Creamy On The Inside

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Sep 282012
Creamy On The Inside

A man could spend all day just sucking and squeezing and fucking Danica Danali's 38J-cup tits. Stud Johnny Champ was hard at work outside the house before Danica summoned him inside for an afternoon break to work on her tits and pussy.

"At one point, I weighed my boobs," said Danica. "One of my boobs weighs six pounds and the other is six and a half pounds. My nipples are very sensitive. So light pinching is okay, but I don't like anything harder than that."

Danica is a natural at adult entertainment in more ways than one.

"Before I started modeling, I'm not really sure what I thought about it but I didn't want to do it in the beginning. It seemed scary. I guess I exaggerated my fears and anxieties about it because it's really not that bad. Now I like everything about it. I like the experience. I like the people. I really like the results. It just seemed like a natural progression. I started modeling in lingerie and it slowly progressed from there. And I enjoy it."

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Creamy On The Inside

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Sep 272012
Creamy On The Inside

Danica Danali watches as a workman supervises a job outside the XL Girls house. She gets horny watching him and taps the window to invite him inside. Deep, deep inside. She lets him inside and shows him that work can wait while she buries his face under her massive tits as he sits back on the couch. Her new fuck-friend sucks and licks to his heart's content as Danica savors the pleasure of his tongue. A man could literally spend all day feasting on her gigantic knockers.

Danica wants his cock between her giant tits and lays back on the couch so he can drive his skin bus between her deep cleavage valley. Her nipples are as stiff as pencil erasers. She's excited by the feel of his cock between her super-melons.

Johnny fingers her pussy, stimulating it for the first thrust of his dick inside it. His cock is big and thick and fills Danica's pussy with waves of pleasure. He will be injecting Danica's pink slit with a warm, creamy filling after their hot fuck. It's a good day to be hard at work.

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“I’m a very girly-girl”

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Sep 262012

Danica Danali said she started modeling with lingerie photos. "That was actually just for the attention. I would post stuff up in Myspace and Facebook, and of course it would get deleted right away. But I did it mostly because I liked the attention from the people." How did Danica find out about XLGirls? "One of your recruiters found me on the Internet and contacted me. I'd honestly never heard of XL Girls before that, but I had heard of SCORE and I have been modeling as an amateur since June of 2010, and you guys were my first real gig in December of 2010." Danica briefly danced in a strip club. "I started off as a waitress and then I tried dancing. But I can't dance for anything, so I went back to waitressing. I don't know how much the other girls made dancing. I only worked there for three weeks. But for the two nights I danced I think I brought home $500 each night. This was 11 years ago so I have no idea if that was an average amount for that time. But there were so many crazy things going on. There was one guy who would come every Thursday and the girls would flock to his VIP table. I had no idea but they were all getting him off under the table. There was a guy who, even though I was only waitressing, he would always ask me for a lap dance, and he would come in two or three times a week. I was allowed to do that, so I would for him."

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The Babydoll Lounge

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Sep 252012
The Babydoll Lounge

Anna Kay is waiting. It's cocktail time and Anna is waiting for some hard cock. Make it a happy hour. In fact, Anna will make it a happy night. She's got it coming and she's got it going! Tits and ass and a gorgeous face. "If I think a guy is cute, I'll tell him he's cute," Anna revealed. "But I don't tell him that to try to hook up with him. I just tell him that he's cute or handsome or whatever because I want to and I'm being honest. I do the same thing with women. If they're beautiful, I'll tell them." Sex is an important part of her life. "In a lot of ways I've been conservative about sex, but as I get older I find that I want to try new things. I get bored very easily, so I've been wanting to do things that are out of the norm more and more. I don't like just the same old wham-bam every time. I need to spice it up. I think I'm more passive than dominant. I like the guy to take control. I like to be blind-folded and cuffed. Sometimes I like the guy to be rough, sometimes passionate. I like different things, not just the same old same old."

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“What I Like Done To Me”

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Sep 242012

She's 5'7', 164 pounds and from Miami, Florida. "I'm a house dancer in a club," Danesha says. "I like a strong man with a normal dick. A nice dick that's not huge is what gets me off the best. Five to eight inches is good. Any bigger than that scares me! I like to have my pussy eaten good first, but a good, hard fucking is what sends me into spasms. First, I like to have my pussy eaten while I'm on my stomach, my ass in the air. Lick it soft, then fast and hard and stick your motherfucking tongue in deep. If you're a real man, stick your tongue in my asshole and ream it nice. Fuck me with your fingers while you do that. After I cum, fuck my pussy hard and make me beg you to give me your hot mess."

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