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Katrin Porto: Sex Therapist

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May 312019
Katrin Porto: Sex Therapist

Tom Holland is visiting a new therapist to help him with his big-tit and big-butt addiction. Man, did he pick the wrong therapist. Actually, she is the right one. Red-haired Katrin Porto is going to straighten him out, as in straighten out his cock.

Tom is on her couch as Katrin takes notes in her book. She drops her pen and bends down to pick it up. When Tom sees that ass in pants that looks glued on her ass and legs, he loses his mind and reaches out to touch her cheeky cheeks.

Katrin knows the effect she has on guys. She usually doesn't fuck her patients but believes that it will have a therapeutic effect on Tom. She offers him her big tits, which he eagerly sucks. They get rid of her blouse and bra while Tom feasts on Katrin's breasts.

Katrin pulls his cock out of his pants and dangles her tits on it. Taking it in her hand, she jerks him, sticks it between her boobs and sucks on it. She treats his dick like she's sucking candy.

Katrin gets on her own therapy couch on her hands and knees, ass in the air, so Tom can plow her pussy from behind. In that position, we can see Katrin's boobs swing with every thrust.

Will Tom be cured? Who cares? We're here to see Katrin play with her big tits, get dicked-down and enjoy a load of cum in her sweet mouth. He'll need a new therapist after he gets her bill. Hopefully he has insurance.

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Katrin Porto: Sex Therapist

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May 312019
Katrin Porto: Sex Therapist

Tom pays a visit to a new therapist named Katrin Porto. You see, Tom is a boob and ass addict. That's all he can think of and dream about. Boy, did he pick the right therapist. The hot redhead wears the tightest, ass-clinging pants she can find. Katrin offers him all the support he could ever want, starting with bending over to pick up the pen she dropped.

Katrin determines that the proper course of treatment for Tom is for him to first suck on her nipples, then she jerks, sucks, licks and tit-crushes his cock. Then she fuck his brains out. She's hungry for some sticky cum in her mouth and Tom has plenty saved. Will he be cured? Who cares?

Katrin has a very active sex life on-camera and off-camera. You could say her life is sex and sex is her life. "The best foreplay for me is to feel an aroused dick between my buttocks before I strip. Some kisses to my neck while grabbing my ass, feeling his passion and some gentle power. Then licking my pussy."

Katrin talked about some anonymous sex she once had.

"One time a man from the opposite table in a restaurant looked at me and I looked at him. No words. I went outside to smoke and he followed me. I was fucked very quickly in the street with no words said before we returned to our tables. No names, no words."

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London Reigns In Game Of Tits

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May 302019
London Reigns In Game Of Tits

London Reigns got into porn in the spring of 2011. She stopped after a few months that year. Until recently when London contacted XL Girls. London was slim, with big, natural tits in 2011. Now her tits have become huge. Her booty has packed on bootage and her body overall is much thicker. The original London was too slim for XL Girls. Today's London is just right for XL Girls.

London says in this video that her boobs are 36E. We're sure those succulent sucklers are way bigger.

London has a great smile and friendly personality. She turns to show her meaty ass and takes her tits out to show off her now-massive hooters. The camera lingers on her chest as she turns from side-to-side and the slow motion begins.

London gets totally naked and lifts up her heavy boobs to lick her nipples. When her tit play is over, she gets on the couch to make herself cum. A clit-rubber more than a finger-fucker, London spanks one out. We'll see London again when JMac gets his hands on those now-enormous jugs and his cock in her mouth and pussy.

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London Reigns In Game Of Tits

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May 302019
London Reigns In Game Of Tits

We knew who London Reigns was, but when she began doing porn, she was slim with big boobs. She wasn't busty enough for SCORE and too slim for XL Girls. London shot a bunch of porn scenes in 2011 and then dropped out of sight after a few months.

Years later, an email from London arrived at the XL Girls office. Were we interested? This first photo shoot is the answer. London's changed a whole lot since 2011. First of all, her tits are now gigantic with a very good shape. They must be at least three times bigger than they were. She says in the video her tits are 36E but with all due respect, they are much, much bigger. Her ass is fleshier and her waist is much thicker. She's perfect now for XL Girls.

London has a pretty face with a bright smile. Our photographer reported than she was fun to photograph and she enjoyed the camera time. The man has seen many high-quality, big, natural tits and said London's tits impressed him. London's next scene shows her getting a good, solid pounding by big-tit lover JMac who was also impressed.

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Sexy Rose From Australia

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May 242019
Sexy Rose From Australia

XLGirls: So Rose Blush, do you have any funny habits?

Rose: When I'm cleaning the house I like to dance around to music or sing. I'm usually naked when I'm doing it too. Just makes doing housework more fun.

XLGirls: That was the next question. Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or naked?

Rose: I am a nudist at heart. I do most things naked, cleaning, exercising at home, laying around, basically if I'm home I'm undressed, apart from when I'm cooking that is. I've had a few burns in the past.

XLGirls: We imagined you vacuuming naked. Do you know how much your breasts weigh?

Rose: I don't, no. I tried to weigh them once but they didn't fit on the scales.

XLGirls: Do you drive? Do seat belts fit you comfortably?

Rose: Seat belts fit okay. They can slip up to my neck and be uncomfortable at times, but safety first.

XLGirls: Do you ever store things in your cleavage?

Rose: Yep, I always have money, phone or even keys tucked into the side of my bra. Keeps things easily accessible.

XLGirls: What brands of bras do you buy? Where do you buy them?

Rose: I buy Curvy Kate bras mostly. They're a UK brand. I get them from a few online stores as there aren't any stockists locally to me, which really sucks. I haven't bought a bra in a shop since i was 19.

XLGirls: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Rose: Hello. It would show people how friendly I am.

XLGirls: What is something you have tried, but will never do again?

Rose: Ummm, raw tomatoes. I can't stand them. However, I do have an open mind and I like to do things a few times to make sure they really aren't for me.

XLGirls: Do you go to topless or nude beaches?

Rose: I do like to go swimming naked however I find I get sunburned easily on my breasts. Gotta love the sun in Australia.

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