Christina Kline – Ass Cream For Christina

Ass Cream For Christina

Christina Kline wants a booty call. A real booty call. You've heard of blind dates. This is a behind date. Christina wants ass cream. She wants cock in her butthole and then she wants a load of nut-juice squirted into it. Christina wants, wants, wants. Christina will get it from her XLGirls fuck-mate. And we are honored to be the ones to cater this crack attack. Christina deserves special recognition for her blow job talent. She really does a number with her dick-hungry mouth. Oral fixation is a phrase that does not do her cock sucking skills justice.

Christina's favorite fucking positions are missionary and doggie-style. ("I have an easy to find G-spot," says Christina.") She loves to be dominated and that's exactly how Sergio handles her. She plays with her clit while Sergio's meat pistons her asshole. "I like it when a man takes total charge. I like to swallow cum usually so trying an anal cream pie for my second video sounded really dirty and nasty! Guys usually cum on my tits, face or in my mouth. I wanted it in my ass not on my ass." Sergio pulls his dick out of Christina's butthole and aims his pop shot directly into her poop-chute so the camera can capture it. Fortunately, he's a sharpshooter. XLGirls is always eager to please and satisfy a lady. The look on Christina's sex-drenched face is priceless.

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