Shyla Shy – Cowgirl With Curves

Cowgirl With Curves

Our busty cowgirl Shyla Shy lives up to her name. Not that she is shy. Not at all. When it comes to sex, she is putty in the hands of the stunt-dicks and will pretty much do anything with the exception of opening the rear porthole. The shy part is that she is one of the quietest girls to ever swing and fuck-fling at The SCORE Group. We've Blogged with her and interviewed her and Shyla truly is shy when it comes to talking about herself. Instead, her body and big boobs say it all at very loud volume levels. She did tell us a great story about her wearing a bikini while super-pregnant at Wet N Wild.

We're going on our fourth year with Shyla. She is the second girl (with Kali West) from our movie Mamazon to get knocked up after filming. Guess that idol the Mamazons guarded not only gave them big boobs, it made them extra-fertile. (We have not heard any reports of Mamazon co-stars Alexis Silver, Rachel Love, Alia Janine or Daylene Rio getting pregnant.)

"Most guys want to fuck me, then tit-fuck me, or sometimes they'll do it the other way around," Shyla informed us about her sex life. "I like it better in my pussy, but you gotta keep the guys happy! A lot of guys like me to wrap my boobs around their cock while I'm giving them head. I do that, too. Being grabbed turns me on. Rough sex. Not too rough. I like to do the rough part, like I'll hop on top of a guy and really ride him hard. Guys don't complain. They get to see my tits bouncing all over the place! I broke a bed once just being rough. Smacking around and stuff. Riding the guy really hard. I was really horny, and his dick was really hard, and I couldn't get enough of it. I don't think he could believe how hard I was riding him. We were really fucking! Too rough for me is when you hit me one time and my ass cheek turns red. I like to have my ass smacked but not too hard. I'll say quit it if a guy gets too rough! And then I'll get rough with him, like I'll slap his face with my tits or even slap his cock with my tits. Guys like that."

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