Shyla Shy – The Shyla Shy Jackumentary

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Sep 302013
The Shyla Shy Jackumentary

Shyla Shy came our way at the very end of 2008. A Florida girl, Shyla first tried to get into mainstream modeling, like brassiere catalog work, but she was greeted with a chilly reception.

"I'd go on calls, and they'd tell me I wasn't tall enough, or my boobs are too big, or I don't weigh the right amount," Shyla said. "I was supposed to do another video for a record modeling company. I told them I was 170 pounds, and he said, 'Send me a picture.' So I did, and he said no. He said I wasn't skinny enough."

Their loss was the T&A man's gain when Shyla tried adult modeling. She saw no shame in this game. "I had no problem with getting naked in front of the camera," Shyla told one of TSG's editors on her first day here.

"My boobs started growing when I was about 12. I always had the biggest boobs of any girl in my class. I thought they were going to keep growing forever, and then they stopped when I was 16." But Shyla's jizzable jugs didn't stop growing as you regulars know. If you don't know, you'll see in this Jackumentary.

This special XLGirls "Jackumentary" is dedicated to Shyla. She has now retired after a very horny four year run, longer than the average model who bares all. We will look back and marvel at Shyla's past four years, from her beginning through her Mamazon, pre-pregnant and pregnant scenes and climaxing with her recent post-preggo time.

Quiet and unassuming, the word "shy" in Shyla's name was not a mistake. But her actions spoke way louder than her words. It's hard to believe that Shyla won't be bouncing and jiggling at the XLGirls' studio anymore. But the pictures and videos will always be here to enjoy over and over again.

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Skye Sinn – Double-Dicked 38DDD Blonde

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Sep 272013
Double-Dicked 38DDD Blonde

It's double-dick time for the amazing 38DDD blonde known as Skye Sinn. Yes, two dudes will be given to Skye this time at Their assignment: pleasure Skye well and make her feel like a million bucks. Make that two million.

Skye is 5'9" in her bare tootsies so in her big black pumps she towers over her two temporary boyfriends like the statue of a goddess come to life. They're up for the mission, or...they will be in a minute or so once Skye starts on them with her expert hand and oral skills. With one prick getting licked by her pierced tongue and the other in the grip of her soft, warm palm, their poles are facing north in no time.

Skye's large sucklers provide plenty of sweet-tasting flesh for these blokes to kiss and suck on. All three climb onto the bed to finger-poke her honey-coated candy-box and continue the nipple sucking. Meanwhile, Skye is jerking them with a firm hand.

Who's the first to have the honor of sticking his dick into Skye? When Skye turns around to get on her knees, ass-high, to deep-throat one lucky lad, the other comes around and prepares to make the initial approach to her shaved landing strip. With a thrust, he lands safely but their flight to fantasy-land is far from over. The adventure that is Skye Sinn has only begun.

Two dudes; one Skye. The odds are in her favor.

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Skye Sinn – Double-Dicked 38DDD Blonde

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Sep 272013
Double-Dicked 38DDD Blonde hottie Skye Sinn has a big appetite for life and a big lust for cock. It's time now to double Skye's pleasure with two guys. They are here to serve and give Miss Sinn a double-feature fuck.

Skye's men work over the huge, huge tits that look ready to pop out of her purple and black lacy brassiere. A knock-out sight in her skyscraper heels, Skye towers over these two dudes. She's got that Amazon thing going. It'll be an adventure in climbing to new heights.

Skye gives Rocky a nipple-sandwich while Tony sticks his fingers past her pussy-gates and digitizes her pinky-hole. The sensations of Rocky's tongue licking her nipples excites Skye and the same thrill-ride is happening down below.

Skye drops to her knees on the floor and takes both dicks in hand. She sucks and pulls on each one, then gets on the bed, both guys at her sides. She keeps jerking them as Rocky finger-bangs her hard.

Now who's gonna be first to fill Skye's lovely lady-box? The question is answered when Skye gets on her knees to blow Tony giving Rocky the chance to come around and fuck Skye from behind! This is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Three is definitely company. Always a pleasure, Skye Sinn.

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Micky Bells – Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

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Sep 262013
Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

It's Euro-cowgirl time for 36J-cupper Micky Bells, looking very American west in her fetching costume. She's ready to ring your bells. Micky doesn't sing but she does have a place to hold that microphone.

Miss Bells did play around once with a karaoke machine with Natalie Fiore and Japanese top-pop star Hitomi when they were in Mexico for the movie On Location Puerto Vallarta.

"Sometimes men are intimidated because of my boobs," says Micky who speaks in soft, low-tones that often sound like a purr. "A lot of men have never seen boobs as big as mine, so they are taken aback."

The funniest pick-up attempts Micky's ever heard, and she hears plenty of them from crude to suave, were "Do you have a twin sister?" and "Is your mom available?"

Every inch a super-natural, Micky's unstoppable curves and her sensuous, delicate style has made her a goddess in the eyes of thousands of guys. "I do not play sports," says Micky. "I like to go for long walks in beautiful areas and I like to play games. I don't think I have any special talents unless you consider sucking my own nipples a special talent." Actually, we do, Micky and in that, you are extremely talented. In fact, we could watch you do that for hours.

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Micky Bells – Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

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Sep 262013
Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

"I like all kinds of music, but I think that soft rock is my favorite," says Micky Bells, one of the all-time greatest-ever big-bust stars. Micky may not be the singing cowgirl here in this karaoke joint but she does have a fine place to store her microphone. Right inside her prodigious cleavage. She won't need a mike stand.

Even without the singing, there's plenty of fun ahead as Micky peels off her wild wild west costume (she looks very cute and sexy in it) and gets down to pleasuring her huge tits and lovely, cuddly body until she achieves blast-off.

Micky wanted to do something that made her feel confident and sexy. Deciding to become a model and go bare was the best decision she could have made for a grateful world. Women spend thousands of dollars to get tits not even half as big as hers.

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