Call of the Booty

Call of the Booty

Shyest of the shy. The most-bashful and most-quiet girl ever to visit XL Girls.

Bri Love had never modeled before she came to XL Girls. She has moved quickly for such a shy babe. From nude modeling to masturbation to her first full-on hardcore and now to her first anal sexing. It's the Call of the Booty for this sweet, down-home girl, so young and tender. Sex will have sex. The more a girl gets, the more she wants.

Bri waits for her ass-fuck expert Rocky to appear. He'll be taking good care of Bri. Sitting on a couch, she rubs her pussy in anticipation, her big boobs ready to spill out of her teddy. Rocky watches. He moves in and takes over, rubbing Bri's clit and snatch. Sucking her nipples and squeezing her girls.

Rocky will take Bri's virgin butthole. She has never met studs like this back home. First, Rocky must prepare Bri. Train her. He feeds her his bone and Bri is eager to give him a hot blow job.

Spreading out on the couch, Bri squeezes her heavy hills together so Rocky can tit-fuck her. Tit-fucking was a new experience for her. Now she can practice more tit-fucking (and everything else about sex she's learned) back home.

Bri's soft jugs are heated up by the friction of Rocky's tit-sliding. Now it's time to heat up her pink honey-pie. She gasps when his sausage penetrates her pussy. Soon it will be the right moment to enter her young ass and fuck it good.

Rocky enters Bri's ass, building up from slow and easy to hard and fast. He holds her by the hair and whispers words of encouragement. Bri's cries fill the room. The feeling of cock fucking her ass is new to her. Bri gets louder and louder as her butt is drilled, each thrust punctuated by a scream. She looks to Rocky for guidance and assurance. Not to worry, Bri, your ass is in good hands.

The Call of the Booty is strong. There's a first time for everything. This was Bri's first cock in her sweet ass...ever. She did it for you.

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