Call of the Booty

Call of the Booty

Shyest of the shy. The most-bashful and most-quiet girl ever to visit XL Girls.

Bri Love had never modeled before she came to XL Girls. She has moved quickly for such a shy babe. From nude modeling to masturbation to her first full-on hardcore and now to her first anal sexing. It's the Call of the Booty for this sweet, down-home girl, so young and tender. Sex will have sex. The more a girl gets, the more she wants.

Bri waits for her ass-fuck expert Rocky to appear. He'll be taking good care of Bri. Sitting on a couch, she rubs her pussy in anticipation, her big boobs ready to spill out of her teddy. Rocky watches. He moves in and takes over, rubbing Bri's clit and snatch. Sucking her nipples and squeezing her girls.

Rocky will take Bri's virgin butthole. She has never met studs like this back home. First, Rocky must prepare Bri. Train her. He feeds her his bone and Bri is eager to give him a hot blow job.

Spreading out on the couch, Bri squeezes her heavy hills together so Rocky can tit-fuck her. Tit-fucking was a new experience for her. Now she can practice more tit-fucking (and everything else about sex she's learned) back home.

Bri's soft jugs are heated up by the friction of Rocky's tit-sliding. Now it's time to heat up her pink honey-pie. She gasps when his sausage penetrates her pussy. Soon it will be the right moment to enter her young ass and fuck it good.

Rocky enters Bri's ass, building up from slow and easy to hard and fast. He holds her by the hair and whispers words of encouragement. Bri's cries fill the room. The feeling of cock fucking her ass is new to her. Bri gets louder and louder as her butt is drilled, each thrust punctuated by a scream. She looks to Rocky for guidance and assurance. Not to worry, Bri, your ass is in good hands.

The Call of the Booty is strong. There's a first time for everything. This was Bri's first cock in her sweet ass...ever. She did it for you.

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Call of the Booty

Call of the Booty

Chubby cutie Bri Love has been waiting all day for this. Reclining on a couch, Bri asks Rocky for his help in breaking her anal cherry. Her voice is soft and gentle. A shy girl, Bri wants Rocky to go where no man has gone before. In her virgin butthole.

Rocky slides over and talks to Bri while he massages her pussy and then her big boobs. Big boobs? More like HUGE boobs. Soft, squishy and warm. Fantastic tits that deserve to be jizzed on as much as possible.

Rocky sucks on Bri's nipples. Bri savors the tingle of his tongue. He undresses Bri and bends her over to slap her butt. He fingers her from behind. She is up for anything he wants.

Bri kneels before Rocky and takes his thick dick in her mouth. Jacking the shaft with one hand, she sucks him hard. Rocky has Bri lean back on the couch so he can fuck her mouth while she squeezes her massive hooters.

Rocky has Bri lie on the couch so he can straddle her chest and fuck her knockers. She squeezes them together to make a warm, soft tit-pussy for his cock. When his cock reaches her face, he tells Bri to suck on the tip.

Rocky could fuck Bri's tits for 20 minutes if her pussy didn't need the attention also. He slides out of Bri's mountainous breast-flesh and slides into her pussy, fucking it with increasing power.

And then it's time to open Bri's ass and have the pleasure of taking her anal cherry.

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Suga Squirtz – Best of Feed Her Fuck Her

Best of Feed Her Fuck Her

The holiday breastfest "Best of Feed Her Fuck Her" compiles four of the hottest scenes selected by TSG editors. Starring Allysa Andrews and Kandi Kobain at the gym feasting on donuts and dick; Rikki Waters having Chinese take-in and cock; Selena Castro making tacos for her man before he fills her taco and Suga Squirtz having a foot-long before tackling eight-inches. Food and sex go like a hot dog and a bun. The Feed Her Fuck Her videos prove this philosophy. Tits the season.

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Suga Squirtz – Feed Her Fuck Her Blooper Reel

Feed Her Fuck Her Blooper Reel

You might think that adult videos would have lots of flubs and goofs. Actually not, at least at TSG. The XL Girls especially are so good and so smooth at what they do (which is basically being themselves, not "acting") that we were hard-pressed to find many bloopers, goof-ups or zany moments after going through over a dozen scenes. We did find Selena Castro (from "The Best of Feed Her Fuck Her") making tacos in the kitchen and a few gonzo clips of Suga Squirtz and Rikki Waters. Bon appé-tit!

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Hooter Hospital: Affordable Care

Hooter Hospital: Affordable Care

Cameron Skye is going to have a lot more on her hands than this one sick patient. First of all, he's not sick. He hasn't been sick all week. He's only been pretending to be ill so he can enjoy Cameron Skye sponge baths all week. For this he is not held accountable. It's understandable.

Cameron Skye is so bubbly and perky that when she goes outside on a grey and gloomy day, the clouds part and a rainbow and chirping robins appear. She is the perfect nurse, especially for patients who love pretty blondes with big boobs, broad-beamed butts and sweet, juicy boxes.

Cameron comes by to check her patient's charts and to say good-bye. But simple good-byes won't do so she takes his dick in the palm of her hand and begins to jack him. The doctor enters the room when she does this but he doesn't admonish her. On the contrary, he is delighted and wants in on the nurse action. In fact, a three-way is just what the doctor ordered and Nurse Cameron is all for it. She has a dripping-wet pussy, blowjob lips and a sucking mouth that deserves an award.

There is a cure for the U.S.'s health care crisis. Her name? Cameron Skye.

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