Gina George – Meet & Greet!

Meet & Greet!

Here is why the United Kingdom is so united. Gina George is a hot blonde bra-buster we found in England, the country where so many XL Girls and Voluptuous greats such as Gaynor and Toni Evans have been photographed since 1992 when The SCORE Group was founded.

Gina began her bust-out early in life. You'll learn more about Gina in her introductory video, straight from her mouth to your ear. Gina loves the attention her well-padded tits and butt gets her and that naturally created the interest to show it all off by getting into the adult scene, modeling, swinging and porn.

What makes Gina purr? "A good, hard fuck. A man coming inside me. Missionary that gets inside me nice and deep. I have also been sleeping with women since I discovered sex. I love strap-ons and licking out other women. I love oral sex and coming in a man's or a woman's mouth!"

XL Girls magazine is popular with Brit readers so when Gina appears in an upcoming issue, we know she'll be a hit. They especially love to see one of their own, such as Carol Brown and Beti Phellasio. "I love the attention," says Gina. "It makes me smile."

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