Big Speedbumps

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May 152018
Big Speedbumps

"I never thought about modeling until I turned 27," said Dallas Dixon, a curvy brickhouse with an encouraging husband.

"I'm very open-minded and eager to learn. Before I contacted SCORE, I did a lot of reading on the Internet about adult modeling. It didn't turn out to be anything like work at all once I came here and started. The days I spent at SCORE zoomed by."

Wrote editor Dave, "Dallas went back to her job in the hotel industry, secure in the knowledge that she had wiped one more thing off her to-do list and found a place in the sexual fantasies of lovers of voluptuous women. In that way, she reminds me of Aspen. Although Aspen made more trips to our studio than did Dallas, she, too, chose the life of the girl-next-door over the life of the porn star."

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Wide Load Nympho

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May 142018
Wide Load Nympho

Peaches LaRue, an office manager and single mom, begins by playing with her big tits and licking her nipples.

Peaches doesn't think about her sexual fantasies. She lives them out. One of her fantasies was to make hardcore videos and photos. We were glad to help Peaches out. JR did the plowing in Peaches' fertile field. She's juicy on the inside just like a ripe peach ready to eat.

Big-titted, big-assed Peaches took to hard cock like a kitten takes to cream. "I like to fuck any chance I get," Peaches said. "I like a man who really enjoys fucking me and playing with my boobs with nice, firm hands. Big dicks do it for me. I like something substantial, a big piece of meat that can last a long time because I'm a big girl. Get it up and keep it up is my motto."

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Coed Craves Cock

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May 112018
Coed Craves Cock

If there's anyone who pulls off the busty coed fantasy to perfection, Oksana Rose is the one. When her tutor drops by, the fucking and sucking begins. What was Oksana studying? Sex education?

XLGirls: Tell us about this coed scene with Johnny Tattoo.

Oksana: I absolutely loved this scene! I've always had a schoolgirl fantasy and being able to live it out on camera was so hot!

XLGirls: Are there any XL Girls you highly admire and would like to meet one day?

Oksana: Yes! Milly Marks is one XL Girl I've been following before I even thought of joining myself! I also adore Mischievous Kitty! She's kind of my girl crush and I love watching her videos.

XLGirls: What do you think about when you watch your boy-girl scenes?

Oksana: I get really horny when I watch my boy-girl scenes. I love watching my ass when I'm riding a cock. I don't know why it turns me on so much.

XLGirls: Maybe because you can't see your ass during sex unless you set up mirrors. What do you like making better, the photos or the videos?

Oksana: That's a tough one, I love messing around and laughing while taking photos but it's such a turn-on to get fucked in front of the camera!

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Goddess of XL Girls

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May 102018
Goddess of XL Girls

"A man needs to be persistent and romantic with me," said Nila Mason, a romantic at heart who loves passion, excitement and a lusty guy. And he has to love to suck and fuck big, heavy tits--something Nila has in abundance.

Nila (pronounced Nee-la) is a woman who knows what she wants in bed and out of it. "A guy should be sexy. If he can make me laugh, I will like him even more.

Nila's breasts developed when she was very young. As she matured into adulthood, few girls could match her. Every time we see her, her boobs, her plump ass and her pretty face blow us away.

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62-Inch Treasure Chest

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May 082018
62-Inch Treasure Chest

Anorei kicks off the action wearing a skin-tight, purple mini-dress, she undresses to bra and panties and then to total nudity.

She pours baby oil over her big-beyond-belief tits, massaging the slickness into her veiny breastflesh, nipples and giant areolae to a fine sheen.

Once her boobs have been saturated, Anorei toys her pussy with a cock-too. From underneath, we look up to see her head-engulfing knockers bounce wildly as she rides the toy to rub one out.

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