Serenity Sinn – Serenity’s Big Bra Show 2: Happy Birthday

Serenity's Big Bra Show 2: Happy Birthday

Before she takes off her big bra once again and gets down to playing with her luscious body, Serenity Sinn, who is a professional baker, thoughtfully ices a cake, places several candles in it, lights them and sings "Happy Birthday" to XLGirls. Among Serenity's many talents is professional singing.

2014 will mark XLGirls' 13th year of bringing the world the best in well-padded hotties. Two weeks from now marks's creation. The site was launched in January of 2001. The forerunner of, the first XL Girls print edition was published in 1999 as a celebration of Voluptuous mag's best plumpers (SCORE Special magazine #29). The editors at that time foresaw the rise of plump girls that other men's magazines had no interest in photographing and decided to try a magazine solely devoted to them. Many imitators have since followed.

After Serenity blows out the candles and sings "Happy Birthday" to , she doesn't want to waste that frosting so she squirts some on her big boobs and has a taste. Then she gets down to her own birthday suit and whips out something for her candy-box that's definitely not a cooking utensil. As for the cake, some of the staff got to chow down on it.

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Serenity Sinn – Serenity’s Big Bra Show 2

Serenity's Big Bra Show 2

Tennessee doll Serenity Sinn is back to show her lush body. Serenity has a passion for music, cosplay and food. Serenity plays 12 instruments, writes songs and sings. She has a very melodic voice. You'll be hearing her sing in the matching video as she celebrates XLGirls' 13 years of finding the best bodacious babes. (The site opened in January of 2001 and January 2014 marks its 13th "birthday.") Serenity should sing on "The Voice" TV show, we say. A part-time model, Serenity works at a bakery. She sure knows how to bake a man's hard roll and frost her cakes.

"My favorite job I've ever had was as a singing waitress," she said. "I sang a lot of Sugarland and Dolly Parton. I had to dress up like Dolly Parton a lot. I had to wear a blonde wig and the rhinestone boobylicious dress." Dolly's busty and cool but Serenity as herself here is much better.

A member named BJ has called Serenity a "rock star." Serenity rocks the house, that's for sure and she can also whip up some tasty cakes!

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Serenity Sinn – The Big Bra Show

 The Big Bra Show

Quickly now without cheating. Do you know what color Serenity Sinn's eyes are? Or maybe you were distracted by two enormous breasts that cannot simply be called big boobs. For the record, Serenity's eyes are blue.

Serenity's attempts at trying on ridiculously small bras meant for 18eighteen models is doomed to failure but it does illustrate the difference among girls in the chest department. She has enough breast flesh for three or four average chested girls.

Bra try-outs over, Serenity shoves her treasures in your face and then leans back to play a tune on her shaved pussy, sticking in two fingers and rubbing out a nice cum. She raises the finger that has been inside her pink love box and pops it in her mouth. It must taste like honey.

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Serenity Sinn – The Big Bra Show

The Big Bra Show

Singer, songwriter, comic-book and cosplay nerd, baker, singing waitress and now an XL Girl hitting a major chord in the gizzards of men who love cuties with whopping big boobs and big butts. The kind that needs big hands. That's Serenity Sinn who will be making her XL Girls print magazine debut in issue #262. Her two names may seem to be the opposite sides of the coin--how can sin be serene?--but it works. Good girls can be bad but never lose their goodness.

"I started to develop when I was 12, and it kind of happened overnight," the mid-western girl-next-door revealed. "I woke up one morning and I was already a B-cup. Then, later on in the week, I was a D-cup." And now she needs 46H-cup bras.

Serenity begins this pictorial in a slip, then tries on bras that are a wee bit too tiny for those heavy hooters before all garments are tossed to the side and Serenity shows all of her glorious nakedness, spreading nice and wide.

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Serenity Sinn – Meet Your XLGirls Customer Service Rep

Meet Your XLGirls Customer Service Rep

At The SCORE Group's customer service department (XL Girls section), the very best attention is devoted to our magazine, DVD and website customers. As personified and exemplified by Serenity Starr in this photo shoot and video, our dedicated, experienced professionals are more than eager to help customers choose from a wide range of the greatest big-tit, big-ass DVDs such as My Big Plump Wedding, Big Girl Strip Club or K-JUGS, just to name a few products from the XL Girls store. When you call, you will not be transferred to an office in Outer Tajikistan.

Admittedly, there are moments of down-time--not too often--when Serenity has caught up with orders and calls and she starts to get a little frisky, especially when another staffer walks into the customer service area with a camera.

You will see exactly what this means after you start rolling this scene, Serenity's second video. We tell ya, the second Serenity walked through the front door of The SCORE Group and sat down in the conference room for an interview that turned into a breast-fest and finger-jamboree, we knew this was the girl for us. Serenity, a 24-year-old musician, singer and baker, has everything you need so please let her assist you. She'll be more than happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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