Remi Ferdinand Wants a Boyfriend With a Big Dick

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Apr 072023
Remi Ferdinand Wants a Boyfriend With a Big Dick

Remi Ferdinand is in her bedroom writing in her diary about her boyfriend. He's soon to be her ex-boyfriend. Remi is not happy with him. He's not giving her the attention and showing her the appreciation she feels she deserves. She decides he's going to be replaced immediately and phones Lawson, telling him to come over to her place as soon as he can. He knows she's not having him over to say hello.

When Lawson shows up, he doesn't wait to get busy on Remi's big tits. After he sucks them, Remi is fed his big cock and also gets tit-fucked. He drills into Remi's bushy pussy from behind and his dick makes her scream. He puts Remi on her back and plunges deep again. She'll continue to scream during their fucking.

It's Remi's turn to be on top. She mounts his pole in cowgirl position. She grinds on him hard, her ass cheeks pumping, getting every inch inside her pussy. Lawson slaps her cheeks and thrusts fast. Remi stops so she can suck his cock again, licking it like a lollipop and making slurping sounds. She gets on top of him again, this time facing the camera. Flipping Remi on her back, Lawson pounds her in missionary and sideways. He fucks her big boobs and mouth one more time and then jerks off on her tits to Remi's delight. Out with the old boyfriend, in with the new.

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Lola Paradise: Her Body Is a Paradise

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Apr 062023
Lola Paradise: Her Body Is a Paradise

We'll never turn down the chance to follow a girl into the bathroom. Especially when we have a luscious big-boobed babe like Lola Paradise in our studio. Lola demonstrates that a hand-held shower head can be a girl's best friend.

XLGirls: Lola, do you like looking in a mirror during sex or when you masturbate?

Lola Paradise: To be honest, I don't have a lot of chances to see myself in the mirror during sex.

XLGirls: What is something you have tried, but will never do again?

Lola Paradise: Eating raisins! Definitely!

XLGirls: What makes you cum the hardest?

Lola Paradise: Doggie-style!

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex in a car?

Lola Paradise: Yes, I have. Someone hasn't?

XLGirls: Have you ever given a blowjob in a moving car?

Lola Paradise: I think one time. But please don't do this! Stay safe!

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Sofia Deluxe: Hot Chica, Big Boobs

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Apr 052023
Sofia Deluxe: Hot Chica, Big Boobs

Another proud Colombian hottie with a killer body, Sofia Deluxe jumped at the chance to be an XLGirl. Her sex appeal, face, body and beautifully shaped big boobs make this sexy Latina a winner. The camera loves her.

The Colombian tit squad of Sofia, Aly Guzman, Sofia Santana, Isa Gomez, Sofia Damon and other senoritas have matched the high standards set at XLGirls by the eastern European girls over the past years.

"I was the girl with the largest breasts when I was growing up and I still am the girl with the biggest breasts where I live. I like to attract attention with my breasts. I enjoy it. It makes me feel good. So for that, I wear low-cut blouses to show my cleavage. I am very proud of my boobs."

Sofia doesn't speak English, like most of the Colombian tit squad, so our editors add captions. Even so, Sofia and her moves speak to every guy, no matter the nationality and language.

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Happy Endings

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Apr 042023
Happy Endings

"I've been feeling some tightness in my shoulders and back," Suzumi Wilder says. "I was thinking I could use a full-body massage."

Ah, how we wish it were our hands running up and down this full-figured fox. Suzumi signed up for a full-body massage, but what she gets is the hardest pussy-plugging she has ever gotten.

Tony sneaks a peek as she takes her clothes off in preparation for her massage, and understandably, he likes what he sees. Tony does try to keep it professional when he begins, but he just can't help himself as he rubs hot massage oil into Suzumi's soft breasts and plump ass. Suzumi is enjoying it, too, letting out soft moans intermittently.

"Do you have any stressed areas in your inner thighs?" Tony asks.

"Oh, yes," Suzumi responds. "Definitely."

Tony begins massaging her inner thighs before sliding a finger into her cunt. He's hit the soft spot that will release all of Suzumi's pent up stress. Being the master masseur that he is, Tony focuses on the stress inside her cunt, but he'll need something bigger than just his fingers to release it. He needs his throbbing, hard cock--which Suzumi is begging for at this point. And just to be sure Suzumi leaves a satisfied customer, Tony even throws in an anal fuck on the house.

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Hot & Tasty Juggs

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Apr 032023
Hot & Tasty Juggs

This chat with Julia Juggs started out as an interview but quickly got out of hand. These things happen. They happen when an XLGirl is just too hot to handle. Julia is one of these smokers. Very sexy, happy, cheerful, accommodating, pretty and beautifully constructed.

TSG editor Dave greets Julia, who is wearing a quickly removable piece of lingerie over her incredibly sexy and ripe bod and stripper fuck heels on her feet. Julia's huge tits are works of art by nature. A guy could suck on those all day. We give praise when praise is due at XLGirls. Julia really loves anal sex and orgasms. She has a beautiful asshole. This interview will answer many questions. Who are Mary-Kate and Ashley and what do they mean to Julia? Who is Sebastian? Who is Foxy Roxy?

Julia shows off her personal toy that she brought from Las Vegas. It's an erotic whip with a clear dildo for a handle. The handle goes into Julia's ass. She will get on all fours and grind her ass so that the whip part moves like a pony's tail.

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