Marilyn & Molly: The Black-Up Plan

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Dec 312018
Marilyn & Molly: The Black-Up Plan

Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard serenade Mr. Lucas in The Black-Up Plan with their two-on-one show, and he in turn will conduct with his beef-baton.

To open up the proceedings and provide the pre-bed briefing, a TSG editor video-chatted with Molly and Marilyn for a few minutes before this super-heated threesome. The girls are stoked, anxious and eager to get it on, but not nervous. They talk about blow jobs first. "I like a lot of variety," says Marilyn. "I like to deep throat."

Molly says that she has a really small mouth and likes to use her hand also to jack off her partner. When Molly first learned about Marilyn, she was eager to connect. There was chemistry when they finally met. They love each other's huge tits and hot bodies and they looked forward to getting you off while they got off on themselves and a hard dick.

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Marilyn & Molly: The Black-Up Plan

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Dec 312018
Marilyn & Molly: The Black-Up Plan

There have been some very horny team-ups at XL Girls. Sapphire and Maria Moore. Samantha and Renee Ross. Rose Valentina and Cassie Blanca. Allysa Andrews and Kandi Kobain.

The team of Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard is another hot pairing with pussy licking, cock and ball sucking, tit-fucking, nipple sucking and fucking positions. There's even some lactation, courtesy of Marilyn.

The girls are young, creamy, pretty and ripe. They're eager and anxious to get it on with each other and with Stone's sausage. Two hot girls. One guy.

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Young Stuff

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Dec 282018
Young Stuff

Sylvia Bateman was eighteen and wearing braces when she arrived at XL Girls. Fresh, sweet and tender Sylvia is a sexually submissive girl and prefers the man to lead the dance. JMac is happy to be that guy in this scene.

XLGirls: Do you like to have your nipples pinched or pulled?

Sylvia: I prefer to have my nipples pinched.

XLGirls: Do you like them sucked hard or soft?

Sylvia: I love having my tits sucked hard! They're super-sensitive and a good sucking will definitely drive me crazy!

XLGirls: How do you masturbate before you go to sleep?

Sylvia: I use a Hitachi wand on a medium setting until I climax.

XLGirls: What is the most unusual position you've ever tried?

Sylvia: Being fucked upside-down on my shoulders.

XLGirls: How different are regular guys at sex compared to porn guys?

Sylvia: Porn guys are much better equipped! I'm by no means a size queen but I can't say no to a big dick!

XLGirls: Would you date a male porn star?

Sylvia: I never thought about it. I suppose.... My current partner, who is a woman, also does porn, so yeah, maybe.

XLGirls: What would you like to say to the guys at XL Girls?

Sylvia: I love all my fans at XL Girls! I'm happy to show off my thick, busty, teen body for you. I love all the comments, tweets, and fan mail I've been receiving from admirers around the world! I hope to do much more with XL Girls in the future!

XLGirls: Thank you, Sylvia.

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Young Stuff

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Dec 282018
Young Stuff

Sylvia Bateman is trying on bras and panties. Meanwhile, JMac is spying on her. He doesn't have to because Sylvia likes to be watched. She invites him to come closer and play with her big teen tits. He comes from behind to suck on her nipples and squeeze her soft breast flesh. He puts a finger in Sylvia's mouth. She sucks on it, giving JMac an idea of what her lips can do to his cock.

Sylvia is a very sexually submissive girl and likes men who physically control her. JMac spanks her fleshy ass and quietly tells her to get on her knees. He feeds her dick, holding her head and face-fucking her as she cups her breasts in her hands. Strings of saliva drip out of her mouth. Soon Sylvia is being tit-fucked hard. She giggles as JMac instructs her to drool on his cock head between her boobs while he holds her head.

JMac asks tender and fresh Sylvia if she's ready to get fucked. He spanks her bountiful butt hard a few times and places her on top of him, fucking her in a cowgirl position, filling her up. He keeps ramming into her fuzzy pussy in different ways until he shoots a load inside her. Pulling out, JMac spreads Sylvia's trembling legs open and helps her squeeze the sperm out. She rubs her freshly-fucked pink slit and licks her finger to taste the combination of pussy juice and man-sauce.

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A Girl-Next-Door Named Avalon

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Dec 272018
A Girl-Next-Door Named Avalon

XL Girls doesn't showcase many Australian girls, but when we do, they're exceptional. Avalon is a redhaired girl-next-door with a bubbly, friendly personality. If you passed her in the street, you'd turn around and check her out until she was out of sight.

"I tend to stand out in a crowd with my bright-red hair and big boobs, and I appreciate the opportunities and rewards they present," said Avalon. "But I am thankful that this type of attention is often fleeting. I prefer positive attention based on skills, character or personality."

Avalon likes "playful people who enjoy fun before and after sexual activities." She seems to be the kind of girl who enjoys going to renaissance fairs in full costume, but don't quote us.

"I don't often wear a bra because I wear many nylon dresses that support my chest and do not require one. I wear a bra to the gym, or while dancing. Otherwise, if I am wearing one, it's because I'm dressed in a lingerie set with no other clothing."

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