Lola Lane – Big Girl Boob Bang Part 4

Big Girl Boob Bang Part 4

The big-boobed, tit-fucked quintet in this chapter of Big Girl Boob Bang are major league bra-stuffers. These fleshy babes fill their cups with rich, natural goodness.

Lola Lane: "I was in Atlanta once to sign autographs at a video store. There was a line to get in. I had no idea that so many fans knew me. I was really shocked. They love my big boobs and they love my butt. I rarely meet a man who doesn't want to fuck my tits. Sometimes they spend so much time on them that they forget I have a pussy."

Mandy Casa: "I love a hard dick with a big, round head. I'm a big woman and I need a big cock. I'm very assertive and demanding sexually. A lot of guys talk or email a good game but they can't walk the talk when it comes to the real deal."

Nikki Perez: Nikki was born in Columbia and moved to Miami. "I like to be completely dominated by a man and made to feel helpless. A man should fuck my tits without asking me when we are having sex. He should control everything we do. If he wants to cum on my boobs, he should."

Paige Pin-up: The Bettie Page of huge tits, Paige was a one-shot wonder at XL Girls who went off to find domestic bliss. There's look of total joy on her face when her friend pops on her boobs.

Reyna Mae: "I was the most-popular girl in school and I know it was because of my chest." Reyna and Brandy Ryder did a foursome with two studs in a chapter of the movie K-JUGS. She's fond of saying "Jerk off on my tits." And those fortunate enough to hear her say it usually do.

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Lola Lane – Rubenesque


"I love a strong man who is gentle and a man who is exciting. I'm never satisfied completely unless I have it from behind. He doesn't have to have a very big cock as long as he can stay hard. I like a strong cock. The perfect boyfriend will treat me right all the time and be able to give me sex several times in a row. In my private life, I like to have sex at least four times a week. I have a submissive personality but in sex I am very assertive. Making XXX videos is different from sex with a boyfriend. In videos, you have to fuck in positions that show most of the woman's face and body. In private, the man covers the woman's body with his body when they have sex. That's the difference between adult movies and everyday sex. Most of the men in adult movies have big cocks so I am used to that. I never thought I would make adult videos. There's nothing wrong with it as long as people are careful. I meet a lot of men because of my large breasts. They approach me. I don't approach them. But I encourage it because I like to wear V-necks and low-cut tops to show them off all the time. I am like all women. We like to be treated special in everything."

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