Krissy Dawson – A Blonde Named Krissy

A Blonde Named Krissy

How to get Krissy Dawson off with a big orgasm: Lick her pussy until you look like Pruneface from Dick Tracy. Fuck her hard in missionary; she on the bed, you standing. Kiss her mouth and neck and stick your tongue gently in her ear. Let her sit on top and grind your meat-axe.

When she's not in front of a camera back home in Prague, either showing off her big tits, fingering her cunt or sucking cock, Krissy is watching a movie, a hockey game (hockey is huge in the Czech Republic) or listening to music.

Krissy says the most-fun job she's ever had was wrestling. She's a little mysterious about that, but every chick has to have her little secrets. Maybe in a Prague night club? We rarely if ever get emails and letters asking to see XL girls wrestle each other. It's been almost ten years since we made our first and only wrestling DVD, the Busty Ladies Of Oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.). Depending on your responses, it's something we'd be happy to look into.

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Krissy Dawson – The Training Of Krissy Dawson

The Training Of Krissy Dawson

Whatever Krissy Dawson has done wrong under the stern mastery of Mr. Neeo, it's something that he will have to address with more than a verbal admonishment. He has not said what she did. In his opinion, Krissy needs strict discipline or her rebellious streak will continue. Now they begin the lesson plan.

Krissy walks in on all fours and comes over to him so he can attach a chain leash to her training collar. He plans to break Krissy and train her so that she will do everything she's instructed to do.

They begin by walking her around like he's training a pony. He has Krissy get on the couch so he can manhandle her big, soft boobs. She climbs over his knees for a spanking with his bitch-hand. It stings. Pinching her nipples hard gets the reaction he wants too. The combination of pain and pleasure bends her to his will. Then he feeds her hard bone, fucking her face and allowing her to lick his balls. Krissy does an excellent job of servicing his dick with her pierced tongue and hot mouth. Mr. Neeo applies the rope to Krissy, encircling her tits for a bout of boob bondage. He slides his cock between her tits, thoroughly fucking them until he is content.

Only when Mr. Neeo is totally satisfied with Krissy's obedience and performance does he allow her to take his cock and shove it into her pussy for a slam-bam fucking. He is the master and Krissy is now his bitch. He'll corkscrew her until he's happy with her attitude and how she fucks. When that happens, he will then erupt on her face and tits.

Krissy has been conquered and his jizz explosion on her face and breasts is his mark of ownership, as if he is marking his property. This is only the beginning of Krissy Dawson's training in the weeks to come.

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Krissy Dawson – The Training Of Krissy Dawson

The Training Of Krissy Dawson

Mr. Neeo likes to train his women the old-fashioned European way. By chaining them with a metal leash and walking them on all fours around the living room. This is how he trains new XL Girl Krissy Dawson in Prague. He massages handfuls of Krissy's big tits, removing her bra to further examine her globes of joy. Krissy gets laid across his knees for a spanking. Whatever she's done, it wasn't what he wanted so it's time for her punishment. His slap-hand leaves a red mark on her large, pale ass-cheeks.

The leash is used as a training tool to move Krissy around in the positions he wants. She's good at obedience without any resistance. Krissy doesn't speak except for the occasional moaning. She's maneuvered onto her knees. Krissy knows what's coming. She opens her sweet mouth in anticipation as Neeo pulls his dick out of his pants and feeds it to her. Krissy sucks his cock hard and licks his balls. She sucks it until he is satisfied.

Mr. Neeo continues to use Krissy's leash to train and control her. He uses a rope to play breast enslavement, wrapping it around each breast and binding them. After he releases Krissy from her boob bondage, he fucks her tits and mouth again.

After savoring the sight and feel of his cock in Krissy's mouth and between her breasts, Mr. Neeo feels it's time to fuck-train her and complete the process of making her his bitch. Krissy is ready for this and assumes the position for a hard drilling by a guy who is wild for big tits and big asses. She sticks her ass up so he can slide his rod into her pussy and pump it good. Her reward for being a good girl? A face and chest covered in jizz. And she enjoys every second of it.

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Krissy Dawson – Jiggly Girl In The Big Titty City

Jiggly Girl In The Big Titty City

While many countries, notably the USA, seriously lag behind, the relatively small city of Prague, Czech Republic continues to pump out those hot and busty girls eager and willing to express their exhibitionistic personalities. Such is the case with newcomer Krissy Dawson, a green-eyed blonde who used to wrestle and now is proudly showing off her big tits and pink pussy for XL Girls.

Our man in Prague discovered Krissy and showed her some copies of XLGirls magazine. That was all it took. Krissy was good to go. Life doesn't get easier.

Krissy loves to watch National Hockey League games, sometimes live, sometimes at sports bars. NHL teams play in Prague, either against a local Czech team or exhibition games against other NHL teams Hockey is big in the CR.

When she leaves the house in nice weather, she will dress to attract attention. You name it. Tank-tops, tight T-shirts, low-cut blouses, tube dresses. She's got the goods to stretch them out. And attention Krissy gets.

Krissy's hobbies are listening to music and watching a lot of movies. She was the bustiest girl in school, doesn't currently work out and likes action-filled dates that get her adrenaline going.

Does she have any special talents? Krissy says no. We disagree. Besides two big talents that really stand out, Krissy says she's sexually assertive. We'll see how assertive Krissy is.

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