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Samantha – Big Girl Boob Bang Part 5

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Mar 312015
Big Girl Boob Bang Part 5

The babes of Big Girl Boob Bang wrap their giant boobs around cocks and go out with a wet bang in this closing chapter. When it comes to boner-boning with their tits, no one does it better.

Samantha38G: "When it comes to tit-fucking, my skills are well-known. Men love it."

Samantha Kay: " In high school, I had the biggest boobs in school. I wear a 44 double-D bra but my measurement is 46 double-D. If I'm in bed with you, I'd like to see your cock between my tits and I want you to suck on my tits to make me cum."

Trish Bailey: "Tit-fucking is something I didn't know much about until I started making videos at SCORE. The guys you hire like to tit-fuck and I guess your readers expect to see it."

Wonder Tracy: "I can hide any size cock between my tits. Give me the biggest you have and I can show you."

Sasha Brabuster: "I would say that one of the things that guys want to do to me is fuck my boobs. I think all men who are crazy about breasts love this. Maybe some are too shy to directly say this."

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Kimmie Kaboom – Wine & Dine

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Mar 302015
Wine & Dine

Wow! This is like being on a dinner date with Kimmie Kaboom.

First, a glass of wine. And then, Kimmie gets frisky, showing you her massive, massive melons and then placing them on the table.

Meanwhile, under the table, Kimmie's shifted aside her panties and is playing with her pink pussy, rubbing and spanking it. It's worth crawling under the table for a closer look. Isn't she the bold one.

Kimmie needs to get really comfortable so she stands up, drops her dress and shoves her big tits in your face. She turns and does the same with her booty. There's a rug near the table. It's a good place for Kimmie to lay down and stretch out. She's hot and she needs to get her cookies baked!

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Kimmie Kaboom – Wine & Dine

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Mar 302015
Wine & Dine

A date with Kimmie Kaboom? Who wouldn't jump at the chance. Usually Kimmie likes to go out, catch a movie or check out a car show. But she'll hang indoors also for dinner. Her huge boobs are on the menu. How do you like your breasts? Big, plump and juicy? Kimmie's all about that. If you're a gentleman, she'll add a wet pussy show as dessert.

Kimmie's your all-American, down-home chick but she can get freaky-deaky sometimes. "My kinkiest experience was when I had sex with a boyfriend in his house while his wife was home. I know, bad girl!"

Kimmie's developed a huge following since she debuted in September, 2014. She's a go-getter and regularly tweets, does web-cam Live Chats and started a website. She can make your cock go ka-boom.

It's wine and dine time!

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Sekret Nicole: New Me

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Mar 282015

I am finally getting the hang of this it is a mixture of fantasy and reality. I have to just be.myself but at the same time be.the goddess both reachable yet always just out of reach. The allure and mysterious personification of who i am and what i could become. So i will just be myself and if that is what you want to see a real person just living life making her way step by step in the fast pased rat race called life then my room is where you want to be .i am able to carry on a conversation about almost anything.and even get you and myself off while having fun spending time in a enjoyable and enchanting environment then my room is where you will want to be so make.sure you add me to your favorites and leave a review as to how you feel about the time you spend.with me in my home in my room in my own little private time that i am willing to share with each and every one of you. And i will be making a fan club as soon as i am no longer a greenhorn. I plan to be spending.a lot.more time online pretty much every time i am awake,so come and stay...

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Anna Beck – Anna’s First 3Some

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Mar 272015
Anna's First 3Some

When Anna Beck debuted in 2010, she was a bashful blonde who only shot solo scenes. Heck, she was so shy, even getting a photo with a full-view of her pink pussy was a treat. A treat we gladly jerked off to because with her sweet smile and heavy bust, she was still a smoking-hot fantasy babe.

But, oh boy, when Anna returned last year, that was when we really got something special. Now a brunette, her more mature look perfectly complemented her increased confidence. A G-cupper when she debuted, her mams had grown to plush, suckable M-cups. Everything about Anna was bigger and better. But that wasn't even the best part. Anna was now ready and eager to jump on the saddle and ride cock on-camera. And the Brotherhood of XL Men went wild.

Wrote spacemonkey following Anna's first XXX scene: "Fantastic video! Many thanks to Anna. This video alone makes my subscription worth every penny. How about an encore where Anna takes on 2 dicks at once?"

Your wish is our command. Anna is taking on a pair of hung and horny studs in her latest hardcore scene. Take a seat, fellas, because this one is off-the-charts hot.

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