Customer Service Style

Customer Service Style

We've all shopped at men's clothing stores where the sales staff is as accommodating and as helpful as girl-next-door Kendra Lee Ryan. Yeah, right! In your dreams, Boob Brothers!

Fortunately for Levi, the store is empty. More than surprising, considering that Kendra is running the place. It should be filled with tit-hounds trying to get their hands on her fantastic merchandise. But if it were, then Levi wouldn't be getting his pipe blown out. So here's to quiet, empty stores managed by hot sales chicks.

Kendra helps Levi change his look by dressing him in something new. And then she offers up her lush body, starting with her 40DD sucklers. Man, this is great customer service! He hasn't even paid for his new clothes yet. They really trust guys at this store.

If you love girls who talk nasty and get nasty then Kendra Lee Ryan is the girl for you. "I like my big titties sucked," Kendra informs Levi. "Taste 'em. Rub my fucking nipples, baby. Pinch 'em. You like big fuckin' titties?" Levi is too focused and his mouth is too busy to respond.

Kendra wants the cock right then and there and gets busy. She drops to her knees and goes down on Levi, slurping, licking and sucking his shaft. She jerks his cock while she's sucking his balls and she's awesome at it, burying her face in his nut-bag. He frantically sticks his bone between Kendra's tits and fucks her cleavage. She responds by hawking a glob on it to lube the way, a string of saliva dangling from her lips. "I wanna be your fucking whore!" cries Kendra. Wow! What a mouth! She grips his dick and sucks on it some more. They head over to a couch so Levi can pound Kendra's tight pussy every which way.

"Real women swallow," says Kendra. "Plus I love the taste of cum!'

So now you've been to Kendra's shop. Kendra's dropped her top. She's drained the man-slop. Now comment below and give Kendra some props.

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Kendra Lee Ryan – Meet Kendra

Meet Kendra

Feast your eyes on the boobs, butt and thighs of new arrival Kendra Lee Ryan. An XL Girls studio rep discovered Kendra in a place called California and invited her to join the big party. She accepted.

We don't know if Kendra knew about XL Girls magazine or before we connected. She's worked at retail jobs and was an exotic dancer at Imperial Showgirls for a year when she was 19. She's now an ex-exotic dancer but her excellent pole skills remain.

Kendra loves to read autobiographies and Shakespeare, go bowling, clean house and webcam. She enjoys watching football, basketball and hockey and likes all the Philadelphia teams even though she's from California. Sounds like girlfriend material.

This cutie has big areolae. "I never have to do much to draw attention to my breasts no matter what I wear," Kendra says. "You can always tell they are huge. I only wear a bra when it's really needed. I love wearing low-cut tops and tube-tops. I even make my own!" Sounds like girlfriend material.

Kendra has a horny glint in her eyes. She's just 21 and she likes to cum. "I masturbate two-to-five times a day. I love clitoral stimulation. I've owned, and do own, the best toys. I love cumming. Masturbating makes me genuinely happy."

Now that you've met Kendra and she's shown you every inch, show her some props for revealing the bodacious bounty of her bouncy body.

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Dors Feline – Such A Pretty Pair

Such A Pretty Pair

Brits Dors Feline and Terri Jane were quite a pair in the Dominican Republic where these photos were shot. You never saw airline employees so helpful and courteous. Our studio manager who spent time dressing them for photo shoots and videos called them "two big-titty sisters." They had a lot of things in common. They like singing to Michael Jackson songs. They could store many objects inside their deep cleavage such as cell phones and chihuahuas. Terri Jane has so far appeared in nine magazines and six DVDs. Dors in eight magazines and four DVDs.

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