Birthday gift for wife, cheating with a fattie

BBW Secret - Birthday gift for wife, cheating with a fattie

The wife had a birthday that day and the first guest to arrive was her bff Meoww. She was just as cute as her name and the husband had the hots for her for a long time. They started the party and there were sparks between Meoww and the hubby, all the way. Finally the wife left to get some stuff in the store and guess what, the two just started doing it. The guy was all over Meoww's soft, sexy tits and belly. She sucked him off to full hardness and eagerly took his shaft from behind. Oh what an ass that was! They lost track of time, the wife got back, and Meoww was there, naked, with jizz on her enormous boobs!

Horny BBW tourist gets dicked in public restroom

BBW Pickup - Horny BBW tourist gets dicked in public restroom

Nicoletta is sweet, has a great rack, and loves traveling. She took a trip to Chester but really had no idea where to go. A guy started talking to her and he was really into Nicoletta. The girl has been feeling randy since she got off the train so when he suggested a quickie in the cafe's restroom, she was all for it. And it totally happened! Watch Nicoletta enjoy some risky, outrageous sex, and get cream on her giant, delicious tits.

Black guy gets lucky with a super busty Meoww

BBW Pickup - Black guy gets lucky with a super busty Meoww

Meoww has a great name and her body is even greater. In all possible meanings! The girl always wanted to hook up with a black dude and one finally came up to talk to her on a bus stop, she decided to go for it. What a badass plumper she is! Watch as the guy explores her voluptuous body, licks her tasty asshole and ends up with his big black dick right in her dripping hole - and she's in her fishnets! They fucked like crazy and Meoww, that heavy, curvy slut, got her load from a black hose!

Take Out… Your Cock

Take Out... Your Cock

Being wined and dined at a fancy restaurant is nice, but sometimes you just want to order takeout and relax at home. Rikki prefers the latter, and she has her reasons. "I get so fucking horny when I eat certain foods that I'd rather just be at home so I can fuck right there. If I'm at a restaurant, I'll just get into trouble. Especially when the food is really good. The better it tastes, the hornier I get. I will start trying to suck my guy's dick under the table. In the heat of the moment I might drag him into the bathroom to fuck. To be honest, the number of restaurants I'm not allowed in anymore is a bit ridiculous. So I'd rather just order takeout."

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