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Annabelle Rogers: World’s Hottest Ball-busting Bra-buster

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Jun 192020
Annabelle Rogers: World's Hottest Ball-busting Bra-buster

Annabelle Rogers catches her man secretly texting another woman. Here come the fireworks. He denies it but he can't talk his way out of this. She angrily snatches the phone out of his hand and tosses it away. Hell hath no fury..., ya know. "You were fucking messaging that slut!" Annabelle yells. By the way, Annabelle is wearing a short, low-cut dress that shows off massive, forward-thrusting cleavage and her sensational curves. Who needs a side-piece with a babe like this at home?

Annabelle takes Mr. Rogers' balls out of his pants and gets a firm grip on them. "Say these balls are mine," Annabelle demands, his nuts in her hand. "She can't have them. Text that slut and tell her that I own your fucking balls. Do you know how much control I have over you?"

Annabelle does have him by the balls. Continuing to prove her point, Annabelle pulls his pants down and kneels to worship his cock and nuts with her mouth and hands, sucking his dick and massaging his balls. She makes him lie on the floor and lowers herself over his face so he can lick her pussy. Moving up and down, Annabelle vigorously fucks his face with her pussy, demanding satisfaction.

Annabelle is far from done with Mr. Rogers. Taking off her bra to release her awe-inspiring, huge breasts, Annabelle gets on the bed, raises her legs up in the air and demands he fuck her. As he pounds the horny hottie, Annabelle reminds him over and over that his cock and balls belong to her, saying it like a mantra. She's far from done getting her pleasure from him and sits on his pole, grinding away. When it comes to being a dominating bitch, busting balls and busting bras, Annabelle Rogers is number-one.

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At Home With Emma Lilly

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Jun 182020
At Home With Emma Lilly

"A friend of mine recommended XL Girls to me. He said 'I think they'd love you!'" Emma Lilly told us.

"I can't say for certain if I had the biggest breasts in school but it honestly wouldn't surprise me to find out I did! I remember looking at other girls and wishing I could wear some of the cute things they wore, like spaghetti straps and empire waists.

"If I want a bra that fits I have to order from special online retailers for women with larger breasts. Something I noticed is that most of these places sell very basic bras. When I find a retailer selling cute bras for big girls I will go bankrupt.

"I love to masturbate and I usually do so several times a day. I have been obsessed from the very first time. I remember being a teenager and thinking 'No boy will ever be able to figure out how to get me off.' I have explored my sexuality a lot over time and have been interested in a lot of fetishes. I am a try anything--well, almost anything--once type of girl. BDSM, erotic hypnosis, and erotica all had their phases in my life. Currently, I am into edging and orgasm denial for myself and others. It's a little niche, but there's a growing community of 'gooners' out there."

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Charlie Gets Shagged

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Jun 172020
Charlie Gets Shagged

Our cameraman asks Charlie Cooper to take her tits out of her baby doll nightie and give them a good suck, then has her put them back so we can have the pleasure of seeing them uncovered again. Charlie wants to know how long her date can hold his breath. Because she aims to smother him by burying his face in her valley of twin delights.

Charlie has him lay on his back so she can smother him from up top. This looks like heaven for a tit-man. He still lives so Charlie opens her mouth and engulfs his wood, presenting him with a most excellent blow job.

Charlie watches adult videos too. What kind does she like? "Porn with girls with big boobs and big butts. That way I can pretend it's me." How does she feel about big cocks in general? "I don't really care too much, as long as it's a decent size," Charlie replied. "I dated this one guy who probably had the biggest dick I had ever seen, and he just did not know what to do with it. And it's like he had so much potential."

Miss Charlie Cooper, sex-loving dream girl, our flags are raised in your honor.

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Wet Angel

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Jun 162020
Wet Angel

Angel Sin's favorite way of masturbating is by rubbing her clit very quickly with her hands and that's what she does in the tub. Angel likes to talk hot and dirty with a teasing glint in her eyes. She talks about guys' hard cocks rubbing her nipples and breasts, and shooting their loads all over her body.

Angel slaps her tits together and, with direct eye-contact, she talks about guys fucking her tits while she slaps them together. Angel prefers fucking on top so she can smother guys' faces with her giant knockers. There's a whole lotta woman to fuck when you're pounding Angel. Stock up on the zinc and lecithin pills 'cause you'd need 'em. She truly is an angel of sin and salvation!

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Cream My Pussy

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Jun 152020
Cream My Pussy

Marilyn White: busty and tight. She makes it right.

Marilyn's large 38H-cup sucklers fall out of her monokini-style lingerie when she bends forward to bring up the rear. Marilyn has plump goodness on both sides, front and back. Are those nipples erect already?

While Marilyn is still bent over, a palm spanks her ass-cheeks again and again. Her stud has arrived. He plays with Marilyn's big boobs and butt. They're irresistible. Marilyn strips totally naked before she gets on his junk. Stockings, heels and lingerie get tossed away. She stretches out on the bed and opens her mouth, her finger inside her pussy.

Rocky holds her head, sticks his cock in her mouth and pumps it in and out. Marilyn's cheeks bulge with every in-stroke. She moans, thinking about what he'll do to her while the XLGirls' camera runs. Rocky gets on his back and Marilyn rests her tits on his thigh while her head bobs up and down on his cock. His hand holds the back of her neck. Her talented tongue works its magic.

Marilyn gets on her back so Rocky can wedge his skinflute inside her cleavage, her hands squeezing her tits together to trap it. She makes popping sounds when she sucks on the tip as it approaches her face.

Rocky moves behind Marilyn and feeds her again. She gags as his balls dangle in her face. He takes his cock out of her mouth so he can dip his nuts into it. Marilyn licks and sucks his balls, then he throat-fucks her again.

Rocky stands by the bed. With a smile on her lips, Marilyn gets up and turns around to offer him her back. It's time to do the doggie-dance and Marilyn is eager to take his cock deep inside her pussy. This is only her third boner-bounce but she has really taken to sex on-camera and shows great eagerness and horny enthusiasm. A torrent of dirty talk pours out of her mouth when Marilyn is getting deep-fucked in missionary, her hand rubbing her clitty. She wants that cum squirted into her pussy and her excitement is at a fever pitch.

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