Christina Kline – Ass Cream For Christina

Ass Cream For Christina

Christina Kline wants a booty call. A real booty call. You've heard of blind dates. This is a behind date. Christina wants ass cream. She wants cock in her butthole and then she wants a load of nut-juice squirted into it. Christina wants, wants, wants. Christina will get it from her XLGirls fuck-mate. And we are honored to be the ones to cater this crack attack. Christina deserves special recognition for her blow job talent. She really does a number with her dick-hungry mouth. Oral fixation is a phrase that does not do her cock sucking skills justice.

Christina's favorite fucking positions are missionary and doggie-style. ("I have an easy to find G-spot," says Christina.") She loves to be dominated and that's exactly how Sergio handles her. She plays with her clit while Sergio's meat pistons her asshole. "I like it when a man takes total charge. I like to swallow cum usually so trying an anal cream pie for my second video sounded really dirty and nasty! Guys usually cum on my tits, face or in my mouth. I wanted it in my ass not on my ass." Sergio pulls his dick out of Christina's butthole and aims his pop shot directly into her poop-chute so the camera can capture it. Fortunately, he's a sharpshooter. XLGirls is always eager to please and satisfy a lady. The look on Christina's sex-drenched face is priceless.

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Christina Kline – Ass Cream For Christina

Ass Cream For Christina

After she juggles her 38G zeppelins up-close for him, Christina Kline's booty-call Sergio is ready to tackle the chesty redhead with his weapon drawn. If it's a showdown she wants, it's a showdown she'll get. Christina does not just give him an introductory blow job. She totally worships his rod down to the root, washing every millimeter with her tongue, cleaning his cock with expert licks. Christina has had a lot of practice with oral pleasuring. Her veiny danglehangers shake and jiggle as her mouth engulfs the shaft. Sergio holds her head as she swallows his cockhead and holds his cock for her so she can play oral games. He asks if she is ready for action. Christina happily nods and removes her panties. She scoots over and he lays back so she can mount his saddle cowgirl-style and ride in a hot and sweaty bout. Christina wants her ass fucked while her pussy is being filled sideways so Sergio unplugs and re-plugs into her butthole. The thrusts into her asshole drive her crazy as she diddles her clit, doubling her excitement. She wants his jizz injected into her tailpipe. Here's a girl who knows what she likes! Ass cream for dessert! This truly was a booty call.

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Beverly Paige – Ginormous Gazongas

Ginormous Gazongas

We need ginormous gazongas. Beverly Paige comes to the rescue. Her ginormous knockers are what we all need to start the day with or finish it. Beverly pours her super-rack into an ultra-tight, short dress and high heels. She is an amazing sight. Surprisingly, Beverly said that she's met guys who are not into busty girls. It is hard to accept this statement. "It is very surprising because I have been with guys who pay no attention to my boobs! I love getting my nipples played with and licked. I love it! I feel like, 'Hello! I have these! Play with these!' Guys just ignored them!" There is something very wrong with these sick individuals. Fortunately, no such hang-ups plague Beverly's cock-date and he is inspired to give her the high, hard one. Some scientists claim that sperm is excellent for a woman's skin. We agree with this research and believe it is a scientific fact despite the skeptical nature of many girls. "I will ask the guy where he wants to cum," Beverly says. "On my tits, on my back, on my face. If he wants to cum in my mouth, if it tastes good, okay, I am cool with that." We love Beverly Paige.

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Ellie May – Southern Charmer

Southern Charmer

Similar in looks and body to British model Roxie Heart, Ellie May says she loves showing off her tits and ass--our kind of girl (She's allergic to clothing). Ellie likes to travel and see other states. She is a tourist attraction herself. Believe it or not, when Ellie was here, she said she hadn't had sex in a while. "I haven't had a boyfriend in months," Ellie told your head-shaking editor. Now, how does a girl like this not have to beat off the horn-dogs? Ellie says she swallows when she's giving some lucky guy a BJ, likes to be spanked and will give up her ass for "someone she's super into." She masturbates as much as possible, says her favorite position is 69 and likes a controlling, assertive man in bed. "I like a guy who leads and tells me what positions to get into. I think most girls do." Sounds like the perfect girlfriend.

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Lady Spyce – Cock Massaging By Lady Spyce

Cock Massaging By Lady Spyce

Check out how this hot mama rolls. She's a tit-fucking specialist! Busty and heavy-hanging Lady Spyce visits Senor Largo and discovers him flat on his bad back. A big-boobed angel of mercy even though she is not a licensed nurse, Lady Spyce offers to massage him back to health. All she needs are her hands on his flesh-drill. Then her mouth sucking it. Then her tight lady-hole engulfing it deep. Amazing what some action can do for a sick man. Lady Spyce likes horny dudes with big dicks she can spit on and sit on.

"I was the hottest girl in school and now I'm the hottest girl in my neighborhood," says Lady. Got that right.

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