Reyna Mae – K-JUGS Candids

K-JUGS Candids

Here is a set of candid photos taken in the dressing room and on the SCOREtv set of XLGirls' feature film K-JUGS: Renee Ross, Samantha, Bailey Santanna, Reyna Mae and Brandy Ryder. It's rare that XLGirls has so many stars together in one place at one time. Bailey and Renee flash. Samantha peels off her denim cut-offs and tube-top and sticks her tongue at the camera while Renee adjusts her straps, a sight no breast man ever gets tired of. Renee and Bailey hit the computer. Photo eleven is a spoof of the proverb "See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" by Bailey, Samantha and Renee. In the closing photos, Reyna and Brandy join Samantha and Renee on the SCOREtv stage for some fun poses.

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Reyna Mae – Samantha and Renee Threesome

Samantha and Renee Threesome

Radio station K-JUGS is #1 in huge tits on the ratings charts with a loyal audience who jack their brains out over Samantha's voice. But now there's trouble in big-boob paradise and it's spelled R-e-n-e-e R-o-s-s.

On this fateful day, Samantha is stuck in dense Miami traffic and she's going to be late for her call-in show. She calls the station to speak to manager Bosworth. Bailey puts her on speakerphone. Bosworth blows his stack. Renee offers to take the spot so Bosworth won't have to put on a pre-recorded show which he hates doing. He gives intern Renee a chance. Hearing this, Samantha completely loses her cool and explodes, a sight much more fearsome than Bosworth's reaction. She races to the station.

In the DJ booth, Samantha confronts Renee who has just given Bosworth an example of her audience communication skills. Bosworth stops Samantha from lunging for Renee. At that moment, a caller who has been listening in offers a suggestion.

A fuck-off. Whoever fucks Bosworth best gets the chair. Tit-man Bosworth sees the value in this and the three square off in a room-boiling three-way fuck scene, Renee's only hardcore threesome, and a fitting climax to this movie.

And that's life at radio station K-JUGS, #1 in huge tits!

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Reyna Mae – K-JUGS: Samantha and Renee Threesome

K-JUGS: Samantha and Renee Threesome

The daily grind ( as in bump and grind) has reached a boiling point at radio station K-JUGS. Station manager Bosworth is freaking out because top DJ Samantha 38G is stuck in heavy Miami traffic and is going to miss her airdate. She phones him.

Bailey puts Sam on speakerphone. Bos does not want to program a pre-recorded show again. That's when Renee Ross bounces to the occasion with an offer. She'll take the mike and broadcast live. All she wants is the chance. Bosworth agrees.

Samantha hears this and goes ballistic over Renee's strategic move. When she gets to the station, she lunges for Renee but is blocked by Bos. The altercation is heard live over the air. Bos doesn't know what to do when a caller suggests an answer. A fuck-off. The best fuck wins.

Bos likes that idea, staring at the giant tits of his two rival DJs. The girls agree and start ripping off Bos' pants, jumping his bone in a wild threeway humpathon. Which wildcat will win? Samantha or Renee? Find out in the tit-packed climax of K-JUGS! This is Renee's only three-way hardcore fuck, and it's with Samantha!

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