Brandy Is Good For You

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Jan 022018
Brandy Is Good For You

Brandy Ryder peels off her red lingerie to play with her huge hooters and finger her wet pussy in this fresh cam-show. She knows what tits and ass men get off to.

"Oh, my God she is gorgeous," Brad shouted out. "Her ass is to die for gorgeous, I would love to lick and kiss her ass and slide my tongue in her gorgeous asshole!"

Proof that Brandy gets men boob drunk.

"At a house party at my place, my two girlfriends and I were drinking. We started fooling around with each other, We took it to the bedroom where three of us licked, fucked and sucked each other all night."

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Shoot Your Spunk Into My Pussy

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Jan 012018
Shoot Your Spunk Into My Pussy

Molly Howard. Young. Enormous melons, ripe and full. The answer to a man's wishes and hopes. Pretty, fresh and sexy.

Molly had a hard time at the XL Girls studio with pro stud JMac. Hard as in boner-hard. JMac was inspired by Molly and her huge, soft tits and ass, and what T&A man wouldn't be? She is equally inspired by his laying of the pipe and the thrust and velocity said pipe achieves as they fuck in a bazillion positions.

Molly is flexible and that helps a lot when he pumps her in the pile driver, one of the most strenuous sex positions of them all. When a chick calls a sex partner Daddy, he's doing her right. And speaking of creamy wonderfulness, that's exactly what Molly's gift is, with extreme close-ups of her very pink pussy glistening in the light.

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The Slippery Nipples Of Smiley Emma

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Dec 292017
The Slippery Nipples Of Smiley Emma

Smiley Emma smiles at us again as she oils her titanic tatas and titillating torso on a massage table. The second of two Canadian cleavage champions, Smiley is XL Girls plush perfection from the top of her head across the tips of her 34M tits to the tips of her toes. Nature was crazy-generous to Smiley.

XLGirls: Do you like front-hooking or back-hooking bras?

Emma: I wear back-hooking bras but if I could find one that hooks from the front in my size, I think that would be a nice change.

XLGirls: Do you sleep with a bra on?

Emma: Hell no! It's very uncomfortable if I fall asleep with one on.

XLGirls: What position do you sleep in?

Emma: I sleep mostly on my side, even though I find it more comfortable on my back, but my boobs have a mind of their own that way and fall around everywhere!

XLGirls: What do you wear when you go out?

Emma: I might wear a low-cut top with some leggings underneath. Or I'll wear spaghetti-strap tank tops. Either way, there's always going to be some cleavage. I can't help it! I can't hide it! In the winter, I like to wear darker colors, and it is a chore to get these boobs into sweaters, but no matter what I wear, I always have huge cleavage, and that's a good thing.

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Picking The Right Bra

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Dec 282017
Picking The Right Bra

In this XL Girls Boner Bonus video, Roxee Robinson wants to find the right bra. She wants big Canadian cleavage, thrusting forward and rounded. An eye-popping top shelf she could place a cocktail glass on.

Roxee's red tube dress is body-hugging. She just needs the right holster to hoist her hooters high. A variety of bras are on the bed. Which ones will give the sexy redhead the support needed for big, fat 36HH tits?

Let's see how Roxee discovers the perfect brassiere step-by-step. She can then go out and get every guy who sees her tripping over their own feet.

Roxee Robinson: XL Girls superstar.

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Mirror Play For Mrs. Robinson

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Dec 282017
Mirror Play For Mrs. Robinson

Wrote devoted Roxee Robinson fan P.B. "Roxee really seems comfortable with her own body, which is nice to see. She doesn't try to hide what some women in this society would see as imperfections, meaning her soft belly and voluptuous thighs. She proudly shows them off because she knows what we like. Please give us more of this stunner."

Super-MILF Roxee does a lot of mirror play as she dolls herself up, watching herself play with her 36 double-H hooters and pumping her pussy with a pink pleasure pole. She admires her fleshy body--the figure and face that get guys worked up and wacking, seeing themselves fucking her.

"When I play with myself, I think about the guys watching me and what is on their minds. It adds a lot of spice to just masturbating to have an orgasm. I think about having outdoor sex because I love the thrill of getting caught. I think about a guy licking and sucking my pussy, his hands squeezing my big tits at the same time."

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