Sep 022013

Romanian tit-queen Arianna Sinn has the bod and the boob power that has driven many a man to madness. And what is sexy to Arianna?

"Sexy to me? It is a look. A soft touch. A curve in a tight dress that is not showing too much. Sexy does not have to be my boobs hanging out of my dress or a man coming on too strong to me. Sometimes he might brush his arm against me and that will make me excited. It all depends on my mood, if I am horny. Different things for different days."

Arianna likes lots of foreplay first before the main event. You can spend all day sucking and fucking her tits before your cock slips between her open legs.

She explains. "Kissing and touching passionately before we have intercourse is the best way for me to get turned on. I think the fastest way for me to have an orgasm is for him to take me doggie and rub me at the same time. One hand on my boob and one hand on my pussy."

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