Monica Love – Showers Naked, Gets Naughty

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Dec 312015
Showers Naked, Gets Naughty

Monica Love has her hair up because it's shower time and everyone loves seeing a plump morsel get wet and soapy. Monica enters the bathroom in a lacey negligee but doesn't take it off before she gets into the tub. That's because she's going to shower in her negligee, and take it off a few minutes later. Every inch of her delectable, chubby body is a paradise of pulchritude.

"Men will say to me, 'Monica, how big and beautiful your eyes are' and they are looking at my breasts," Monica said, laughing. "I understand them and I think that it is funny. I know they cannot help themselves."

"My sexual fantasy is to be with a girl. I've never done this but I would like to try it at least once." Monica didn't say what kind of girl she wants, whether tall, short, plump, slim or busty. But she wants someone who likes to play with nipples and enjoys cunnilingus.

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Monica Love – Showers Naked, Gets Naughty

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Dec 312015
Showers Naked, Gets Naughty

Sweet-faced 38DDD-cupper Monica Love is new to modeling yet she has the confidence and poise of a girl who's been doing this a long time. She's got a natural talent for being filmed. Very cheery, happy and bubbly, Monica is a pleasure to watch. In her candid holiday video, Monica measured her big and bouncy 44-inch tits which spread good will and even more holiday cheer. Today, she bathes and plays. Monica has all the right assets.

Says Monica, "I love to wear high heels so I think you could call that a fetish of mine, in a way. I have many high heels. I like to see men glance at my feet the way they look at my breasts. I enjoy caressing my body. I like to caress myself with my fingers at home and slowly bring myself to orgasm. Now it pleases me to do this at XL Girls so guys can see the videos and pictures. It goes beyond pleasuring myself at home."

"A woman like Monica is the best way to keep the winter and the rest of the year sizzling HOT!" commented "chinageen."

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Monica Love – Happy New Year Greeting

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Dec 312015
 Happy New Year Greeting

Monica Love pops the cork celebrating the arrival of another year. Dressed for party time, Monica dances and shakes her beautiful body, her big tits bouncing away. It's a pleasure to watch this busy doll gyrate and swivel her ripe rack.

Monica's personal message to all XL Girls and the guys who support, the magazine and DVDs is to have as much fun as she's having. We're looking forward to seeing more of Monica in 2016 and wish her and everyone in the XL Girls' community a happy and healthy new year.

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Monique L’Amour – Sunshine Jackumentary

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Dec 302015
Sunshine Jackumentary

Sunshine is like any easygoing girl-next-door from Chicago. Except she developed G-cup boobs over time. Sunshine found The SCORE Group on her own and started modeling for us in 2003. Her big tits were amazing from the start.

Sunshine immediately began doing scenes with studs. There was no waiting period. Sunshine was totally into hot porn-sex right away.

It was more than interesting to see Sunshine's change from V-Girl to XL Girl. Every year she got bustier, heavier and thicker. Sunshine was a very quiet girl and more action-oriented so we never did any formal video interviews with her.
This Jackumentary features some hanging out and girl talk with fellow XL Girl Monique L'Amour.

Then one day Sunshine called and said she was pregnant. Were we interested? Would we like her to do boy-girl? The rest was mammary magic.

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Goldie Jackson – Go For The Goldie

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Dec 292015
Go For The Goldie

Johnny accidentally on purpose walks into Goldie Jackson on the street, and douses her nice, tight, white shirt with a cup of water. This really upsets Goldie who suspects he did it intentionally.

Johnny takes Goldie to the laundry room of his apartment building to dry her top, then they wait at his place. She falls for this routine. This dude has every angle covered like a Mission: Impossible plot. He's overjoyed when Goldie offers her big jugs to him and gets down to sucking his shaft for starters on his couch.

Goldie's tits and mouth get a hard workout before Johnny rams into her pussy in every position his breast-besotted mind can think of. He then drops a load all over her sweet body while she's partly on the floor in a pile-driver position.

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