Mianna Thomas – Fan Fave

Fan Fave

And now for a girl with a pair of the biggest boom-booms in XLGirls and SCORELAND, Mianna Thomas. The ebony hottie that many tit-men dream of being breast-fed by. There is a thirteen inch difference between her bust measurement and her rib cage (underbust)! In letters, that is usually considered the cup size! Mark our words, Mianna will one day be as legendary in the hallowed halls of hooters as Sammie Black, Shar, Norma Stitz and Jenny Hill are. But Sammie never fucked like Mianna did. She has met guys who were more into her tits than her pussy. "There was one guy; I was horny and he was horny. I was telling him to 'stick it in me, stick it in me!' Instead, he put it right in between my tits and just starts fucking them. And I was, like, okay, that's fine. And that's how he got off. He came all over my tits and he had quite a bit of cum too." Here is a girl who loves her massive hooters and looks at them as treasures. One of our fans Crazy Jose once got to meet Mianna at an adult convention in Las Vegas where she signed a magazine for him and posed for a few snaps. He was beaming for days.

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