Pleasures of a Hot Lady

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Jan 052022
Pleasures of a Hot Lady

When Nila Mason enters the room where Max is sitting, the first thing he thinks of is having sex with her. He's just like us. Nila's low-cut blouse is ready to explode from the pressure of her huge tits. Max's first instinct is to bury his head in Nila's deep cleavage. He's boob drunk and in no condition to drive.

Nila sits on the couch next to him where he can keep his hands on her massive mammas, rubbing and jiggling them. Nila is definitely a woman to be worshiped. She's down to her pink panties very quickly and eager to take his hard cock in mouth. Two can play the worship ritual.

Nila slowly licks and sucks the bloated shaft, then builds up speed. She steals glances at the camera while her pink tongue flicks in and out. Nila will also look at the camera when they fuck. She repeats the speeding up and slowing down of her oral expertise, knowing when to ease up and when to suck faster.

Cupping her heavy hooters in her hands, she holds them up so he can tit-fuck her. Max pumps her soft, fat boobs hard and fast. He turns Nila around, takes her high heels off and places one of her legs on the arm of the couch so he can bone her from behind standing up and give her the super-sex a woman like her richly deserves.

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Brickhouse Brit

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Jan 042022
Brickhouse Brit

"I don't play any sports but I love watching WWE wrestling," said Ellie Roe, a gorgeous hottie with a smokin' body.

Ellie's hobbies include singing, going for walks, writing erotic books, shopping and singing. Erotic books? No wonder she's so smooth making sexy talk in her shows.

An English girl from Essex, a county northeast of London, Ellie is poured into sexy and tight black corset and pink undies as this spank-show begins. That comes off fast in this show so we can enjoy every inch of her creamy figure and supple skin while she enjoys her big boobs and toys her tight pussy. Adding to the excitement is Ellie's very sexy voice, flavored by her English accent.

"I was a D-cup at 13 years old," said Ellie. "I can buy brassieres off the rack and I like plunge lacey bras that show lots of cleavage best. Even in a tee-shirt, my breasts are obvious. If a girl has good boobs, flaunt them. I like to draw attention."

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Boned At Home

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Jan 032022
Boned At Home

When Kimmie first stepped into our Hallowed Halls of Hooters, we asked her if she's the passive or aggressive type.

"I'm the assertive type," Kimmie said. "I know what I want and when I want it."

Kimmie's assertiveness is on display here. Sergio is known to be a pretty dominant guy, but Kimmie is in full control as we begin. Kimmie shoves him onto the bed and lets out a soft chuckle. She's going to have fun with him.

Kimmie hops on top of Sergio and rides his cock before pulling out her 42H-cup tits and smothering him with them. What a lucky guy Sergio is, huh? Kimmie pulls his cock out and sucks on it before finally offering her pussy. Sergio fucks her doggie-style, missionary and cowgirl before plastering her heavy tits.

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Gia Costello: Boning The Big-Boobed MILF

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Dec 312021
Gia Costello: Boning The Big-Boobed MILF

Wow! This is the life. Gia Costello and Milan Ponjevic are in bed watching Gia give Oliver Flynn a slow, deep-sucking blow job in the video Sex & The Single MILF. Milan holds the phone as the video plays while Gia slowly strokes Milan's hard cock.

Gia wants to do to Milan what she did to Oliver. They put the phone aside. Gia leans over Milan and opens her mouth for his dick. She opens his fly so she can cup his balls. Gia takes her big mommy tits out of her top, tonguing his balls and shaft when his dick is not stretching her mouth.

Gia kneels on the bed and Milan stands for a different cock-sucking position. He fucks Gia's boobs as she kneels then puts her on her back so he can straddle her chest and tit-fuck her some more.

Milan pounds Gia without mercy when it's time to fuck her. The look on Gia's face as he rams his large cock into her MILF pussy from behind, in missionary and with Gia on top tells the whole story. Holding her under her chin with one hand, Milan beats off in Gia's face, squirting his nut on her outstretched tongue. Gia looks at the camera and sticks out her cum-coated tongue. She swallows his load and licks off a drop that spilled on her heavy boob. She must not waste any of his precious bodily fluids.

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Breast Wishes From Natasha Sweet

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Dec 302021
Breast Wishes From Natasha Sweet

It's Natasha Sweet's mission in life to drive breast-men completely crazy and this scene is another way to accomplish her goal.

When Natasha pulls down her slip, her left breast begins falling out of her bra cups. Natasha puts her hands under her boobs and jiggles them, then jiggles them hands-free. Taking each pliable, huge boob out of her bra cups, Natasha kneads and massages her delicious-looking melons.

Her massive sucklers spill out of her hands. She licks them and puts one on top of the other to create a boob shelf. Her tit-play and oiling are out of this world.

Natasha turns around to show her ass and pulls aside her panties so you can see her cheeks, pussy and butthole. She gets naked and buries her fingers in her pussy while she tries to control her wobbling, swaying tits. Her mouth forms an O, her tongue lolls in her mouth and her eyes roll.

How many real proposals of marriage does this chesty charmer receive on any given day? That's a good question to add to our model questionnaire for her next visit.

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