Vivian Alise – Mammary Lane

Mammary Lane

A look back at Vivian Alise from Arizona is on the map for this trip down Mammary Lane. "A lot of the guys I know encouraged me to pose nude," said Vivian. "I guess it was their roundabout way of getting to see me naked without asking to see me naked because you know how people are. I actually hate clothes and I don't consider myself a shy person."

"They'd say, 'Vivian, you have a great ass and great tits. You might as well get paid for them!' I don't mind if a guy talks to me and stares at my boobs. That doesn't bother me. I'm glad someone's enjoying them! One day, I was introduced to an agent and contacted you."

"I get a lot of comments about my ass and my boobs. I think it's a pretty good ass and I've always gotten compliments about it. Guys like to spank it, lick it, touch it. I like it when guys stick their cocks between my tits. I can get off on that. I love it; my tits are very sensitive. I can use a dildo and actually get off. It's true."

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