Princess Jezebel: Happy New Year!!

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Dec 312016

Happy New year to all my lovers and friend may 2017 be the best year yet! I know it will be for me its been almost one year since I moved here to california and it's been great! Ive changed a lot! Espically this job finding out more and more what i like sexually and what i dislike

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Cat In Heat

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Dec 302016
Cat In Heat

"I have had a threesome and I loved it! I can't wait to do it again. I believe in the saying, the more the merrier," said Cat Bangles, Latina super-hottie.

"It was with a girl and a guy. It was with a couple of friends of mine. We were all sitting around having some drinks and talking on a Friday evening. The girl was my best friend and the guy was interested in me, but I was interested in my girlfriend. He wanted to do something with me, and I basically said he could jump in and we could all have some fun. Next thing you know, we're throwing back some shots and we're in the bedroom and both of us are giving him a blow job and then we're fucking. I'd definitely do it all over again."

It took some time but now Cat's had her first on-camera threesome with two guys. But not just any porn dudes. JMac has boned Cat three times.

"His cock was huge," said Cat about her first time with JMac. "But I took it all down my throat. He loved it, of course. He said it was awesome and that my pussy was nice and tight. Nice and tight like a little star. It was a great scene. He had to stop to keep himself from coming. He tapped out three times, actually. He couldn't handle me with my tight pussy, wet mouth and these tits."

Tony's done the dirty three times with Cat. His first time doing Cat included filling her ass. Tony was also the man who convinced Cat through the web to contact The SCORE Group in the first place.

"One of Tony's comments was that any hot girls should get in contact with him if they were interested in modeling with The SCORE Group. Interestingly, I had applied to The SCORE Group a year prior. He said he would get in contact with you all for me again, and now, here I am shaking my tits for all of you. All thanks to Tony."

So here we have Cat with two of her boys. Sucking. Fucking. Anal. Hot ain't the word.

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Cat In Heat

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Dec 302016
Cat In Heat

Cat Bangles is too much woman for just one dude. She wants to have some fun and games with two fuck-pros. This is her very first three-way sex party with two guys, and not just any two guys...JMac and Tony Rubino have each boned Cat three separate times so they know every luscious inch of her body and she knows and is hot for every inch of their pussy pleasers.

Cat did her very first scene with JMac, and Tony got her ass in his first fuck with the lusty, busty, beautiful Latina sexbomb. It's the perfect tag-team to get it on with The Cat in her first on-camera threesome.

Dolled-up for her dudes, Cat is eager to get her pussy and throat filled with cock. She's a cat on a hot skin-flute times two. Cat has JMac and Tony on each side of her, and to top everything off, she opens her butt-cheeks for them too in a hot anal dicking. This Cat loves the taste of cream so when her ass is fucked to her satisfaction, Cat opens wide for their jack-spray and savors every drop.

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Amiee’s Cam Cum Show

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Dec 292016
Amiee's Cam Cum Show

Amiee Roberts tried nude modeling for the first time at XL Girls. We didn't see Amiee for almost a year after her first visit and then she returned, this time to do hardcore. Amiee liked it enough to come back again and cum. She wasn't used to seeing herself on-video and in pictures at first. That was then. This is now.

XLGirls: Amiee, how much attention do you like your man to give your breasts in bed?

Amiee: A lot! A guy sucking on my nipples can totally turn me on and get me going. I think a lot of guys don't spend enough time on the breasts.

XLGirls: What kind of things have men done to try to impress you?

Amiee: They've bought me drinks, given me flowers or chocolate, or given me lots of compliments.

XLGirls: Do you store items in your cleavage at times?

Amiee: Once in a blue moon, I will store my phone in there but not usually!

XLGirls: Have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public?

Amiee: No, But that's a fear of mine.

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Amiee’s Cam Cum Show

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Dec 292016
Amiee's Cam Cum Show

"The best compliment someone said to me was how nice my eyes are," Amiee Roberts said. Amiee, that guy was lying to you. He was looking at your boobs. There are ways of looking at boobs that were created by ninjas so girls don't suspect what we're really checking out. The next time this happens, turn around and then ask him what color your eyes are. (They're hazel, for the record.)

XLGirls: Do you have any girlfriends with big boobs like yours?

Amiee: No one with boobs as big as mine.

XLGirls: Too bad for us. Do you get better service at stores or anyplace else?

Amiee: Usually at bars.

XLGirls: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or naked?

Amiee: I sometimes watch shows in just my tank top and panties but if it's really hot I just take the tank top off.

XLGirls: What is something you have tried but will never do again?

Amiee: That would be paint ball shooting!

XLGirls: What do you like to wear to catch someone's eye?

Amiee: I'll wear a tank top and shorts or something else cute. Make-up, hair and nails done.

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