Nov 222013
April Visits The Analyst

April McKenzie is back to prove that absence does make the hard-on grow harder. And to drill the point all the way in, returning XL Girl April is doing her first on-camera anal sexing. Now that's bringing it home to big daddy. She talks to our cameraman about it in the video portion of this scene.

The analyst is ready for April. All he was told was that April has been modeling for The SCORE Group since 2007 and that she has huge breasts. He'll get to intimately know April, her big boobs and her pussy and butt quickly.

April says she can be passive or assertive with a guy depending on the situation. With her analyst, April is more assertive, sucking and tit-wanking his boner with a lot of zest and lust. April seems more eager than ever to get his cock shoved into her pussy. Mr. Analyst follows up the pussy mashing by sliding into April's grinding asshole and pumps it good. It's nice and tight. April did warn him that her ass will make him come. She's gonna make his swimmers prepare to parachute out and land on her massive mammaries!

April McKenzie, always a pleasure.

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