An Angel For Two Fuckers

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Apr 052021
An Angel For Two Fuckers

Angel DeLuca is a beautiful angel in a red dress. She is hot she wants two men to satisfy her. This is Angel's first two-man sex party. After they have made out and the two Tonys have suckled Angel's big boobs, she is undressed. Her curvy body is gorgeous and inspires instant boners. She kneels to suck their cocks and have her fat tits fucked.

Angel mounts Rubino on the Ottoman. Her pussy slides down his pole in one smooth move. They pump. There is a horny view of Angel's bouncing ass. Tony D. stands on the Ottoman and touches Angel's head. She turns, flicking her hair to the side and he whispers something in her ear. He brings his cock to her mouth and she begins to suck it, hands-free, since she is supporting herself with both hands as she and Tony R. fuck.

It's Tony D's turn to get a piece of Angel pie. He lays back and Angel gets on top to fuck him. Tony R. feeds her dick while Tony D. and Angel bump away. Tony D. bends forward and lifts Angel up, his cock still inside her. He turns around and places Angel on her back. The men spread her legs wide, exposing her beautiful cunt. Tony R. fills her from the side as Angel grips Tony's meat and blows him hard and fast.

Angel is a girl who deserves total body worship and her two fuck partners aim to give her the works in this flesh-soaked threesome.

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Andi Ray: XLGirl’s Sexy Tutor

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Apr 022021
Andi Ray: XLGirl's Sexy Tutor

The story you are about to see with sexy Andi Ray and Milan at is based on a true story we made up. We hope it will stimulate an interest in the benefits of education, especially among politicians.

Milan is a rebellious college student who is going to flunk out if he doesn't crack those books. This upsets his tutor, the strikingly charismatic and shapely Ms. Ray, who is going to strike him in the face with her big, soft breasts if he doesn't straighten out.

Milan doesn't believe in education or working at getting a college degree and buries his head in his smartphone while Andi attempts to talk sense into him. What he fails to understand is that without education and higher learning, the smartphone could not have been invented, and without that phone, he wouldn't be able to send girls dick-pics.

Ms. Ray gets so exasperated and triggered by his behavior that she leaves the room to cool off after trying to get through to him. Then she has her lightbulb moment. Taking off her blouse and skirt, Andi returns to confront Milan. When he sees what his prim and proper tutor looks like in her bra and panties, he suffers brain freeze from boob drunkenness. He never realized how smoking-hot her body is without clothing covering up that heavenly view.

Andi decides that she'll straighten Milan out--really straighten him out--by fucking and sucking his brains out until he sees the light. Hopefully, Andi's shock treatment will prove successful and Milan will have some brains left after she's drained him dry. If anyone can do it, curvy educator Andi Ray can.

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Oxana Minsk: Thick Thighs Save Lives

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Apr 012021
Oxana Minsk: Thick Thighs Save Lives

42G-cups. 170 pounds. 5'3". How does that grab ya?

Oxana Minsk is wearing a tank top that reads "Thick Thighs Saves Lives." definitely approves Oxana's message. She does that top justice.

Oxana slips it off to rub, self-suck and jiggle her big, flawless beauties. Her tongue licks her nipples and her fingers sink into her soft breast-flesh. Getting totally naked, Oxana rubs her clit and it doesn't take her long to explode.

Some of the comments about Oxana include:

"I love her so much. Thank you so much, XL Girls."

"Delightfully fleshy in all the right areas - belly, pussy lips and tits - wow, what a super set of near symmetrical beauties."

"She's got everything that drives an XL lover like me crazy and while her tits are big even for this site, those lips are way out of the box so to speak!"

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Boob Prejudice At The Office

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Mar 312021
Boob Prejudice At The Office

This XL Girls scene with sexy Trinety Guess addresses an important issue in today's society. How company employees shame hot babes who like to wear boob-revealing tops. This is a disgrace, a social problem and a situation that XL Girls has tried to expose for many years. Busty girls with big booties should be free to flaunt, taunt, stimulate and tease anywhere they are without criticism from co-workers, landlords, teachers, politicians, trolls or anyone else.

Our story begins with luscious Florida girl Trinety being called into Mr. Tarzan's office. It seems that Trinety's fellow employees have complained about her cleavage exposures at the office. Obviously the girl can't help it, nor should she try, because of these motherfuckers. However, Mr. Tarzan turns out to be a secret ally.

What Trinety wears at work is chest fine with him. In fact, he supports her. He tells her this. And to show his support, he locks his door and gives Trinety his seal of approval. In other words, he wants to bone her right then and there.

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More To Fuck

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Mar 302021
More To Fuck

Porsche Dali's hands explore her body while she seductively gazes into the camera. Porsche certainly knows how to make love to the camera.

"Do you like my tits, baby?" she asks as the camera pans from her face down to her plush naturals. "They could swallow your cock whole. Don't you wish you were here to slide your cock in between them?"

After a bit of teasing, Porsche pulls her tits out. Her pierced nipples are already erect and she softly kisses both her mams and gives her nipples a firm suck. There are girls that remind us why we love thick chicks, and Porsche is one of them. They have more to love and more to fuck and there's nothing quite like grabbing a handful of tits or ass while a plump hottie rides your cock. It's the stuff wet dreams are made of.

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