Wet Tee Time

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Sep 082020
Wet Tee Time

Kelli Maxx wets down in the models' dressing room, getting that special tingle as the water runs over her beautiful clit and nipples.

Kelli has a thing for water. Her wildest sexual experience was "Having sex in the parking lot of a shopping plaza in the pouring, freezing rain." The ultimate way to chill out.

Kelli says her special talent is "Hiding all sorts of things underneath and between my boobs. That's been my big talent since I was a teenager." A great talent, in our opinion.

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Cute, Curvy, Naughty

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Sep 072020
Cute, Curvy, Naughty

Curvy CJ Woods talked about this hot hook-up and other horny topics.

XLGirls: How important to you is cock size?

CJ Woods: Size is super important, but you also need to know what you're doing.

XLGirls: What was your favorite position in this scene and why?

CJ Woods: Missionary, with my feet on his chest. While he is very well-endowed, it let me control how deep he went inside me. Also it's one of my all-time fav positions.

XLGirls: What do you like better in boy-girl, making the video or shooting the still set?

CJ Woods: I enjoy both very much! My preference would be the still shots.

XLGirls: You've had facials. In this scene, Juan cums on your boobs. Do you like that in your everyday life? Where do you most-prefer a man to cum?

CJ Woods: I do enjoy facials and cumming on my tits, but my favorite place besides inside me would be on my back and ass.

XLGirls: What are some of the differences for you between having sex back home and having sex with porn studs here at XL Girls?

CJ Woods: At home, I don't have much time for a personal life, so sex is GREAT there!

XLGirls: Do you get together with your closest girlfriends and describe your sexual encounters and the guys you've been with?

CJ Woods: I've never been a kiss and tell kinda girl!

Thank you, CJ.

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Cute, Curvy, Naughty

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Sep 072020
Cute, Curvy, Naughty

XLGirls: What scenes or models have you seen at XL Girls that really excite you?
CJ Woods: Liza Biggs in the pool scene...very sexy.

XLGirls: Do you tell a guy what you like when you're in bed so there's no delay in your satisfaction.
CJ Woods: I'm passive, but I definitely tell my partner what I like, or to not stop, if he's doing something that I'm really enjoying.

XLGirls: What #1 foreplay do you like a man to do?
CJ Woods: I'm a challenge to get turned on, so my partner usually has to put a lot of effort into exciting me. Examples are kissing my neck and ears and going all the way down to my ass. Watching him touch himself is a really big turn on for me.

XLGirls: How should a guy handle your breasts? Soft or hard?
CJ Woods: I like it rough!

XLGirls: What is the most-unusual position you've ever tried?
CJ Woods: Definitely the reverse cowgirl!

XLGirls: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex?
CJ Woods: I love mirrors, especially when I'm giving a blow job.

XLGirls: Do you like to talk dirty in bed? If yes, what are the things you like to say?
CJ Woods: I don't say a lot in bed. But if I'm really into it, I'll tell my partner to slap my ass, suck harder, cum on my ass, things like that.

XLGirls: What makes your nipples hard?
CJ Woods: My partner gently running his fingers or tongue on my side up to my breasts, and teasing me.

XLGirls: Do you like to have your nipples pinched and/or pulled?
CJ Woods: I LOVE it all!

XLGirls: In your personal life, has anyone watched you having sex?
CJ Woods: No, never.

XLGirls: When you saw your first scene with Tony, what did you think? Did you watch it alone or with a guy friend?
CJ Woods: I watched it alone. I really couldn't believe that was me. I've always been very reserved and kind of shy and to think many people were going to see this....

XLGirls: Did you have sex or masturbate while you watched it or after?
CJ Woods: Not the first time I watched it.

XLGirls: When you were growing up, were you always a bigger girl, or did that happen as you matured?
CJ Woods: I wasn't always a big girl. I actually weighed 102 pounds at one time with an 18 inch waist. I was around 28 years old. But I still had a D cup.

XLGirls: Are you able to tell by how a guy touches you whether you want to go any further?
CJ Woods: I can tell more so by the way he looks at me....

XLGirls: When you returned home, did you masturbate and fantasize about your experiences and the guys you had sex with here?
CJ Woods: If I'd had time, I probably would have. Being away from my kids, there's not a lot of time for that when I've been gone.

XLGirls: Any message to members and readers of XL Girls?
CJ Woods: I would like to say, hey! Keep it real. Peace, and always be kind to one another!

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Helen Star’s Perfect Body

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Sep 042020
Helen Star's Perfect Body

Spending the day with Helen Star is an adventure in paradise. This action-packed scene has everything including a mini-trampoline, a jump rope, a lollipop, a vibrator, a workout ball and bikini girl Helen.

"I like to see how guys look when I wear a bikini on holiday," Helen Star said. "Their reactions make me laugh. For some reason, everyone wants to talk to me and buy me lunch and drinks.

"I usually have many problems finding bikinis that fit and do not fall off my breasts. It takes me and my sister, Erin, a long time to find swimsuits and other clothes that fit and also look good. Finding good bikinis for my kind of body takes a lot of time."

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Helen Star’s Perfect Body

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Sep 042020
Helen Star's Perfect Body

As sexy and beautiful as ever, a dish in her bikini and high heels, Helen Star walks towards the camera and then walks away from it, catwalk style. She does the walk three times, then takes off her shoes and struts barefoot.

Standing tall, Helen turns around several times so we can see how her body looks in the bikini, then she takes it off very seductively, playing a tease game. Helen bounces her boobs inside her bikini top, then turns her back to the camera and bends forward to show off her jiggling buns and spank her cheeks.

After she gets her bikini top off, Helen swivels her hips and bounces her breasts. She rubs, claps, bounces, jiggles and swings her heavy tits from side to side.

Helen does the boob drop several times then lifts up her breasts to suck on each nipple, making loud sucking sounds and leaving lipstick circles. Taking off her bikini bottom, Helen dances and gyrates seductively, rubbing her breasts. She turns around, sticks her booty out and rubs, spanks and twerks her cheeks.

There's a lollipop on the table. Helen sucks and licks the lollipop. She rubs it on her nipples and then licks each nipple. Going to the patio, Helen jumps rope, sending her breasts flying. Getting on a mini-trampoline sends her soaring in the air. She sits on a big workout ball and bounces. Her large, soft breasts have gotten some workout.

Leaning back on a couch, Helen reaches for one of her favorite toys and buzzes her pussy while she sucks on her finger and a nipple. She finishes herself off by rubbing her sweet spot with her fingers. What a girl. She's named well, a true Star.

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