Susie Wilden – Two English Girls

Two English Girls

It was an awesome encounter when big British babesters Susie Wilden and Laura Bailey met and licked nipples and cookies for a one-time only match-up. Retired from modeling, Laura loves to sing, travel, and spend time with her friends. It's not unusual for Laura to travel for six-to-eight months at a time. She loves exploring the culture and history of other countries. She's also dedicated to rescuing greyhounds and finding new homes for them.

Laura developed young. "I was 13 years-old when my big boobs began to grow," Laura said in an early interview. "I wore a 34 DD-cup bra at 13."

James once wrote, "Laura Bailey is just perfect to me. I fell in love straight away. She has the loveliest smile, velvet soft skin, perfect blue eyes, her beautiful boobs are just wonderful and the rest of her gorgeous, all-natural, voluptuous body is, in one word, perfect." She has that effect on guys. They fall in love.

Susie Wilden was also an early developer. "I was the first in my school to have these wonderful things, and boys would tease me," Susie said during a visit to The SCORE Group. "I was a little ashamed of them at first, but they kept growing and growing, and then all the guys loved 'em. They just couldn't stop looking at 'em. I was wearing tight shirts with tight sweaters. I went on vacation this one time, and when I came back, they'd grown even more, and my mother checked underneath ...cause she thought I'd had an operation done to make 'em bigger. They just kept growing and growing."

"You know, even guys who really like big breasts are sometimes intimidated by mine. They don't like to touch them, like they're afraid. In America, I'm a G-cup. In English sizes, I'm a 36 double-J. When I go home my nickname is Double-J because I'm a double-J."

Susie retired from modeling somewhat abruptly also. This pair-up on Mammary Lane is one of those rare events in XLGirls history.

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Lisa Canon: Nurse Super Knockers

Lisa Canon: Nurse Super Knockers

"Lisa Canon: Nurse Super Knockers" features the very talented and well-loved country girl of XL Girls. When XL Girls discovered Lisa, the staff was in awe of her and her natural talents. She really took to taking her clothes off, showing off her big boobs, ass and pussy and having wild sex on-camera.

Lisa is a horny and eager nurse at Hooter Hospital, no place for sick men. It looks like this unfortunate man has busted his head open but his bad luck turns to good luck because his nurse is Lisa Canon, Nurse Super Knockers.

Will Nurse Lisa cure him? Hey, it didn't take him very long to get out of that wheelchair and get between Lisa's super-knockers. She has helped him walk again, not to mention get a boner, fuck her mouth, pussy and butthole and blow a load of cum onto her magnificent big boobs. The look of satisfaction on Lisa's face as she yanks Juan's crank to extract that last drop of sperm on her jugs is beyond priceless.

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Laura Bailey – Two English Girls

Two English Girls

Hugely popular models in the early '00's, Laura Bailey and Susie Wilden only crisscrossed once in their relatively short photo-careers and that was by invitation.

At a TSG studio in London, Laura's reading SCORE magazine on a bed when Susie walks over with a copy of January 2001 Voluptuous that features a pictorial of Laura. They look at the layout. Susie is impressed. She reaches over and feels Laura's big boobs. Girls can do that, usually without formal permission.

It takes no time for the two English girls to pull their dress straps down and go topless so they can really explore the weight, size and feel of their supremely big boobs.

This leads to French kissing, mutual breast kissing and sucking, pussy-fingering and ass-play. Then the girls pull out the portable boyfriends, thick fuck-toys meant to give orgasmic ecstasy. They seem to instinctively know each others' bodies as well as they know their own even though they've never met until this moment.

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Arianna Sinn – Arianna The Voyeur

Arianna The Voyeur

When Miosotis and Arianna were finished with their girl-sex party in part two of Mammary Mambo, Arianna told Miosotis, "Now I'm going to watch you fuck him."

Mio is eager for that after seeing Shane fuck Arianna from a few inches away in part one and then enjoying Arianna's sweet honey-trap in part two.

After enjoying multiple orgasms, Arianna now wants to watch Miosotis give John a blow job, her bigger than big boobs actually resting on her thighs! Those tits are beyond belief. They stagger the imagination, yet they are real, incredibly real!

"Do you like her sucking your cock?" Arianna asks John. She touches Mio's KKK jugs and loves the feel. Mio and Arianna became close on this trip to the tropics and although they live thousands of miles apart, they are boob sisters at heart.

"Yeah, baby. Make him cum so hard," Arianna says. "Titty-fuck him. Put these enormous tits around his cock." Arianna is normally highly erotic but she has never been so lascivious and salacious before. It must be the place and Mio doing this to her.

Arianna watches inches away as he plows his cock through Mio's enormous knockers. She takes his cock from between Mio's cleavage and kisses it, then spits on it. She wants him to stick it in Mio's pink-box and fuck her hard. Mio can't wait for this.

Arianna sits on a bar stool nearby, smiling, as the couple dirty dance the Mammary Mambo.

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Arianna Sinn – Arianna The Voyeur

 Arianna The Voyeur

"Now I'm gonna watch you fuck him," big boob goddess Arianna Sinn says to tit queen of the Dominican Republic, Miosotis. The guy Arianna is talking about has been waiting right there and enjoying the sensational sight of Arianna and Mio having sex (seen previously in part 2). Arianna makes it seem like a command not a request. Miosotis is eager to comply. She needs cock inside her too after seeing Arianna get fucked by Shane. Mio stood just inches away as her friend was grinding her hips with Shane's rod inside her pussy. Mio doesn't want to be left out of the hot fun.

Just like Mio did to her, Arianna stands by as Mio sucks off John. It is a supernatural sight. Mio's tits are so gigantic, they rest on her thighs in a sitting position. It is supremely unearthly.

Arianna can't help but to reach out and touch Mio's tits while she is busy sucking John. Mio holds her tits by the nipples while John is tit-fucking Mio. This is rarely seen. Most girls hold their tits by the sides while they are being boob-banged. But Mio is not most girls. While he is tit-fucking Mio (an unbelievable sight), Arianna takes his dick out of Mio's cleavage and kisses the head. She spits on his cock, a non-verbal signal for him to begin fucking Mio. A smile appears on Arianna's face as she sits on a bar stool and watches them do the Mammary Mambo.

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