Anna Beck – Tasty Tourist

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Oct 312014
Tasty Tourist

Anna Beck is a tourist lost in a strange city. By chance, George is cycling by and notices the beautiful stranger studying a map. He stops to offer some assistance out of the goodness of his heart, not to mention Anna's bodaciously boobalicious balcony and her sexy, plump body. He offers to guide Anna back to her hotel. She invites him up and offers him wine. They look at the photos Anna has taken as George suavely makes his move.

He asks if he can touch her boobs. Anna's not sure but lets him anyway and within seconds, he's sucking on her sweet nipples and palming her heavy, blue-veined breastmeat and going crazy. She leans back so George can feel her pussy and stick a finger inside. Not so shy anymore, Anna feels his junk and licks her lips, staring at him. She wants it.

"Suck my cock?" George asks.

Anna pulls off his cycle pants and yanks his instantly rigid pole. She is the kind of girl who creates wood just by looking at a guy. Holding her big, quivering jugs, Anna gives him the only kind of lip service that's worthwhile. George spreads her smooth legs open and kneels to give Anna lip service as well. That seals the deal for Anna. He fingers her juicy box some more while he savors her unbelievable tits. Anna is now ready to feel the cock inside her pussy.

Anna gets turned around so her ass is facing him. He fucks her from behind, increasing the force and speed of the thrusts as her tight cunt grips his shaft. Anna's tits hang in this position. No tourist photo ever taken is this exciting. The room fills with the sound of hips and butt loudly smacking together on the in-stroke.

Anna gets on her back so she can be tit-fucked. While she holds her quivering globes in both hands, massaging his shaft, her snatch is finger-spanked again.

Their fucking is far from over. They want to do sideways pumping. Anna holds her tits, pulling on her nipples, her hips grinding as she is drilled. Once that satisfies them, they're ready for a fresh pounding position.

Tasty tourist Anna Beck will be visiting this city again one day. The locals are very friendly and eager to help.

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Anna Beck – Tasty Tourist

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Oct 312014
Tasty Tourist

When a pretty girl with enormous, beautifully-shaped breasts and a lush body needs assistance, she will never want for the attention of helpful men. Such is the case with popular Anna Beck who did a complete 180-degree turn compared to her original XL Girls shoots.

It's true that Anna stops traffic cold and that also includes cyclists. George sees Anna studying her map at the entrance to a park after she has taken a few selfies. He stops immediately and looks back at this vision. Then he makes his move.

A tourist, Anna is lost in the city and she needs directions to her hotel. Helpful George guides Anna to her hotel and she invites him up to her room. It's tat-for-tat and a little chat.

Anna pours George a glass of vino and pulls out her camera to show him the pictures she has taken during her visit. He tries to avoid staring at her chest but her massive mounds of cleavage in her low-cut dress just can't be ignored, at least not by someone in his right mind. He asks Anna if she is traveling alone. She is.

With his foot in the door, George wants to get another body part in another area. He carefully begins asking Anna some probing questions without coming on too strong. Lavishing praise on Anna's comely and colossal chest, he asks if he can touch them.

"I don't know," Anna says, slightly flustered. "I'm shy." It's now or never for George so he makes his move and softly plays with them, kissing and rubbing them. Soon they'll be fucking thanks to a random act of kindness and the magnetic power of big, juicy tits.

What a babe Anna Beck is!

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Lavina Dream – Dream Girl

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Oct 302014
Dream Girl

Here's a beauty who brings out the tit-lover in any red-blooded man. Proudly showing her extreme curves in a very tight, green one-piece dress, Lavina Dream has a bunch of bras on her bed and she wants to try them on for you. Lavina brought them all the way from home just to model them.

Trying on each bra, Lavina sucks on her nipples and shakes her massive, gorgeous knock-knocks hands-free. With her bright pink bra dropped below her tits, Lavina proves she enjoys hard wood by wrapping her hooters around her bed post and squeezing them together.

"Do you like this?" Lavina asks in her Romanian-accented English (she sounds exactly like fellow Romanian superstar Arianna Sinn). What's not to love?

Some girls get horny with a camera trained on them and Lavina is one of them. She ends her bra try-ons and gets on the bed to spank her sexy clit and pussy. While Lavina's getting her O-face on, she continues to deeply sink her fingers into her heavy, fully-packed breast-meat and suck on her nipples.

Like American XL Girl Sarah Rae, Lavina is very oral when it comes to her own nipples. The girl can't keep her mouth off her perky pointers. She should wear bras with holes cut into them where the nipples meet so she can grab the occasional suck when she goes out.

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Lavina Dream – Dream Girl

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Oct 302014
Dream Girl

Lavina Dream knows she has a special body. Lush. Plush. Tasty. The camera loves her. We think Lavina knows the extreme joy she brings to T&A lovers just from the way she dresses. In this pictorial and matching video, Lavina tries on some of her favorite bras, then faps herself into cum-town. She brought these bras all the way from Bucharest to wrap around her big tits. She has good taste in underwear and hot clothes like this skin-tight green dress she begins her shoot in.

"I dress sexy all the time so people can see how big my boobs are," says Lavina in her soft-spoken Romanian-flavored English. "I like to wear very tight dresses and blouses so guys can see how my bust sticks out. This is my bra show and I brought some of my sexiest bras. I don't always wear a bra. It depends on what I wear. If I am going out for the night or to someplace special, I will wear my best bras. At home, I never wear a bra and I like to wear something loose."

"After I stop my modeling, I want to become a masseuse. I have been going to school to get a certificate. I will always remember my modeling with SCORE and the wonderful time I had in the Dominican Republic [XL Girls On Location] with beautiful girls. I dream of traveling to exciting places and this was a dream that came true."

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Alana Lace – Pound My Mounds

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Oct 292014
Pound My Mounds

Alana Lace has a pair of tits we could stare at all day. And we would if this lovely young lady didn't have fucking to do. Alana's latest hardcore scene opens with the camera zoomed in on her best asset: her 38DDD tits. That isn't to say Alana Lace isn't a cute chick. She definitely is. But a rack like this deserves your undivided attention.

Our friend Carlos Rios feels the same way. He makes a beeline for her soft, heavy naturals when he enters the scene. He's squeezing and fondling them and Alana frees them from her overmatched bra to assist him. Alana's tits may be her greatest asset, but Carlos is going to enjoy every single asset she has. He tears open Alana's fishnet stockings at the crotch area so he can stroke and lick her pussy. Even though this is just the foreplay, Alana is already dripping wet.

"Oh, make that pussy wet," Alana says. "You're making that pussy wet."

And Alana is making us rock-hard. Alana teases Carlos' cock through his boxers, nibbling on it through his shorts. Carlos finally pulls out his throbbing member and stuffs it into her hungry mouth. She goes to work on Carlos, sliding his dick all the way down her throat a few times, showing off her skills.

By the time Carlos is finally ready to fuck her, his man-meat is nice and lubed up from her expert cock-suck and ready for her plump, pink pussy. Carlos fucks her missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before he pulls out and shoots his load onto her tits.

"Thank you for cumming on my tits," Alana says with a smile.

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