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Dulcinea – Busty Masterpiece

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Sep 302014
Busty Masterpiece

Dulcinea is a busty masterpiece and the people at XL Girls are not just chasing windmills when they declare that. This first-time XL Girl will make you want to play hooky from work and spend all day on her debut appearance.

Dulcinea loves to be massaged, fingered and licked. She loves to be teased and says erotic massage and oral sex are perfect for her.

The brunette bra-buster is a swinger and says her hottest time was "At a club in their playroom with several other couples doing sex acts and many people watching. It felt like we were the only people in the room and, at the same time, like everyone was watching. I love that kinky thought that someone was getting off watching me!"

"I love eating out girls. My best experience was a threesome in missionary and the other girl between us. When I came, I just buried my head in her breasts. It was so amazing!"

Check out the beautiful face, body and big boobs of Dulcinea and after you've calmed down, head over to "Meet Dulcinea," a video chat in the models' dressing room. Stay tuned for more of Dulcinea coming soon (and cumming) in her first boy-girl scene at XL Girls.

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Dulcinea – Meet Dulcinea

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Sep 302014
Meet Dulcinea

Meet lovely Dulcinea. She doesn't come from Spain. She comes from the aptly named City of Angels, Los Angeles, and this is her first time modeling. She chose XL Girls to make her debut because of our reputation for first-class treatment of our models. Dulcinea explains that she's recently experienced a sexual awakening and a need to be more comfortable with her body. That's why she's trying sexy modeling.

With a gleam in her eyes, Dulcinea describes herself as "bubbly," and a girl who likes to laugh. The kind who doesn't take herself too seriously. The kind we call a GND or girl-next-door. The kind who endears herself to guys the second they see her.

You won't learn everything there is to know about Dulcinea in this video-chat but you'll get to know her as well as anyone can in a few minutes (not unlike speed dating). She mentions what's in the cards at XL Girls so prepare now for Dulcinea's first boy-girl scene coming soon! And it's not with Don Quixote. Or Sancho.

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Dulcinea – Busty Masterpiece

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Sep 302014
Busty Masterpiece

Prepare to go insane. Prepare to telephone work and call in sick so you can spend the afternoon checking out New Discovery Dulcinea. She has a fantastic body, a beautiful face and great big boobs.

Dulcinea will explain the source of her name if it's unfamiliar to you. "I have been told several times that I have a lovely name but oftentimes men do not approach me like that. I prefer to be hit on by women."

You know at first glance that Dulcinea gets a huge amount of attention wherever she goes.

"Especially at the gym! I feel so feminine and I'm able to offer people something that is really sexually exciting. I always wear a bra and two at the gym to keep them in good shape."

"My hobbies are art and design. In my spare time, I like to take and edit photos, work with graphic design, write and read."

Dulcinea was actually looking for a job behind the camera utilizing those skills but she's too special to not try modeling so she accepted XL Girls' invitation as she explains in this video. When it comes to treating models well during their stay, the XL Girls studio is far superior to any schlock imitators.

You will be seeing much more of Dulcinea and in boy-girl action, coming soon.

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Miss Annika: My First Day of Naughty Mistress Fun!

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Sep 302014

I am enjoying my first night on this site because you simply cannot resist the allure of Mistress directing and controlling your hands and cock. Your dick is always drippy with pre-cum in free chat, and you're dying to show me the filthy ways you can work that cum tribute out for me. You're always touching and rubbing yourself, on camera for me. I know your dirty little secret, that you log on when you're all alone to show your Mistress the filthy habits you indulge in when you're all alone. I laugh, I giggle, I get off on watching you on camera. I am enjoying all the generous gentlemen on this new site that understand how to show a naughty lady a good time. Not all of my online friends are dirty little cum sluts and sissies. Some of you are strong, powerful men that just want to relax with a woman who can converse on your level, with a flirty kinky twist. You enjoy playing dolly dress up with me, having me try on stockings, heels, and play with my toys. I am delighted to have played tonight and am eager to see you again. mmmm.... delicious naughtiness. Bye for now my darlings! Miss AnniKa

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