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First XXX

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Sep 302016
First XXX

Mya Blair enters an empty shoe store and gives salesman Brick a reason to be happy and grateful. Her big tits are ready to fall out of her open blouse and as he talks heels, Brick's eyes are pasted to Mya's lush bod. She makes him jittery and that gets Mya hot to fuck him right then and there. Maybe someone will walk in and catch them in the act and that adds to her excitement. That's shoe biz, folks.

Mya clued us in about her XL Girls hardcore debut.

XLGirls: Mya, you looked very comfortable and natural on-camera having sex. Do you watch porn at home, and if you do, what kind do you watch?

Mya: Yes, I watch porn pretty often. It all depends on my mood but I love watching scenes that are in public or have the risk of the couple getting caught, also scenes with MILFs teaching a younger couple or my best friend's mom style.

XLGirls: Have you gotten ideas for new positions and techniques by watching porn?

Mya: Honestly, I learned most of my skills from watching porn. I remember before I gave my first BJ I was really nervous about not knowing what to do, so I watched porn and used what I saw to kinda teach myself. I guess it paid off.

XLGirls: It sure did. Have you gotten ideas for new positions and techniques at XL Girls?

Mya: Most of what I tried while I was filming were positions and techniques I had tried at least once in my personal life.

XLGirls: Do you plan on watching this scene with a friend or by yourself?

Mya: I'm excited about it so I think I'll probably watch it with a friend.

XLGirls: We don't get impressed easily, but we are by you.

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First XXX

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Sep 302016
First XXX

Are you ready for Mya Blair in a horny guy-girl scene?

At a quiet ladies' shoe store, Mya is attended to by Brick. He's more into Mya's amazing boobs than her nice feet even though he's a shoe salesman, guys who are apt to be foot freaks. Brick eyes Mya's righteous rack, her big boobs spilling out of her extremely open top. She has the magic of instantly turning on a guy. Mya's charmed by his nervous excitation and must reward him with her body and hot moves.

We talked to Mya about this scene.

XLGirls: How did you prepare for your scene with Brick?

Mya: I talked with him to feel a little more comfortable with him.

XLGirls: You mentioned you were nervous before you came here. How did you feel once you arrived and did your first solo?

Mya: The solo was actually a lot harder than the partner scenes, in my opinion. Once I got here though, everyone made me feel very relaxed. It felt almost second nature.

XLGirls: This scene takes place in a shoe store. Are you a high heels girl back home?

Mya: Oh, I love heels. It's one of my weaknesses.

XLGirls: So in everyday life, do male clerks in stores get flustered when they see you? How do you react to that?

Mya: I don't shop much but I can't recall anyone getting flustered, although the staring is pretty common. Usually I just go about my business as I don't notice unless they are cute. Then I use it as a way to flirt with them.

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Happy Hour

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Sep 292016
Happy Hour

Shapely cocktail server Angel DeLuca has the sad task of telling you it's last call at the lounge. Now if you think you're done giving Angel a complete body scan with your eyes, you're mistaken. She's off the clock now and she's going to stick around and make sure she gives you a hard-on.

XLGirls: Angel, do you do household chores, like cleaning, topless or naked?

Angel: I like to vacuum in a tight, low-cut dress with six inch stilettos.

XLGirls: Nice. What superpower would you like to have for one day?

Angel: I would want to have Phoenix/Jean Grey's powers from X-Men.

XLGirls: Are you called by any pet names?

Angel: Usually it's "Open bobs BB" but I also get called Angel when they start looking at my face.

XLGirls: For editorial clarity, "Open bobs BB" is what some guys from non-English speaking countries will type when they're chatting with a cam girl. On the subject of "Show your boobs, baby," have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public?

Angel: Once my wife's tit popped out during a Las Vegas dinner convention with Chaturbate. Does that count?

XLGirls: Not really. During a volleyball game on the beach was what we had in mind.

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Happy Hour

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Sep 292016
Happy Hour

Do you know any bartenders or cocktail servers with a gorgeous kisser and a beautiful, busty and curvy body? Girls just like Angel DeLuca. If you ever meet any, tell them they oughta be in XL Girls.

It's last call and Angel offers you one last glass of vino. You decline. What you really want is Angel and she knows it. If you don't want the wine, maybe one of her cum shows will do. Not a bad deal.

XLGirls: So, Angel, you store various items in your impressive cleavage?

Angel: Oh my god, what haven't I put in there!

XLGirls: We could tell you but this is not about us. What size are the bras you buy now?

Angel: I buy 34GG bras and I find it difficult finding cute ones.

XLGirls: Do you have any funny habits we should know about?

Angel: Not that I'm aware of...if I can think of any I'll let you know.

XLGirls: Do you like to sing?

Angel: Quietly, so no one else can hear me!

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Pin-Up Doll

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Sep 282016
Pin-Up Doll

It's pin-up time for Trinety Guess in photos inspired by classic pin-up calendars and playing cards but updated and much hotter than pin-ups could have been back in the day. The only accessory is an electric wand to give cum-show doll Trinety some good vibes.

Trinety is one of the rare girls to shoot a video of herself watching herself get fucked by JMac and masturbate while watching herself suck and ride his cock. (That hardcore scene is called "Ready To Play.")

A girl-next-door who got into webcamming and made it a full-time gig, Trinety likes to dress casual. Jeans, a tank-top and flip-flops and she's good to go. "Pizza on the beach at sunset," is Trinety's idea of a good time.

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