominating in bed. Now she can have two of them dedicated to serving her and popping their nuts all over her face.

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Lea’s Big Plump Fuck At

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Jan 152021
Lea's Big Plump Fuck At

Making her first visit to, Czech plumper MILF Lea doesn't just sit around and wait for her fuck partner Patrick to get on-set and give her the dick. She squeezes her big, fat tits and rubs and fingers her nipples.

Just as impatient Lea is licking her fingers and rubbing her thick pussy lips, Patrick shows up already hard, waving his boner hands-free at her. She smiles and immediately gives his cock a tongue bath, licking and sucking it, sometimes hands-free, sometimes holding it in her hand, and licking his bloated balls. Patrick said he loves heavy, older women with large tits because they're grateful and show their appreciation.

Patrick shows Lea some appreciation by eating her pussy and sticking a finger in before he slides his dick into her already wet hole and deep-fucks her. Lea seemed to really like this guy's cock because between positions, she wanted it back in her throat. In Czech, Lea told the photographer that she didn't know how thick he was and he really stretched her pussy when it was inside her. She wanted to know if he made house calls.

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Mae Montgomery: XLGirl Goes To Her Happy Place

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Jan 142021
Mae Montgomery: XLGirl Goes To Her Happy Place

Spending quality time with lovely, plump playmate Mae Montgomery is XLGirls heaven. She likes to drive guys crazy-horny with her lush body and giant tits. Mae gets playful in the kitchen and even more playful once she reaches the bedroom. She gets very vocal when she's going to her happy place, and that's a good thing.

XLGirls: So Mae, what kind of dates do you like?

Mae: I'm pretty easy-going. Just a dinner where we both love the food and walking around Target makes me happy. I love walking, so if we could grab drinks and walk around a park or do a picnic or walk to dinner, I'd love that. I also love lights, so anything with a great view of a city or a dark restaurant with crazy lights just makes me feel warm and comfortable. But when it comes down to it, I just like good food and good company.

XLGirls: Do you consider yourself sexually assertive or passive?

Mae: I can be both. I love to be dominated and to have the ability to just let whatever happens happen. But I also love to be in control when it comes to oral. I have a technique and a rhythm and I can't give my best performance if I am being controlled.

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