Sofia Rose – Tits In Your Face

Tits In Your Face

"Sit right there," says beautiful Sofia Rose, practically throwing Rocky into the sofa. She has plans for him. Using his face like a boob shelf, Sofia covers his head with her 52-inch 38JJ knockers. Their sheer size and shape is stunning. The woman is truly blessed. And has a sex hunger to match her bustline measurements.

"Gonna get that cock hard for me? So fucking horny! You wanna see those goddess-size tits, baby?"

Sofia coined the right phrase. "Goddess-size tits" sums them up nicely.

Sofia removes her magnificently-shaped beauties from her bra and squishes and mashes them into his face. How many of us wish for this? All of us? She is a tit-man's walking midnight wet dream.

"I'm gonna make you beg for air," warns Sofia. She forces both nipples into his mouth and he laps up the soft, heavy breastflesh crushing his face. Rarely do you see someone's face tit-massaged like this. Still leaning over Rocky's face, Sofia grabs his dick out of his fly and jacks it. Sofia wants wood and she gets what she wants. She wants to suck it.

Coming around, Rocky's face is abandoned so Sofia can blow and titty-fuck his joint. She even pulls on his ball-bag with her mouth. It doesn't get better and hotter than this.

All the while, Sofia is talking dirty and urging Rocky on. She could make a guy rock-hard just with her voice. Sofia sucks and tit-fucks his cock some more, then tells him it's time.
Time to fuck.

Sofia strips off every stitch and sits on his pole. Grinding away, Sofia rubs her clit. Her snatch gets wetter and wetter as his pipe pumps her plump pussy. She's got the fever. This is going to be a lip-smacking grand finale for the gorgeous Latina!

Go behind-the-sex and see Sofia's exclusive interview in a separate video.

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Sofia Rose – Sofia’s Interview

Sofia's Interview

The curvaceous and sexy Sofia Rose sits with TSG's studio manager to discuss her background, her bra buying habits, what led her to modeling and why she decided to try hardcore scenes after years of solo posing. Sofia is the proud owner of a pair of the best tits we've ever seen and we've seen a lot of tits.

How does Sofia feel about sex on-camera? Does she like female sex partners?

Sofia also talks about a special, somewhat unusual, fetish her partner practices on her (although not all that unusual in some corners of the plumper world).

After wrapping up her chat, Sofia treats us to a bellydance, the T&A way.

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Sofia Rose – Tits In Your Face

Tits In Your Face

Rejoice! Prepare for another hot hump with a plump beauty. The much coveted Sofia Rose is back and face sitting is only one of the many wonderful things she does to her blind date in this all-new XLGirls scorcher. The sultry brunette has a very high-energy, erotic attitude about life, lust and the pursuit of sexual pleasure.

"I like a lot of dirty talk especially if it's someone I've been out with for the evening," Sofia reveals. "The anticipation build-up drives me wild. Once we are in the bedroom, or wherever, I love to dress up and talk dirty, role play as foreplay is always fun."

All fucking positions are fun. Does Sofia have any special favorite positions?

"This is a tough question," Sofia says. "With each partner I enjoy something better than the other. I would say doggie-style but in some instances, I like the man on top, and for him to have the control. Then I've found that I love total control too and me on top. In all ways, I love sex in any position."

Guys love getting their faces squished by Sofia's massive knockers and large ass. Some would call that a fetish, at least from the guys' point-of-view. Is Sofia into any fetishes herself?

"I'm not into one fetish specifically," Sofia says. "I have dabbled and played with most, and pretty much enjoy it all."

Sofia's current partner has a fetish he practices on her at home that she talks about in her video interview. Sorry, no clues.

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Kendra Lee Ryan – Ladies’ Room Voyeur 2

Ladies' Room Voyeur 2

Kendra Lee Ryan continues her T&A revelations in the ladies' room at XLGirls, leaving the toilet stall to shed every piece of clothing and spread and finger her lovely pussy on the floor. She is one red-hot girl and a great find. And lots of fun to peep on. She's as hot at girl-alone play as she is with the cock.

Kendra's favorite foreplay is "sucking dick and using cock to tease my clit. I try to have sex at least twice a day. I love clitoral stimulation along with penetration. I like a little finger play with my ass too. My favorite positions to fuck in are doggie, reverse cowgirl and getting bent over counters."

"I've had sex in public before. I've had sex in movie theaters, tattoo parlors and bathrooms. I hope everyone likes how I spread and fingered myself in the ladies' room. Public places are a turn-on."
More Kendra is coming soon. She'll make your dreams cum true.

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Kendra Lee Ryan – Ladies’ Room Voyeur 1

Ladies' Room Voyeur 1

This is a lengthy shoot-out in The SCORE Group ladies' room that demanded two parts. Newbie Kendra Lee Ryan was turned loose and becomes a voyeur's delight. The watcher and the watched, the peeper and the peeped-on, play mind-fucking games here.

The SCORELAND Blog did a piece about what can go on in the restrooms here on any given day from T&A exposure to straight-on fucking. If the walls could talk....

Kendra is a girl who went all-out in her first trip to XLGirls. She has all the right moves and was off-the-charts for a newcomer. Her first XXX scene "Customer Service XLGirls-Style" was a blazing hot fantasy come to life.

Kendra is an exotic dancer in California and Nevada as well as a cam-model. All eyes are glued to her when she dances on stage. She also digs girls. "I am bisexual and I love licking pussy and pleasing a hot girl."

To be continued.

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