Without A Trace of Clothing

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Dec 252018
Without A Trace of Clothing

"I was actually a cheerleader in high school," says stiffy-maker Renee Ross. "I was the girl with the biggest boobs on the cheerleading squad," Renee remembered about her school days. "That was for sure. Sometimes I would jump around and they would pop out. I couldn't even find a sports bra that fit!

"I even did gymnastics at one point. But I had to quit because of my boobs. I couldn't do any of the moves because my boobs had become too big. But I did play softball all through high school. I don't think anyone knew what my face even looked like. I think all they knew about me was big boobs."

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Every Day Is A Hooter Holiday With Blake Emerald

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Dec 242018
Every Day Is A Hooter Holiday With Blake Emerald

"This is the first job I have had fun in, for sure," said Blake Emerald, "My very first job was at Starbucks and that was really fun too." We're convinced that Blake getting naked is the most-fun job for her.

One of the first things we asked Blake was if she has any unique talents.

"I'm double-jointed and I can turn my arms in some odd ways. I also can sleep more hours straight than anyone I have ever met. I have so many fetishes. I am a true switch and I enjoy role playing, taboos, and so much more. I'm super-kink friendly. I love people who have virgin fetishes most!"

Virgin fetishes?

Run that by us again, Blake.

"I mean, I am a virgin so I'd super like to have some really good sex."

More about that in Blake's next scene.

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Getting Freaky With Kiki

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Dec 212018
Getting Freaky With Kiki

Kiki Rainbow is gagging for a shagging. But there is a wrench in the gears.

Her boyfriend, Tom, would rather polish his motorcycle than ride Kiki. Since he keeps his bike in the living room, maybe he'd rather sleep with the bike than with Kiki. This situation needs to be remedied fast.

Kiki talks to Tom as she combs her flowing blond hair and watches him buff his bike. If he doesn't start buffing Kiki, she'll find a stud who will. Kiki realizes that action speaks louder than words. She shoves her huge jugs in his face and that jolts him back to his senses, like tits-and-ass shock treatment. This is Kiki's last attempt at getting cock from this too-easy rider. She pulls out her big pillows and points them in Tom's face.

"I like a hard man who will spank me, pull my hair, punish me for being a bad girl and fuck me roughly," said Kiki, a Brit bra-buster from Cleveland. I love role playing. I think about things like being a naughty schoolgirl who is punished for bad behavior by the headmaster putting me over his knee and spanking me."

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Getting Freaky With Kiki

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Dec 212018
Getting Freaky With Kiki

Kiki Rainbow is dressed and ready to go out. She sits, brushes her long blond hair and watches Tom with some annoyance as he polishes his motorcycle. Now, Tom is the kind of rider who keeps his bike in the living room and lavishes a lot of attention on it. Kiki would rather have that attention on her horny body and get polished just as lovingly.

So Kiki has every right to complain to Tom about where's he's laying his hands. She wants some action and makes sure that Tom knows it by sticking her huge breasts in his face. This wakes Tom up and makes him realize that he'd better keep this lusty dish warmed up all of the time or she's going to find another daddy to dick her down. She drops her dress to expose her heavy British boobs and studiously sucks his boner. Tom catches on quickly that his attention is better saved for Kiki than his bike.

Kiki actually likes bikes. "I like to watch motorsports: drifting, rallying, touring cars and motorbike trials. But I love sucking a big, hard cock better and seeing my partner squirt his creamy load all over my boobs and face or in my mouth so I can swallow it."

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Who’s Got A Crush On Rose Blush?

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Dec 202018
Who's Got A Crush On Rose Blush?

What a girl! What a bod! What tits! Rose Blush is every inch a hottie...and whatever other regional terms her fellow Australians use to describe a very sexy babe.

Rose attracts a lot of attention just by being Rose.

"Usually it's just people turning and staring. I get some lewd comments and some polite compliments. Most often it's people driving past and yelling 'Nice tits,' or 'Show me your tits!' Yelling that out of a car window is definitely not the right circumstance."

Has she ever popped out her treasures in response to the lewd requests to do so?

"Maybe if I've had a bit to drink! I'm just kidding. They've usually driven off before I've had the chance. I love being the center of attention wherever I go. I love my boobs, so I like showing them off. When I go to the beach, I wear a bikini. I do have a one-piece, and it's fairly low-cut. I don't go to topless beaches often, but I have done it before. People just stare at me when my tits are out, but to be honest, they stare even when I'm in my bikini!"

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