Blonde Bombshell

Blonde Bombshell

Jes Craven said she does something called strip-aerobics. Jes doesn't play any sports but says she's a big football fan and loves the Buffalo Bills. Her most-fun job was dancing at Scott Wood's Solid Gold. With Jes dancing, it's no surprise that Scott had wood.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon and living in New York, Jes connected with XL Girls' studio through Twitter. In her spare time, Jes is into crafts. Screen-printing T-shirts, making greeting cards, sewing lingerie and other artsy activities make her happy.

Jes has a few fetishes. "Nothing too crazy," she says. "Just a little choking, hair pulling and spanking." When she masturbates at home, she uses a Hitachi Magic Wand, a gizmo that seems to be the toy of choice for many TSG models across the board.

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Blonde Bombshell

Blonde Bombshell

Jes Craven was spotted on Twitter by a titter-seeking TSG model rep and they connected. In the first part of this introductory video, Jes tells us a bit about her background and talks tits. How to handle them and what she likes done to them, like massaging. Nothing that leaves a bite mark.

Jes is very happy, giggly and bubbly, a lot of fun to hang with. Her most-fun job was dancing at Scott Wood's Solid Gold.

"I look like a bad girl but I'm pretty nice, I think," says Jes. Our director mentions to Jes that girls can legally go topless in New York City.

After the tit-chat, Jes gets comfy, naked and shows off every inch, fingering her pierced pussy and rubbing her nipples.

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Cream My Pussy

Cream My Pussy

It's a Marilyn White fuck-party at XL Girls. She'll be blowing out Rocky's candle to celebrate and cumming hard herself. The camera is not this inanimate machine operated by a man silently recording her getting humped by a stranger. It's an added stimulant for Marilyn's sexual imagination and fantasies that's led her to transition from a porn shop clerk to a solo model masturbating with big toys to an exotic dancer to an XL Girls porn star (Chubby N' Fucked 2, Super-Sized Rides 4).

Knowing her videos and photo spreads are being enjoyed by countless eyes is a huge turn-on for her. This is a naturally lusty girl who's letting it all out and experiencing her erotic fantasies, the kind most women just like to read about and experience vicariously.

You may recall what Marilyn said about her interests. "I'm into multiple partners, big tits, creampies, tit-fucking, big cocks and BDSM."

Let's review.

Multiple partners. Check. (Her second scene, "The Good, The Bad & The Busty.")

Big tits. Check.

Tit-fucking. Check.

Big cocks. Check.

Creampies. With this scene, check.

BDSM. Maybe in the future.

There are still more of Marilyn's fantasies for her to make a reality.

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Cream My Pussy

Cream My Pussy

Marilyn White: busty and tight. She makes it right.

Marilyn's large 38H-cup sucklers fall out of her monokini-style lingerie when she bends forward to bring up the rear. Marilyn has plump goodness on both sides, front and back. Are those nipples erect already?

While Marilyn is still bent over, a palm spanks her ass-cheeks again and again. Her stud has arrived. He plays with Marilyn's big boobs and butt. They're irresistible. Marilyn strips totally naked before she gets on his junk. Stockings, heels and lingerie get tossed away. She stretches out on the bed and opens her mouth, her finger inside her pussy.

Rocky holds her head, sticks his cock in her mouth and pumps it in and out. Marilyn's cheeks bulge with every in-stroke. She moans, thinking about what he'll do to her while the XLGirls' camera runs. Rocky gets on his back and Marilyn rests her tits on his thigh while her head bobs up and down on his cock. His hand holds the back of her neck. Her talented tongue works its magic.

Marilyn gets on her back so Rocky can wedge his skinflute inside her cleavage, her hands squeezing her tits together to trap it. She makes popping sounds when she sucks on the tip as it approaches her face.

Rocky moves behind Marilyn and feeds her again. She gags as his balls dangle in her face. He takes his cock out of her mouth so he can dip his nuts into it. Marilyn licks and sucks his balls, then he throat-fucks her again.

Rocky stands by the bed. With a smile on her lips, Marilyn gets up and turns around to offer him her back. It's time to do the doggie-dance and Marilyn is eager to take his cock deep inside her pussy. This is only her third boner-bounce but she has really taken to sex on-camera and shows great eagerness and horny enthusiasm. A torrent of dirty talk pours out of her mouth when Marilyn is getting deep-fucked in missionary, her hand rubbing her clitty. She wants that cum squirted into her pussy and her excitement is at a fever pitch.

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