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The Smiley Show

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Aug 312017
The Smiley Show

High above Toronto, statuesque Smiley Emma brings her own special style of razzle-dazzle to the big show at XL Girls.

XLGirls: We love your smiling. Are you a born optimist?

Emma: I wouldn't say I'm a born optimist as I do have my pessimistic tendencies but I don't let things stop me from smiling and trying to put a smile on others' faces.

XLGirls: You can suck your nipple and hold your boob with your mouth, hands-free. A special talent.

Emma: I can and do very often when I am online camming.

XLGirls: What kinds of questions do the cam audiences ask you?

Emma: The most common question I get is what size my boobs are and when did I start developing them.

XLGirls: How did you get into the webcam world in the first place?

Emma: I was looking for a new job and my fiance had mentioned I would make a killing at camming as a joke but then we seriously started considering it. After much discussion I finally decided to take the plunge and have been enjoying it ever since.

XLGirls: Sometimes we get the impression that guys go into a cam-room to chat and not ask the models to do anything. Or are we wrong?

Emma: I have a lot of people that come to my chat room just to talk about music, movies, video games and other things whether I am fully clothed or not and I even have some private shows that I will remain fully clothed and just chat. That being said, I have a lot of people that come to my room and immediately ask me to do something like show my tits or ass. As long as they tip appropriately, I am happy to comply!

XLGirls: Do you know any other busty Canadians who'd want to model for us?

Emma: Not at this time but I will keep an eye out.

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The Smiley Show

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Aug 312017
The Smiley Show

We join Smiley Emma in a high-rise in Toronto. She's looking as extremely sexy as ever. Emma has it all: boobs, buns, beauty and bush. Enjoy one of Canada's finest. The pleasure is all ours.

XLGirls: So Emma, what is your favorite XL Girls shoot so far, if any, and why?

Emma: To be honest, the whole experience in Prague was amazing and I'm having a hard time picking my favorite shoot! I had a great time shooting with Jan and team. I have really enjoyed seeing the finished product and sometimes I still can't believe that it is me.

XLGirls: Do you go to nude resorts? Are you comfortable with public nudity?

Emma: I have not had the opportunity to visit a nude resort or beach but it is something that I would like to do and is on my bucket list.

XLGirls: Have you ever flashed in public?

Emma: I have flashed my fiance in a public place before but not with people around as, believe it or not, I can be quite shy at times.

XLGirls: You can flash Toronto right now through the windows. Do you wear T-shirts with boob-type slogans like "My Eyes Are Up Here"?

Emma: I don't typically wear shirts with slogans on them unless it's a band shirt. I focus more on showing the cleavage tastefully more than anything else. People looking at my boobs doesn't really bother me as it comes with the territory and I try not to distract them from that.

XLGirls: If you could put a saying or word on a tank top, what would it be?

Emma: "Boobnotized." This word comes up a lot when I am camming.

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Booty Sticker Shock

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Aug 302017
Booty Sticker Shock

Salena Marie gets busy polishing the wood in "Booty Sticker Shock" and she looks like she's having a ball. Make that two! Those Latinas--you can fry an egg on their big tits and asses.

"I love to please men and take good care of their cocks," Salena boasts. "I need a lot of sex. What you see in my videos is what you get from me every day. What I do at XLGirls is what I do every day."

Another XL Girl Asha Marie, a tiger in bed too, once complimented Salena by saying, "I got to meet Salena. She's gorgeous and very down-to-earth. She's so hot!" Now that's a recommendation.

If you love short XL Girls like Quinn Rain, Jordynn LuXXX and Kacey Parker, Salena is right up there.

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Booty Sticker Shock

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Aug 302017
Booty Sticker Shock

XL Girl Salena Marie is ready to ride the pony of bologna in this sex-drenched outing called Booty Sticker Shock.

"The first time I had sex, I was hooked," San Francisco girl Salena said when she was here for her first big-tit boff show--Locker Room Group. "I've been a freak ever since. I like to have sex at least five times to ten times a week. I love being spread and fucked by a hot guy."

Five to ten times a week? No wonder she decided to get into adult movie action! Short and stacked, Salena looks a bit like Snooki from the MTV show Jersey Shore (before Snooki lost weight, that is). But Salena is a lot hornier than Snooki and this smokin' nasty scene proves it.

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Double Stuffed

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Aug 292017
Double Stuffed

Skyie Blew wants to do the unthinkable. She wants to lose weight!

Someone talk to this girl! Brainwashed by idiotic movies, celebrity magazines and crap reality TV shows that encourage bad eating patterns, breast reductions and delusional beliefs, Skyie is being hypnotized into unrealistic behavioral patterns.

Enter the heroes--true American heroes--who have devised a scheme (or plan as they call it) to stop this dangerous behavior. Claiming to be operators of a weight loss clinic, they are actually daring, bold interventionists, desperately trying to bring thick, juicy girls to their senses through confidence building techniques like tag-team fucking and rigid cock oral training.

Another busty babe saved by these horny bastards.

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