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Renee Ross – A Jackumentary

A Jackumentary

This special video celebrates the greatness that is Renee Ross with behind-the-scenes footage, candid moments, scenes from her movies, tit-talk, and lots of huge-boobed action, the kind that ever smilin' Renee is beloved for.

Among the topics Renee shows, and talks about, are tits, bras, what gets her hot and horny, other girls and their pussies, being on the receiving end of oral sex and one of her favorite sports, hot tit-fucking.

For those who've never seen Renee before, Renee Ross A Jackumentary is a good introduction to this awesome centerfold and covergirl. For Renee fans, a great overview, and a dedication to a sensational model, one of V-mag and XLGirls' most popular babes.

As Renee once said about modeling, "It's actually something that I thought that I would never do. I don't think that I had the self-confidence to put myself out there like that before. When I hear people saying that I am gorgeous or that my pictures are amazing, it just makes me feel really good."

And when Renee Ross feels good, everyone feels good!

Part two is coming soon!

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Lisa Canon gets double banged

It’s time for Lisa to play the Two-Man Booty Party. It’s Lisa Canon vs. two of the biggest-dicked pussy-masters at XLGirls, Carlos and Juan. Juan has banged Lisa before. He introduced Lisa to fucking on-camera, busting her video cherry, and shooting his load into her pussy in Cherry Popped & Cream Pie’d. And then he busted Lisa’s anal cherry in Nurse Super Knockers. Check it all out!

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Plump Porsche Dali

Does Porsche Dali spit or swallow if a man cums in her mouth? “Normally I will swallow and suck that cock clean. If the man I am with asks for me to spit, I am more than happy to oblige. There have been times when the guy I was with wanted to me to spit their cum out on my tits and watch it run down my body. Cum on my tits is so sexy!” See more of Porsche Dali at XL Girls!

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Marilyn Mayson – Ultra Hottie

Ultra Hottie

Marilyn Mayson's latest is September '13 XLGirls magazine (SP #253). In this excerpt, she talks to an editor about one of her favorite things.

XLGirls: You like creampies?
Marilyn: That's like my my fetish fantasy.
XLGirls: What is it about creampies that gets you off?
Marilyn: I don't know. It's just something about feeling the guy spurting in my pussy that feels really good. It makes me cum, too.
XLGirls: Harder?
Marilyn: Ooh, yeah! They're cumming and for me it's!
XLGirls: Do you like it when guys cum on your boobs, that kinda thing?
Marilyn: I do. And some guys have great tasting cum and I love to swallow it.
XLGirls: But not all guys?
Marilyn: No. Unfortunately not.
XLGirls: Have you heard that rumor that if a guy eats a lot of pineapple it will fix the taste of his jizz?
Marilyn: Yeah, but, unfortunately, most guys don't like fruit.
XLGirls: Well, guys, get your vitamin pineapple in...

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